A Saskatoon jury concluded on Friday, convicting one man of first-degree murder and another with manslaughter in the kidnapping and murder of 20-year-old Allan Douglas Garrioch from Humboldt. 

A three-week trial took place at Saskatoon’s Court of Queen’s Bench for Tristan Daniel Morrison and Steven Jaret Veilleux.

The jury heard evidence that Morrison and Veilleux, along with others, broke into Garrioch’s home on February 25, 2020, in Humboldt. Garrioch was then blindfolded, handcuffed and driven to the Bruno area. Garrioch was then walked into a grouping of trees and shot dead by Morrison and Veilleux, according to testimony. 

RCMP located the remains of Garrioch near Bruno on March 4, 2020. 

Morrison and Veilleux were both charged with first-degree murder with various other charges. 

Neither man did not testify in the trial, but the Crown argued that both fully intended to kill Garrioch and had planned it during the drive. 

The jury began deliberations early afternoon on May 20, with the verdict announced around 8:00 pm. It concluded that Morrison was guilty of first-degree murder, with Veilleux convicted of manslaughter. 

Both sentences are slated for June 27, with two more men awaiting trial. 

Joshua Dominic Canevaro and Jodie Lynn Veilleux are next to the stand, facing multiple charges including manslaughter, assault with a weapon and forcible confinement. 

Morrison and Veilleux are not the first to be charged in this case. Last October, Brettin Andrew Veilleux-Pelletier was sentenced to 18 years in prison for his involvement in the murder of Garrioch. 

Veilleux-Pelletier admitted to the crimes and pleaded guilty to manslaughter after police initially charged him with first-degree murder.