CommunityRisingPresserMarch2Community Rising Chair, Michelle Bankowski(right) announces details of Partners Family Services' plans for June 10th in Humboldt which will feature Amanda Lindhout. Partner's Executive Director Rachel Trann watches on during the announcement on Monday afternoon.

Partners Family Services is hoping that the community rises once again.

Last year the non-profit, multi-purpose family support organization brought Theoren Fleury to the City of Humboldt, a fundraiser event as well as an awareness and educational day touched by many as the former National Hockey League star spoke twice about the abuse he suffered from a disgraced hockey coach.

The organization has the same type of day planned for their second attempt at "Community Rising Day."

"We're starting off the day with a community bar-b-cue and a walk a mile in her shoes event. Following that we are really excited to talk about our gala event where we're going to have Canadian author, Amanda Lindhout out to speak to the community," Chair Michelle Bankowski explained during the announcement.

Lindhout is a journalist who was kidnapped in Somalia and held captive for 460 days beginning in 2008.

"During that time she was tortured and raped," Bankowski pointed out about Lindhout's incredible story. "What's most important about Amanda's story or account in her book is that she talks about things like forgiveness and compassion and moving forward."

Her book, A House in the Sky will be available on Monday, March 9th at Causeway Natural Health to purchase, Partners has ordered 100 copies.

"Certainly this is an important fundraiser for us and we're wanting to expand the depth of our services that we provide. We want to increase the profile of Partners and certainly engage and educate the community," Bankowski explained when asked about he purpose of the day.

Tickets for the gala will be available in May, during the day, over 1,200 students from the Horizon School Division  will see Lindhout at the Elgar Petersen Arena, as Fleury did as well.

More details will be provided regarding the walk event as well in the next couple weeks.

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