A prison sentence has been handed out with ties to a Humboldt kidnapping and murder case.

The 22-year-old, Brettin Andrew Veilleux-Pelletier of Prince Albert is facing an 18-year prison sentence. Veilleux-Pelletier pleaded guilty to breaking and entering, unlawful confinement, and the manslaughter of Allan Douglas Garrioch in February 2020.

Garrioch went missing in late February where the RCMP investigation led to the conclusion of foul play. According to RCMP, Garrioch was either escorted or forced out of his home by three unknown males following an altercation. It wasn't until a week later on March 2 that the remains of Garrioch were found in the RM of Bayne.

Four others that were believed to be involved in the case are awaiting their court dates. Tristan Daniel Morrison is slated for November 3 while Joshua Dominic Canevaro has a pre-trial hearing on January 12 of 2021. Veilleux-Pelletier's father and stepmother are believed to be involved as well following their arrest on March 4. Steven Veilleux is set to return to court on November 12 and Jodi Lynn Veilleux is slated for November 5.