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Our Artificial Ice project was started in October of 2017 and is ongoing. As a committee we have pledged to raise money to facilitate multiple upgrades to our arena, including artificial ice, LED lighting, and a much needed upgrade to our lobby. This project has allowed our multiple hockey teams and skating club to stay on par with other communities that have had artificial ice for years. We will be able to keep many local dollars in our own community as a result of this project, as well as the possibility to attract out of town revenue as well through ice rentals. Cudworth is a small, yet progressive town with a huge community spirit, please consider our project when choosing your grant recipient.


Our community is in the process of fundraising for a new swimming pool. Our current pool is nearing the end of its life expectancy. A new pool has been designed to be accessible to all persons and will feature zero depth entry, toddler area, spray features, junior Olympic size, diving board, stand-alone waterslide, vortex, which will be accessible to persons of all ages. The new pool will provide opportunity for new programming. A new facility will encourage healthy choices for individuals and families that are affordable. This project is bringing together our community as they really together to create another lasting facility for the future.


Our Community Centre currently has a wheel chair ramp constructed out of wood that gives access to the upper level of our hall. It is in need of major repairs so we are hoping to be able to install a chair lift. We are currently raising funds to put in a chair lift that would be able to access the upper and lower levels of the hall. Many functions are held in the lower level and we believe it would be a huge asset to have both levels wheel chair accessible and that would benefit numerous people in the community and surrounding district.


In 2016, after many years of planning and volunteer work the Nokomis Early Learning Centre opened its doors! Over the last few years the Centre has been doing some fundraising to build a play yard for the children. Nokomis is a small community of around 400 people, but also serves other surrounding communities. The $5,000 would benefit the community of Nokomis, as well as others and would help make the plans for the play yard become a reality!


Annaheim is a thriving small community with one playground that is over 20 years old and is in need of upgrades and improvements. The funds would be used to contribute to our current project of raising funds to re-landscape our existing playground and purchase a new steel play structure and swings. The structure will have monkey bars and a variety of play options as well as some new swings including the large round saucer style swings that are fairly popular now. We will be re-landscaping and installing a fresh walking path to replace the old one. This updating to our playground which is our only one in our community will be of great benefit to all our school students as well as community members walking on the new path or people visiting. It will continue to inspire physical activity, outdoor play and enjoyment and a gathering space in our community.


The Town of Bruno and surrounding communities have the exciting opportunity to install artificial ice in the Bruno Rink. The Artificial Ice Committee is committed to obtain the required funds for this project, keep kids in the game, install reliable, safe artificial ice, and keep sports local.

The Rink is the heart of the community. The Bruno Rink services a 45 km radius with approximately 1000+ population. We like to say, if you skate, you can play hockey, sledge hockey, or figure skating, and if you don’t skate you can play broomball. People and kids come from far & wide to play our two unique sports - Sledge Hockey and Broomball. Bruno has been on the map for winning various Gold medals across Western Canada in Sledge Hockey, and winning at Provincials, Nationals and at Worlds for Broomball. There is lots of opportunity for us to use the Artificial Ice, and we are excited for this project.


Each football season we realize how important the Watrous Concession/Bathroom Project would be for both the Winston High School SRC and Wildcat Football programs. Right now there is no concession or bathroom facility at the football field. The SRC provides a tailgate BBQ for each home football game which means hauling everything out to the field and using coolers to keep things cold. We especially realize how much we need a concession when the cold fall weather sets in. We also realize that our fans would benefit from a washroom facility at the football field. Right now the closest washroom would be at a convenience store downtown. Who wants to miss an exciting football game for a bathroom break!

Winston High School would also benefit from this facility when we host annual track and field competitions and junior football jamborees. Our school also has the privilege of hosting the Saskatchewan Student Leadership Conference September 2019 where we will welcome 1000 student leaders from across Saskatchewan to our school and community. This concession and bathroom facility would be a huge asset to ensure the successful hosting of this prestigious event.

The community of Watrous would also benefit greatly from this project. The football field neighbours the ball diamonds so this facility would be used by Watrous Minor Ball as well. We do have a concession and bathroom facility at the ball diamonds but due to it's location it is out of reach for some diamonds and their fans. Watrous Minor Ball continues to grow in numbers and has seen a number of provincial hosting in the last few years in both girls softball and boys baseball. This facility would enhance their hosting experience as well.


Viscount is extremely excited to be part of “The Great 8”!

The Village of Viscount has a population of less than 200 people and 110 children in our school. We have just started our fundraising journey and need to reach $114,000 for a large play structure. Our goal is to have a new structure installed by Summer 2019! For our community, this is a large endeavor, but we are sure that we can meet this goal!

In the fall of 2017, our large playground structure was removed from the school ground due to being unsafe and unrepairable. Currently we have some small pieces of equipment such as swings and monkey bars, that are left for the children to play with during school, after school and at community events. In our community, the school is used as the community hall and is used by surrounding communities for special events. New equipment would be used by children from Viscount, Meacham, Young, Plunkett and surrounding farm families. With a new playground structure on school grounds, children would have accessibility to safe and appropriate structures to help develop their gross motor skills and to do what kids do best, PLAY! Without playground equipment, children do not have a safe place to play before, during or after school hours, as well as on summer vacation and holidays. The town currently has installed a new park that is focused towards toddlers but does not have equipment meant for children over the age of 5.

We are excited to have been chosen as one of “The Great 8”. We are incredibly thankful to Bolt FM, Discover Humboldt and Nutrien for choosing and highlight our community.

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