Tourists heading through the prairies are always on the lookout for interesting spots to satisfy their curiosity and to learn about regional history and geography. Tourism Saskatchewan is on its way to Humboldt to help interested groups leverage tourism interest on a regional basis. The Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce welcomes Corrrina Kapeller, regional tourism development consultant with Tourism Saskatchewan for a noon hour workshop on Wednesday, April 19. The workshop will be of interest to tourism organizations, municipalities, businesses and other entities looking to welcome tourists to their area. 

“The whole genesis behind this meeting is that we’ve got so many outstanding things for people to come and see and do in our region, yet we’re all siloed,” explains Chamber Director Brent Fitzpatrick. “We’re all these individual pockets of attractions in the area. It’s a lot easier and a lot more attractive if we can get together as a group and say, not only can you come to Watson and McNab Park, but on the way you can stop at Original Humboldt or take a hike up the water tower.”

The notion is similar to the regional tourism marketing done years ago under the moniker “Land of the Living Skies.” That marketing zone extended from the Qu’Appelle in the south to the South Saskatchewan in the north. The branding was later adopted by the province as its slogan, but the concept of regional zoning for tourism is one that Fitzpatrick hopes will be revisited. 

“It makes sense for us to approach marketing on a regional basis. There is no one thing or attraction that is more important than the other, but together, they’re very important,” Fitzpatrick maintains. 

The hope is that the Tourism Saskatchewan presentation will demonstrate the potential for outreach of a regional approach, and that those in attendance be prepared to move forward with what Fitzpatrick calls “building a mechanism for marketing.” 

With mobile devices available now, those marketing tools can be real time and readily accessible to people planning voyages or already en route. Digital marketing and guidance can pull people from the usual thoroughfares to nearby destinations just off the beaten path. 

“If we have a single point source for information on tourism in the region, it’s going to be gold.”

Communities confirmed to attend include Wynyard, Watrous, and the newly reformed Chamber of Commerce in Melfort. The level of interest thus far indicates a significant level of interest in hearing an overture to re-establishing regional tourism marketing efforts. 

Those agencies or individuals wishing to attend or to receive more information can contact the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce at (306) 682-4990.