With seeding complete, another series of Meals in the Field came to a close with a visit to the Voldeng Farm near Spalding. 

The Voldengs and crew enjoyed a meal that was provided by Ditches Den in Spalding, to help celebrate a successful end to the seeding. 

Originally starting out as a hog farm, Rod Voldeng said he and his brother bought the farm from their father. In 2008, the Voldengs decided to move away from the hogs and transitioned into grain farming.

Mechanics and mother nature co-operated with the Voldengs for the spring seeding according to Rod.

"It was a good normal year, nothing crazy, weather was very good, we got rain, crops look like they're coming up nice." 

Seeding came to a close in late May, allowing the Voldeng Farm a relaxing evening to enjoy the meal. 

Making the Meal in the Field possible are the sponsors FCC, Hergott Farm Equipment, South 20 and Horizon Fertilizers. Stay tuned for the harvest edition of the Meal in the Field this fall.