May Monster Cash giveaway, where you stand a chance to win $100.00 in cold, hard cash. But that's not all - we have an additional bonus draw where you can enter to win another $100.00! Keep your ears tuned in to 107.5 Bolt FM as we reveal where we are and how you can snag these fantastic prizes. 

Our 5th person through today was the lucky winner! Congrats to Denyse Smith!

denyse smith

Also, we had our draw barrel and Maria Manaloto was the lucky one!


Today’s clue is: 

In me, plants find a cozy embrace, warm and humid, it's their favorite place. I trap the sun's rays, my walls are clear, creating an environment they hold dear. With glass all around, I'm quite unique, gardening enthusiasts often seek a sheltered haven for growth and care. Where am I today? 

Keep an ear out for our live broadcast today on 107.5 Bolt FM, where we will disclose more details on how you can become the lucky winner. During our on-location event, we will have one fortunate individual win $100.00. Plus, you can enter in to win an additional $100.00! Imagine the possibilities! 

Make sure you listen in as this is one of the last opportunities for May Monster Cash!