For students pondering their post-secondary possibilities, St. Peter’s College, the University of Saskatchewan affiliated college in Muenster, is hosting an Open House on Saturday, March 25. The Open House is held on the beautiful campus at St. Peter’s Abbey from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Jordan LaBuick and Jayden Engele are student service managers at the College. They’ll be on hand during the Open House to guide the students through the college facilities and their future study options. 

“The Open House is an opportunity for students and parents to come down to the college and get an idea what it’s about,” explains Engele. “They’ll be introduced with a short presentation, and then we’ll take everyone on a tour where they can ask questions about the faculty and staff and programs. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the College as a new person coming in.”

As a U of S affiliate, the College provides a wide variety of entry level college programs from which students can choose.

“Students can start pretty much any degree they want from the University of Saskatchewan,” LaBuick says. “We have the courses to take pre-social work, and then students can go to the U of Regina to complete their social work degree.”

Other options include education, kinesiology, engineering, and of course arts and science degrees. 

The opening presentation, held in the spacious St. Peter’s College Library, will cover a bit of college history and mission, some of the events students can participate in, and a description of the many scholarship and award opportunities. A professors’ panel will be included where participants can get information directly from instructors. The tour includes the state of the art lab spaces, the modern fitness centre and gymnasium, and on-site residences.

Asked what the main appeals of St. Peter’s College are in contrast to larger urban campuses, Engele cited smaller class sizes.

“You can definitely get more one on one opportunities with your professors and with your peers. Students tend to thrive in those smaller classes.”

Students will also learn about the community minded atmosphere with a safe, friendly environment. Finally, the ability to cater to individual needs is a hallmark that those attending the event will discover. The special event, surprise donuts, pizza and “brain nourishment” throughout the term and at key exam times are also highlights. 

To find out more about the Open House and to register, those interested can head to or call (306) 682-7888.