Fundraising continues in Watson as the Quill Plains Centennial Lodge board and committees continue to generate dollars to furnish the new lodge. The provincial government has given the green light for the new facility to house residents with varying levels of care needs. Those fundraising efforts got a big boost when Midway Co-op, with operations in Watson and LeRoy, announced a $100,000 commitment over the next four years.  

“In the spring of 2024, Midway Co-op will donate $40,000,” explained General Manager Wayne Dale, “And every year after that we’ll donate $20,000 to the project.” Dale made the announcement to a lunch hour group enjoying a barbecue at the Watson Civic Centre in conjunction with the opening of the newly renovated Watson food store. 

Watson’s mayor Norma Weber also sits on the board of the Quill Plains Centennial Lodge. She and the committee have been tireless workers in planning, communicating with government and health care officials, acting as liaisons with the numerous communities and municipalities involved in the project, and much more. The donation was another welcome step forward in the equipment campaign. 

“Having a $100,000 donation is a big jump for us,” Weber said. “It looks good on our fundraising thermometer because we need it to keep going up. Also, personal donations of any size are so much appreciated.  

Weber also talked about planned legacy giving and its potential for helping fill the coffers for the equipment campaign. The targeted amount the community will need to raise is a moving needle given shifts in costs. 

“We know its in the millions that we have to raise for equipment and furnishings, but our thermometer sits at about $900,000 right now.” 

Another upcoming fundraiser for the Lodge is the sold-out Jess Moskaluke show slated for late November at the Watson Civic Centre.  

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