May 29 - June 3 marks “Type 1 Diabetes Week” in the City of Humboldt, and Humboldt & Area Team T1D has plenty of activities to participate in throughout the week to raise awareness surrounding Type 1 Diabetes. 

Friday, June 2, kicks things off with a comedy night that leads into the 4x4x48 run, says Cailin Hergott, President of the Humboldt and Area Team T1D.

“It’s basically the start of Jason’s run. We will have the banquet that night and Comedian Kelly Taylor there, and then Kelly will do one set, and then he will run with Jason for Jason’s first run at 8:00 that night to start the weekend run, and then when they come back from the run, he will do another set.”

The event will take place at Jubilee Hall and starts at 5:00 pm with cocktails and dinner and will include a live auction after the send-off run. 

Those wanting to purchase tickets to the event can contact Cailin Hergott at (306)-231-6278 or tickets are available at the Co-op C-Store until Sunday, May 28. 

Jason Holtvogt will run in a mental and physical challenge like no other. The 4x4x48 run helps raise awareness for T1D and also accepts donations for ongoing research. 

The 4x4x48 run consists of running four miles every four hours for 48 hours. This year, he will be running with 4 - 5 others, says Holtvogt. 

“There’s probably about 4 - 5 of us that will be doing either the full run or close to the full run. Every year, every single run, I’m getting more and more people just coming out for a single run. It’s encouraged; we want you guys to come out and participate with me. Come out for a 4 AM run or a midnight run, 'cause it’s something that you never ever do.”

Holtvogt says the training this year has been harder than years past due to injuries, but he is still looking forward to taking the run on. 

“So much about this run isn’t actually about the run. The run I can physically do, I can muscle myself through that run. It has always been about that mental aspect about waking yourself up every four hours on the hour, doesn’t matter, you start that run again.”

Holtvogt says that running with a group does make the runs easier. 

“When you’re going as a group, it makes it so much easier, because this isn’t a run where we are competing to finish with the best time, and it’s cut-throat, it’s bringing everyone along for the ride. You’re encouraging each other, you are there to support each other, so mentally they will get through because together we’re stronger.”

The run continues throughout Saturday, where Holtvogt says Tim Hortons and the Special Olympics will be on hand to deliver some coffee and muffins to runners on Saturday morning at 8:00 am. 

“The Saturday Night for the last two years we have always called it the “superhero run” and it was kinda the run for those in your life that always have stepped up and in a quiet way have been the superhero in your life. For that run, I actually dress up in a tutu because a couple weeks before my daughter Aubree was diagnosed, she was at a dance recital and she had a completely blue tutu. Her strength that she showed throughout the diagnosis, I really look at that, and she was our superhero when we were trying to handle her diagnosis,” says Holtvogt. “Other people come out they wear capes, they wear superhero costumes, and we try to get the whole community involved of those groups that are superheroes in our community.”

While Holtvogt takes on the 4x4x48 challenge, there will be a diabetes walk taking place on Sunday, June 4. 

“Our community has done a diabetes walk, and I think this is about the 19th year. This year we have combined the two into one weekend. Registration will be at 11 in the lobby of the [Elgar Petersen] Arena and then we will walk or run at noon. That will be the eleventh leg of Jason’s run, but it will also be a way for the community to come and just walk,” said Hergott. 

After the walk, Humboldt’s A&W will be sponsoring a free barbeque. 

Humboldt & Area Team T1D has been working with local businesses and schools to participate in raising awareness around Type 1 Diabetes. 

“We are still finalizing some plans, but we have some better together shirts designed for Type 1 diabetes. We are putting that together with the City’s Better Together Month, and then Wednesday is going to be Blue Shirt Day.”

Plenty of events are taking place throughout the week to raise awareness about Type 1 Diabetes as well as to raise funds to find a cure. Humboldt & Area T1D is looking forward to the upcoming week and seeing everyone participating in the many activities taking place.