In a report by the Canadian Press, a lawyer for the truck driver who caused the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash says he expects a deportation hearing today to be short because the rules are clear with little flexibility. 

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu was sentenced to eight years in prison for the 2018 crash and was granted full parole last year. 

“It’s pretty open and shut,” Michael Greene said in an interview. “There’s nothing to contest, so those are as clear as day. These hearings are usually done lickety-split.” 

A criminal conviction that carries a sentence of more than six months makes a permanent resident ineligible to remain in the country. Sidhu landed in Canada as a permanent resident in 2014. 

Greene represented Sidhu in his bid to remain in the country two years ago after the Canadian Border Services recommended deportation. 

Greene’s application for a second review by CBSA was dismissed in Federal Court.  

If his deportation is ordered, Singh’s only remaining recourse to stay in the country is to request a return of his permanent resident status on humanitarian grounds, explained Greene.  

Greene says Sidhu will likely be allowed to stay in  

Canada until the permanent resident application is dealt with.