With the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce offices migrating to the former Land Titles space in the courthouse this October, the City of Humboldt is addressing the impact on the campground and mini-golf course. The facilities in east Humboldt have been operated by the Chamber for over two decades. At Monday night’s Council meeting, councillors and staff talked about arrangements for some of the remaining assets which are owned by the Chamber. Those include some fixtures and furnishings in the campground like sheds, fire pits and maintenance equipment. Other items are the mini-golf structures and equipment, as well as the welcome sign and billboard. 

Leisure Services Manager Mike Ulriksen presented council with a report advising that the City could purchase those assets from the Chamber for the negotiated price of $35,000. 

“These assets would cost us a fair bit more if we had to go out and purchase those items ourselves directly,” Ulriksen concluded. “They are assets, the majority of which we need for a campground. They aren’t assets that we could just do without for a while.”

The City will entertain proposals from organizations, businesses or individuals to undertake running the campground going forward. Councillor Rob Muench expressed a level of concern that the clock is ticking on next year’s camping season.
“I think it's our duty to make sure that we proceed in the next phases of this, whether it be an RFP (request for proposal) in a timely manner,” cautioned Muench. “We have a good leeway before the season starts in the spring that we don’t end up having a last minute decision, and end up with something that may result in the campground not being opened.”

The campground entertains hundreds of visitors and crew workers over the summer. Whether for baseball or golf tournaments, weddings or social events, the campground has been a welcoming beacon for visitors throughout the years. Organizations interested in knowing more about the potential for operating the campground can contact the City or the Chamber. 

Council approved the recommendation to proceed with the sale of those assets.