WalkShoesApril20As part of PARTNERS Family Services "Community Rising Day" June 10th a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event will take place as well as a bar-b-cue in Civic Park.

On June 10th, PARTNERS Family Services is bringing Amanda Lindhout to the city, all for the second annual "Community Rising Day."

As previously announced, PARTNERS will feature Lindhout as she will tell her amazing story of survival after being held captive for 15 months in Somalia. She will speak to a crowd of 1,000 students at the Elgar Petersen Arena before taking the stage during a gala dinner in the evening.

During the day, a bar-b-cue will begin at 11am at Civic Park soon followed by the Walk a Mile event.

"The big thing is everyone knows Amanda Lindhout is coming to the community," PARTNERS Executive Director Rachel Trann explained Monday afternoon. "We also want the word to get out that we are doing a Walk a Mile in her Shoes event to help raise awareness about violence against women. We've got 300 pairs of red high heels in men sizes, we want people to sign up and help support the event."

Registration is $25 but PARTNERS certainly encourages more pledges.

Andy McAnally is a local business owner and also on the Community Rising Day committee. He is excited about the walk and hopes his colleagues are as well.

"Well I think all business owners like a challenge so this should be an easy one to get some of those business men out and strutting their stuff down Main Street."

The walk itself will take place at 11:45.

Although the walk is geared towards men, women are definitely welcome to participate. McAnally said they might need the support.

"It's going to be very hard I think, it's going to be a laugh, it's going to be hilarious to see a whole bunch of men getting into a a pair of high heel shoes. I want to emphasize it's not just for men to do this, we will need a lot of women there for encouragement as well to take part and show us how it's done properly," he laughed.

There is different options for entrants as you can enter a team, plus their is some great prizes for the top pledge collectors. To sign up and reserve your red shoes call PARTNERS at 682-4135, email [email protected] or visit their website.

The deadline is June 3rd. Lindhout's book is still available at Causeway Natural Health. Tickets for the gala event will go on sale on May 4th.

You can hear more from Trann and McAnally in their interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.



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