The Smile Cookie campaign has been an annual event supporting local nonprofits and organizations in need for many years.

Tim Hortons owner, Dan Grywacheski highlighted the significant contribution to the local hospital, emphasizing the ongoing need for supplies.

"It's an easy one for us to team up with (the HDHF) they're always fun to work with, and they need supplies all the time. The list never stops."

This year, the campaign raised an impressive $25,000, marking a record for the event.

Lorrie Bunko, Executive Director with the HDHF expressed her enthusiasm for the annual partnership with Tim Horton's.

"It's always a lot of fun. I look forward to it as soon as one Smile Cookie campaign is done. I'm already generating ideas for the next one."

The success of the campaign was further bolstered by an outpouring of community support, with a record number of volunteers participating.

"We had so many volunteers, probably the most so far, and we were so grateful to have them. They were just unbelievable. So much fun. Great group of people. Thank you very much."

smile cookies 2024

With such a strong community backing and the promise of continued collaboration, the Smile Cookie campaign is set to remain a beloved and impactful event for years to come.