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  • Monkey Mike Hoffman loved to put on a good show.

    In 1928, he launched "Hoffman's Novelty Circus", operating from Omaha, Nebraska before moving to Humboldt with his family in 1932.

    With two barns located on the 900 block of 12th Street, it was often difficult for kids to get home on time, as they would walk by and stop to watch the animals and performers prepare for shows.

    The circus was advertised as the biggest and best travelling show, with 100 per cent of viewers being satisfied.

    Performances included trained animals with high class circus and vaudeville acts. There were comedians, tap dancers, contortionists, and a singing cowboy.

    Animal acts included a dancing dog, monkey, eight dogs, and a 650 pound roller-skating bear named George.

    Admission for the show was 50 cents for adults, 35 cents for youth, and 25 cents for children.

    The last show was performed on September 29, 1943 in Muenster.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • A new Christmas tune - "Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right from Santa Claus' plane."

    Wait. What?

    The Humboldt Board of Trade arranged for Santa Claus to arrive in a unique manner on December 5, 1953. He would parachute from an Air Force bomber, with the landing target being the exhibition grounds northeast of the Public School between Main and Fourth Street.

    An estimated crowd of 2,500 to 3,000 people assembled on the grounds for the jolly fellow's descent.

    After two or three passes by the bomber, Santa exploded out of the plane, flying through the air without assistance.

    A parachute opened and Santa began drifting to the ground, but the wind picked up and he missed his mark, landing in the golf course instead.

    Santa spent the day at town hall where movies were shown throughout the day, there was a singsong of Christmas carols, door prizes, and gift bags for the children.

    A total of 2,138 children and 400 adults were counted at the four shows.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  •  Saturday, July 19, 2014

    2014 Farmers Market

    9am - 12pm

    701 - 6th Ave - Senior Citizens Hall


    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Humboldt and District Museum Fundraising BBQ

    12pm - 1pm

    Location: Humboldt & District Museum

    Summer isn’t complete until you’ve had a burger grilled on the street! Watch for our fundraising barbecue in support of the arts!

  • Humboldt residents have always been optimistic.

    In 1911-1912m with a new civic building under construction, they decided to carve "City Hall" into the stone. At the time, Humboldt was home to 859 people - a far cry from the 5,000 required for city status.

    In 1913, a brochure with the question "Are You in the Game?" was produced. The game was to find the best possible place to settle.

    Humboldt was determined the best choice, with the argument centered around four points. Humboldt was growing daily, was a railway center, was surrounded by fertile farmland, and was near a holiday resort.

    The government decided that Humboldt would become a Judicial Centre with territory extending 142 miles east and west, as well as 54 miles north and south.

    The location of the railway was deemed strategic, as Humboldt was a Central division on the main line of the CN Railway between Winnipeg and Edmonton.

    Fertile farmland within a 50-mile radius of Humboldt was noted as the best mixed farming land in Western Canada.

    Those who chose to settle in Humboldt could relax at what was deemed Saskatchewan's premier watering place - Humboldt Beach (also known as Waldsea Lake).

    On July 15, 1913, Great Northwest Investments commended Humboldt on its quick growth and attractiveness with this letter:

    "To give you an idea of the interest that is taken in farm lands around Humboldt, I might just mention that last Monday some particularly fine homesteads were being opened for entry and the Land Office door was besieged all day Sunday and until the following morning by a crowd of farmers who were anxious to get in on this. The man who was there first and who retained his grasp of the doorknob throughout got the first chance."

    That type of optimistic attitude and pride has propelled Humboldt into the beautiful city it is today.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt - See more at: http://www.discoverhumboldt.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=38&Itemid=209#sthash.cPhM8cHn.dpuf
    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt - See more at: http://www.discoverhumboldt.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=38&Itemid=209#sthash.cPhM8cHn.dpuf
  • In spring of 1923, time changed here in Humboldt.  CN would run on CST between Kamsack and Humboldt but the trains that were travelling west of the City would be on MST

    In August of 1925 the citizens of Humboldt voted out fast time.  241 citizens voted and 218 of those voted in favor of MST.  The reason was, many had claimed that the town lost business.  This was never to be revisited again as Humboldt needed all the business it could get and anything that would antagonize that was to be discouraged.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • The experience of performing at the Humboldt Music Festival has been integrated in the lives of many students.

    In 1937, residents established the Humboldt Music Festival Association. The purpose was to promote music as an art by holding festivals and competitions.

    On May 10, 1938, the first Music Festival was held with 45 entries ranging from violin to piano.

    The community was supportive of the enterprise, with volunteers holding executive positions, and they promoted the events, spending long hours in meetings.

    A $20 scholarship was introduced in 1945 through the Humboldt Board of Trade and the Provincial Festival Association.

    By 1957, the festival expanded from one to three days long. A December carol festival was also introduced that year.

    The 1960s saw the Lux Theatre purchase it's first piano, and in 1970, the Humboldt Co-op sponsored the final concert of the year.

    Over the years, the festival has grown into a two week event, providing a stage for numerous students to elevate their musical careers.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt



  • In the days prior to Main Street being paved, there were large ditches on both sides of the road.

    The ditches provided better drainage when it rained so that horse and buggies would not get stuck in the muddy gravel.

    Often filling up with water, the ditches would occasionally freeze.

    Children took advantage of the frozen ditches by skating to school.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • The 1930s brought economic uncertainty, and two young men decided to tackle the depression head on and go into business. Arnold Kidd and John Herner were 21 years old when they opened their lunch counter in Humboldt.

    With no vacant buildings in town in 1934, they turned to ad in the Star Phoenix that mentioned the city was selling old trolley cars. They purchased one of the cars that featured storm windows and a stove for 40 dollars.

    They placed the trolley on a lot owned by Albert and Leo Pitzel on the 800 block of Sixth Avenue, and three years later it was moved to the 600 block of Ninth Street.

    The Trolley Cafe opened in May 1934, initially servicing homemade pies and doughnuts, but with the business doing so well, it was requested that they start making meals.

    They expanded the business, hiring a full-time cook and waitress while also opening up 24 hours a day.

    Hamburgers and sandwiches were sold for ten cents. For dessert, they sold pie for ten cents, and doughnuts for five cents, with coffee sold at five cents. Many people paid $27.50 per month, which gave them three meals per day.

    With no set menu, and no charge for seconds, full meals were 35 cents, regardless of the course.

    The business was sold in 1942, after Kidd bought out Herner, who moved to Rosetown to open a restaurant.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • In the early years of the community, mail that was bound for Humboldt went from Dauphin, Manitoba to Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Letters were then taken from Rosthern to Muenster, where they would be picked up every Saturday and brought to Humboldt.

    Initially, Humboldt had a small postal outlet located in a shack.

    Distribution was moved from the shack to the Great Northern Store located on Main Street. This would be the case until a postal outlet was established in Lowes and Kepkey's General Store.

    Following that, the outlet moved next door, and the railway provided Humboldt with daily mail service by April 1906.

    Humboldt's first postmaster was Godfried Schaeffer, but he resigned after three months and John Lowes was appointed.

    During his term, the postal authorities gave Humboldt a special mailbag for use between the town and Muenster. Letters could now go directly between the two communities instead of being taken back to Dauphin.

    In March 1907, Kepkey purchased a building that would be used as a post office and it was moved to Main Street.

    Two years later, he sold the building due to the increase in mail service, a larger building was required, and he built a 24 by 40 foot two-storey brick building and postal service began in October of 1910.

    In 1911, construction on a new federal building began. A special feature of the building was the tower clock that chimed every hour. Postal services were located on the main floor of the three-storey building.

    Construction of a one-storey addition on the north side took place from 1952 to 1955. This provided room for 500 more postal boxes as well as additional space for sorting and handling mail.

    The building would be home to Humboldt's postal services for 63 years, and in 1975, service was moved to a new building on the northeast corner of Main Street and Fifth Avenue.

    The original post office building built in 1912 became home to the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery in 1982.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • A vote on September 18, 1929 altered history with a public province-wide electrical utility.

    Humboldt's drive to create a municipal electrical utility began after the community was established. Although they had offers from companies, community leaders conducted two studies and in 1912, borrowed funding to build their own utility.

    The operation commenced on January 12, 1914, providing service from dusk until midnight at the rate of seventeen cents per kilo-watt-hour.

    By 1918, the service was provided 24 hours a day, but problems with the system began.

    The primary issue was the steam boilers. Although they had a life expectancy of 25 years, within five years there was significant scaling because of Stoney Lake's water having a high alkali content.

    Each boiler was taken out of service after just two days.

    In the early 1920s, Humboldt had a serious electrical problem, and in a financially difficult time, the town re-equipped the powerhouse, but the community outgrew its utility's capacity.

    Mayor James King chipped in the difference to purchase a second-hand steam engine from Weyburn at a cost of $5,000.

    This led to improvements to the electrical system and the utility was strengthened considerably, and by 1923 it was operating at a surplus.

    In 1927, Council decided to sell the plant, with public meetings held to determine the best suitor. Civic officials opted for a private company, Dominion Electric, but former Mayor Frank Bence took up an issue with the move and a public debate broke out.

    Going to a vote, needing a two-thirds majority, the bylaw was defeated 131 to 112.

    At the next Council meeting, a vote allowed for the sale to go to Power Commission, and citizens of Humboldt became the first customers of what would become known as Saskatchewan Power Corporation.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • One of the most memorable citizens in Humboldt's history is James "Doc" Ogilvie. Although he is not originally from Humboldt, he was integral in the lives of many.

    He moved to Saskatchewan after spending most of his youth in Toronto, while serving in the army during World War I before returning home to study medicine.

    After earning is Doctor of Medicine degree, he began practice in Lake Lenore, travelling the countryside, wearing out his cars quickly due to driving excessive speeds.

    Doc carried out his medical duties first, asking for pay at a later time.

    One farmer recalled a time where he couldn't afford to pay for his wife's medical bill, and Doc noticed he also didn't have a coat due to the tough financial times his family was experiencing. Doc gave him his coat, explaining that it was his fee for delivering a baby.

    During the 1930s, Doc accepted firewood as payment, which resulted in a massive woodpile that helped keep his house warm throughout the winter.

    During the war, Doc was the only doctor in Humboldt, which made surgeries difficult. He then started a clinic with Dr. Yoerger and Dr. Fleming, later opening his office in the family home.

    He retired in 1958 and passed away four years later at the age of 64.

    Whenever folks saw the sandy-haired man, carrying his black bag, they whispered amongst themselves "it's gonna be all right, Doc's here."


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • The Austrian Trapp family singers made a special appearance at Humboldt's Lux Theatre in 1953, bringing the sound of music with them.

    Living in Vermont when they established the Trapp Family Music Camp, they travelled extensively, which featured a three month tour of Central and South America as well as a four month tour of ten European Countries.

    They arrived at the Ursuline convent in Bruno on a Friday afternoon, and after a few songs headed down the road to Mount Carmel.

    Due to the wet spring producing deeply-rutted roads, the third car with Maria Trapp and Father Wasner was found teetering on the edge of a deep slough.

    Eventually they arrived safely at Mount Carmel before heading off to Humboldt.

    Shaken, due to their near accident, there was a concern that the performance would have to be cancelled.

    Instead, they went ahead with the concert at St. Peter's College and the trauma of the previous day was forgotten.

    On Sunday, the family sand at St. Augustine Church, and also enjoyed a supper at the home of John and Amalia Gerwing, before performing at the Lux Theatre.

    Following the concert, Maria Trapp spent most of the day with police, insisting they release a prisoner from the local jail due to relatively minor offences, and that being a young person, jail time would only make matters worse.

    The mounties didn't follow through, but posed for a photo op with the family before the Trapp's left town, leaving behind a joyous time that brought the community alive.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • One of the oldest buildings in Humboldt and is still being used for its original purpose.  The Windsor Hotel opened in November 1905,  and was considered one of the best, most modern hotels of its time located on the main line of the Canadian Northern Railway.  The cost of construction was approximately $25,000.  The main floor boasted a large dining room, kitchen, sitting room and bar.  Housed on the second floor was a parlour and writing room; the remainder of the second floor as well as the third were taken up with bedrooms elegantly furnished.  The Windsor Hotel had been the home of many elegant events, including Humboldt’s Bachelor Club hosed an Easter dance in 1913.  The evening included entertainment by Bailey’s Orchestra, admission for gentlemen was $2 and the ladies were admitted at no charge.  Throughout the years there have been changes but the hotel business has persevered.  The Windsor celebrated its 100th year in 2005.


    Story courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum and Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories About Humboldt

  • One night in October of 1942 all the lights i Humboldt went out.  Canada was at war, and the community  organized the Humboldt Civil Defence Committee arranging for this unique training session.  An airplane from No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School at Dafoe approached Humboldt early evening; the blackout alarm rang and the street lights were switched off.  There were some lights that were left on but the Wardens noticed and turned them off.  Not soon enough as the navigator of the plane noticed the town and several flares were dropped.  Of course, citizens of Humboldt were all wondering what would have been made of their town had these been bombs.  The lights of Humboldt were out for half an hour and the practice was deemed satisfactory.  This practice of course informed citizens on how to make their homes lightproof in case of an actual emergency.  Thankfully the situation never happened.


    Story Courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt

  • In the early 1920’s, Arthur Driver built the first radiophone in Humboldt and area.  Driver gained knowledge of radios while serving overseas.  Driver constructed a radio connected to 100 feet long and aerial wires that were set up at a height of 40 feet.  He was able to tune in to Regina Broadcast station, as well as messages from other wireless stations across Canada


    Story courtesy of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery - 100 Interesting Stories about Humboldt


  • PAMICanolaHumboldt based PAMI is monitoring three bins of canola to test storage measures.

    The Canola Council of Canada along with groups from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta are leaning on Humboldt based Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute to learn more about storing the grain.

    With last year's bumper crops still in bins across western Canada the topic is a popular one.

    PAMI Project Manager Joy Agnew explains more about their testing.

    "One bin is going to have a fan start and slowly warm up the grain during the evening hours, one bin is left alone as a baseline and the third bin had the grain turned before we installed the sensors so those are kind of the three management strategies out there and we're trying to determine what's the best."

    Agnew says the testing period will last about six to eight weeks unless the data is of real interest, then they will continue to monitor the bins that are near Lake Lenore.

    "Now that the sensors are installed and we're collecting data it's not hard to keep monitoring it until the grain gets moved out and the grain likely won't get moved out until November so we could be monitoring for quite a while but the study itself is to last six to eight weeks but we might just continue monitoring if the data is really interesting."

    Last year's record harvest combined with nationwide grain transportation issues have resulted in more grain being stored far longer than usual in western Canada. This situation has led to a lot of producer questions about what to do to keep their grain from spoiling in the bin once warmer weather hits.

    Agnew says the results will be important for producers.

    "Most producers sell canola right off the field or as soon as they can just because storing canola is kind of a big question mark and it's such a high value crop that if it spoils it's a huge loss so this information will also help producers understand how to better store and manage their canola over a longer period of time."

    To hear more from Agnew in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.



  • Farmers HayingISC awarded 19 local farms with Century Awards.

    Since 2007, ISC has presented over 3,600 family farms with a Century Family Farm Award.

    The award recognizes families who have continuously maintained the same farm or ranch operation for 100 years or more.

    "ISC is proud to recognize these Saskatchewan farm families for their remarkable achievement," says Jeff Stusek, President and CEO of ISC. "It's a privilege to recognize the family farming tradition and the important role it plays in the history of our province."

    The awards were handed out at three luncheons from June 2 to 4 in Regina, Swift Current, and Saskatoon.

    Local family farms awarded:

    Robert Dale Buckle - Bruno
    Denis & Lisette Detillieux - Bruno
    Gerald, Traci & Darcy Fisher - Bruno
    Noel Renneberg - Cudworth
    John Sholter - Cudworth
    Kenneth Friesen - Drake
    Delmar McCallum - Imperial
    Terry Lynch - Jansen
    Ivan Lindgren - Kelvington
    Earl & Deborah Rennie - Kelvington
    Lauretta Olynuk - Middle Lake
    Esther Kolbenson - Rose Valley
    Alvin Qually - Rose Valley
    Leonard Sigstad - Rose Valley
    Ben Zarysky - Wakaw
    Peter Zerebesky - Wakaw
    Ruth Braun - Waldheim
    Paul Saelhof - Watrous
    Joe Bashutsky - Wynyard

  • Farmers HayingAgriculture in the classroom aims to teach students how to connect with agriculture.

    A new $1 million five-year funding project has been announced as an agreement with agriculture in the class room Saskatchewan (AITC-SK). Agriculture in the classroom is a curriculum-based project which aims to increase student's awareness and understanding of Saskatchewan's agricultural economy and culture. This represents a $550,000 increase in funding over the last five year period.

     Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Saskatchewan's Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart agreed to the funding. Both Ritz and Lyle believe that all communities should value Saskatchewan-made products and recognize the importance of the industry to the regional, national and global economies.

    "Our government understands the importance agriculture plays in rural and urban communities and in Saskatchewan as a whole," said Ritz.  

    "Agriculture in the Classroom plays an important role in helping students connect with agriculture," Stewart said.  "We are pleased to support their efforts to engage our youth in agriculture and improve their understanding of primary production and the entire agriculture industry."

    The project hopes to attract youth, innovation and investment. For the agriculture industry  to continue growing, encouraging the public to become more aware about the industry helps grow and create a strong provincial economy which will lead to a better quality of life.

    "It is the essential support that we receive from partners like the Ministry of Agriculture that allows Agriculture in the Classroom to inspire and educate tomorrow's leaders about the role of agriculture in their lives," Agriculture in the Classroom Interim Executive Director Chantel Heintz said.  "The number of students in AITC-SK agriculture education programming increased to 26,500 in 2013, a 74 per cent increase from 2012. This increased funding from the Ministry of Agriculture will certainly help us meet the growing demand from teachers for our programming and resources."

    The provincial government is providing $750,000, with the remaining $250,000 being provided through the federal-provincial Growing Forward 2 agreement.


  • SeedingMay24Saskatchewan-born businessman Brett Wilson has plenty of land in Saskatchewan.

    Saskatchewan is a great place to be farming.

    That’s the view of Saskatchewan born businessman and philanthropist Brett Wilson who starred on the popular tv show Dragon’s Den.

    Wilson was speaking at the Farm Progress show in Regina, and he emphasized his amazement of walking through the grounds, looking at the equipment and advancements in technology.

    "Those who don't learn (technology) and embrace it fall behind," says Wilson, of the continued change.

    Originally from North Battleford, Wilson has worked in the agriculture sector, and one of his largest investments is farmland in Saskatchewan.

    "We bought blocks of land around Weyburn, Estevan, and an hour East of Saskatoon," Wilson stated of the investments. "We were buying it for yield, not capital gain, and much to our delight, it has been a strong performing asset."

    Wilson also provided conversation from his book Redefining Success.

  • Seeding

    It was another cool and rainy week of weather in Saskatchewan, but producers still saw some progress, as 95 percent of the crop seeded is now complete, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report.

    The five-year average for this time of year is 90 percent seeded.

    Having been the furthest behind for a large part of seeding, the east-central region is 93 percent seeded, which moves them past the southeastern region where 91 percent complete.

    The southwestern, west-central and northwestern regions are wrapping up seeding. The northeastern region is 97 percent seeded.

    A high majority of pulses, cereals, and oilseeds are in the ground, with greenfeed crops still requiring seeding in some areas.

    Over two inches of rain was reported in a large amount of areas across the province.

    Topsoil moisture conditions are rated as 18 per cent surplus, 78 per cent adequate, and four per cent short. Hay land and pasture moisture are rated as 10 per cent surplus, 85 per cent adequate, four per cent short, and one per cent very short.

    Crop development continues to be delayed throughout most of the province, due to the cool weather.

    Fifty-seven per cent of fall cereals and 52 per cent of pulses are at their normal developmental stages; 53 per cent of spring cereals and 56 per cent of oilseeds are behind their normal developmental stages.

    Flooding, frost, hail, and insects are responsible for some crop damage.

  • wheatfieldExcess moisture is playing a role in yields.

    StatsCan released their acreage report on Friday, and it did not contain any major surprises, as it outlined a shift from wheat to more special crop acres this summer.

    Unseeded acres were not included in the research, notes Chuck Penner of Leftfield Commodity Research.

    "Until now, most people had been using average yields in their outlooks," said Penner. "We're going to start needing to look at those more carefully."

    Excess moisture is starting to factor into those yield estimates.

    "We don't have problems everywhere, but there are areas with larger problems," Penner says. "That yield potential may be lost permanently."

    The StatsCan report shows wheat, barley, and corn acres dropped, canola and oat acres were similar to last year, while farmers planted more soybeans, flax, dry beans, and sunflowers.

  • FarmJune18The new nitrogen fertilizer facility has a location picked.

    An unannounced location for the new nitrogen fertilizer facility has now been made known.

    FNA announced that the manufacturing facility will be built near Belle Plaine, which is located in between Regina and Moose Jaw.

    Belle Plaine was selected for the $1.7 billion plant due to it's access to natural gas, available power supply, water supply, close proximity to national railways, and skilled workers.

    “This announcement is an important step in project development and demonstrates a distinctly tangible milestone,” says spokesperson Bob Friesen. “The types of industries that are already located in the Regina-Moose Jaw corridor make it a logical place to locate.”

    The project will have a significant impact on Saskatchewan with over 2,000 job openings available - 1,900 of which - will be for construction of the plant.

    In addition to creating jobs, the plant will have a major impact on the province's growing economy.

  • SeedMay17

    Seeding is now 93 per cent complete in the province, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Weekly Crop Report.  The five-year average for this time of year is 87 per cent.

    In Humboldt and Area, cool, wet weather has delayed seeding progress, as the east-central region is furthest behind the average at 89 per cent seeded. With rain being called for the next four to five days, the weather could delay activity slightly further, as seeding closes in on being complete.

    The southwestern and west-central regions have 97 per cent of the crop seeded; the northeast 95 per cent; the northwest 92 per cent, and the southeast 90 per cent.

    Provincially, topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 15 per cent surplus, 78 per cent adequate and seven per cent short.  Hay land and pasture moisture conditions are rated as nine per cent surplus, 81 per cent adequate, seven per cent short and three per cent very short. 

    "Fall cereals are in the tillering to jointed stages of crop development," says Shannon Friesen, Cropping Management Specialist. "Spring cereals are emerging to tillering, pulse crops are emerging to vegetative, flax crops are either yet to emerge, or are just emerging, and canola and mustard are emerging or at the seeding stage of crop development."

    Although most crops are in good condition, there is some damage from localized flooding, frost, hail, wind and insects such as flea beetles and cutworms.  

  • SeedMay1767 per cent of crops in the east-central region are seeded.

    Saskatchewan producers are up two percent from the five-year average when it comes to seeding, as they sit at 78 per cent complete, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture's Weekly Crop Report.

    Here in the east-central region however, heavy rainfall has delayed seeding progress as producers sit at 67 per cent, which is down from the 76 per cent mean.

    The southwestern region has 86 per cent of the crop seeded; the west-central region 85 per cent; the northeast 80 per cent; the northwest 76 per cent, and the southeast is at 71 per cent.

    Eighty-eight per cent of durum and field peas, 84 per cent of spring wheat, 79 per cent of lentils, 76 per cent of canola, 66 per cent of barley, 56 per cent of flax, and 46 per cent of mustard are now seeded.

    Across the province, topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 19 per cent surplus, 77 per cent adequate and four per cent short.  Hay land and pasture moisture conditions are rated as 12 per cent surplus, 81 per cent adequate, six per cent short and one per cent very short.

    Some crops have experienced damage from flooding, hail, wind and insects.

  • SeedingMay82014Seeders are pretty much parked across Saskatchewan now according to the weekly Crop Report.

    Seeding is essentially complete across the province, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Weekly Crop Report.  
    Some producers in the Humboldt region as well as the southeastern region may still seed greenfeed crops, but the rain expected for the next several days will likely delay that.

    The majority of crops are in fair to excellent condition despite the wet and cool weather conditions delaying development.  

    Fifty-five per cent of spring cereals, 61 per cent of oilseeds and 49 per cent of pulses are behind their normal stages of development for this time of year.  Fifty-three per cent of the fall cereals are considered to be at their normal developmental stages.

    Heavy rain was received throughout the majority of the province, with some areas reporting well over 100 mm.

    Topsoil moisture conditions on cropland are rated as 37 per cent surplus, 61 per cent adequate and two per cent short.

    Hay land and pasture moisture conditions are rated as 24 per cent surplus, 72 per cent adequate and four per cent short.

    In-crop spraying has been delayed for many producers due to frequent rains and wet fields.  

    Moisture and localized flooding have caused some crop damage this week.


  • trainThe Government is hoping to speed up transportation of grain.

    Ottawa has moved up a review of the transportation legislation due to a rail bottleneck that left grain sit in bins across the prairies.

    The review that will address challenges that include moving grain will take place some time this year, which Transport Minister Lisa Raitt says is a year earlier than required.

    The review panel is expected to submit recommendations by late 2015, but it is the hope of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz that the railway portion of the review will be completed before the end of the year.

    Last year, farmers in Western Canada harvested a record 76 million tonnes of grain.

    Rail companies said that the size of the crop, and an unusually cold winter delayed movement.

  • Cow1June27Cows.

    It was Western Beef Development Field Day in Lanigan on Tuesday.

    A good crowd was able to hear from Dr. Kendall Swanson from North Dakota State University. He gave a keynote presentation which focused on Reproductive Success in Young Beef Cows.

    "They're still growing, as well as trying to get pregnant," said Swanson of the developing cows. "Their climates a little bit higher, they're taking a little more care of themselves and trying to produce a calf as well."

    Nutrition influences body condition, which also influences reproductive success that can have an impact on offspring.

    "It effects the performance of a steer born that was fed differently, that's a new exciting area that people are looking into now," Swanson said.

    Swanson added that nutritional management throughout the year plays a key role in successful pregnancies for young cows, both as heifers, and likely even more so as first calf heifers.

  • CropReportMay29June 25th is the deadline to submit seeded reports and grain declarations.

    Saskatchewan Crop Insurance is reminding customers to submit their Seeded Acreage Reports and Stored Grain Declarations by Wednesday.

    Accurate completion of the Seeded Acreage Report and Stored Grain Declaration will reduce errors in premiums, coverage levels and claim calculations. Stored grain must be reported to avoid old production being counted as new, in the event of a claim.

    For producers who have acres that are too wet to seed, Wednesday is also the deadline to file Unseeded Acreage claims.

    Traditional wet acres subject to flooding or continually wet acres, such as permanent sloughs, that remain wet or underwater in a year of normal moisture are not eligible.

    All claims are subject to an inspection.

    Customers can submit Seeded Acreage Reports and Stored Grain Declarations to Saskatchewan Crop Insurance by phone, mail, fax or by visiting a local Crop Insurance office.

    Seeded Acreage Reports and Stored Grain information can also be completed online through CropConnect from a computer or mobile device.

    Producers who believe they are eligible for an Unseeded Acreage claim, must call their Crop Insurance office by Wednesday

    For more information, producers can contact their local Crop Insurance office.

  • GreatSandhillsGreat Sandhills Terminal in Leader, SK. (Photo courtesy GST)

    The Canadian Wheat Board has acquired Great Sandhills Terminal at Leader in a deal worth nearly $17.5 million.

    It's the latest producer-owned terminal to be purchased by the former Canadian Wheat Board, who have been building assets for a grain handling network since the start of the open market in 2012.

    "We had negotiations with other companies," said GST Chairman Wayne Hittel.  "The wheat board is more grassroots, and the reason we ended up with a bunch of farmer-owned independent terminals."

    The transaction works out to $581.98 per share, and CWB will get a majority stake in Great Sandhills Railway.

    "They're moving forward, they have a plan to build, and we have a deal for our building, so I think they're moving in the right direction."

    Shareholders are expected to approve the deal at a special meeting and vote in August.

  • HurricanesJune1The U12 Humboldt Hurricanes Boys soccer team took home the Gold in Saskatoon.

    The Under-12 Boys Humboldt Hurricanes soccer team is returning home with a little extra weight after winning the Gold Medal at the Harder Avalon Classic in Saskatoon this weekend.

    On Friday night, in their first game of the tournament, the Hurricanes shutout Meadow Lake by a score of 3-0.

    Saturday morning, they wasted little time in disposing of the Aurora Cosmos of Saskatoon, once again posting a shutout with a 7-0 victory. That clinched them a spot in one of the two semi-final games, but they weren't done for the day, as they battled past Hollandia Orange with a 5-1 win.

    That set them up with a showdown against Melfort Sunday morning, and in a hard fought affair, the Hurricanes escaped with a 2-1 win, sending them through to the Gold Medal Game.

    The Hurricanes closed out the tournament in strong fashion, running past the Flin Flon Kickers by a 6-3 margin, and claiming the tournament Championship.

  • BobWoodsJune3twitterLeRoy's Bob Woods speaks during Monday's media conference where he was named the General Manager of the Saskatoon Blades. Photo courtesy [email protected]

    After 26 years away from LeRoy and Saskatchewan, Bob Woods is coming home.

    On Monday, the 46 year-old was named the General Manager and Head Coach of the Western Hockey League's Saskatoon Blades.

    "We went up there last week to kind of investigate and check into everything, do the interview and let my wife(Mary Sue) see what Saskatoon was all about," Woods said from the airport in Denver on his way back to Anaheim where he has spent the last two seasons as an Assistant Coach under Bruce Boudreau. "We ended up buying a house and taking the job and it was pretty exciting. A little bit of a whirlwind but it worked out great."

    Before moving to the Ducks, Woods spent three years as an Assistant with the Washington Capitals. Woods along with Boudreau put together strong teams through the regular season but playoff success seemed to never transfer over. That being said Woods knows a thing or two about winning hockey games and championships.

    In fact he is the only person to win as a player, Assistant Coach and Head Coach in the history of the Hershey Bears, the American Hockey League affiliate to the Capitals. They won with him behind the bench in the 2008-09 season.

    The Blades have yet to win a WHL title, something that sparked Woods' interest when informed of the desire to build a winner under the new ownership group of Mike Priestner, Colin Priestner and Steve Hogle.

    "That was probably another intriguing thing that I found out when I was talking to them that they have never won a league championship or a Memorial Cup and I think that would be cool if I could ever do that. I think the fans in Saskatoon have supported them for 50 plus years and they deserve a chance to be a part of something like that."

    Woods spent 13 years on the ice as a professional including time in the East Coast Hockey League where he also got his start behind the bench in Tallahassee before moving onto the Mississippi Sea Wolves for seven years as a player and Head Coach.

    He has also spent 13 years coaching, and for the first time he will do it in junior, something he has always wanted to be a part of.

    "I always thought it would be fun and anytime you get to work with young talent, watch them grow up and go on and chase their dreams, that's a pretty rewarding thing to be a part of."

    Woods spent two seasons with the Nipawin Hawks before moving onto the Brandon Wheat Kings where he tallied 156 points. The defenseman by trade was selected 201st overall by the New Jersey Devils. In 2012 he was inducted into the ECHL Hall of Fame.

    Woods has two sons, Brendan and Colin.

    To hear more of Woods in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • CookeMunicipalGolf Sask hosted Media Day at Cooke Municipal GC in Prince Albert.

    On Wednesday, Golf Saskatchewan along with the prestigious Cooke Municipal Golf Course in Prince Albert played host to Media Day, allowing the media to visit and play on the site of the 103rd Amateur Men's Championship in July.

    Last year, the Humboldt Golf Club was a big hit with Golf Sask, as they hosted the Amateur and Senior Women's Championships - so much so, that they are returning in August, when Humboldt will host the Mixed Team Championship.

    "It is a modified alternate shot," says Darren Dupont, Manager of Tournaments and Player Services for Golf Saskatchewan. "They call it the divorce open because you play your shot off the tee and then your partner has to play your ball to the green."

    In explaining the concept of the nickname, Dupont gave an example of a situation where teammates may knock heads.

    "A lot of times, a golfer will hit their ball in to the trees, and then the partner can't really play out of the trees."

    As far as selecting an event site like the Humboldt Golf Club, Dupont says a few factors determine where the best fit for each tournament is.

    "We want to go to a place that is going to be fun and challenging, also a community where competitors are going to have a good time."

    "We have been to Humboldt, we know the community very well, they did a great job hosting the women's, and it is a tough, challenging course."

    The Mixed Team Championship will take place on August 23rd and 24th.

    "There is no qualification necessary, but each team needs one man and one woman, and be 19 years of age," says Dupont.

    Entry fee for the tournament is $252 dollars and registration is available on the Golf Saskatchewan website.

    To hear more from Dupont in an interview with Bolt FM's Tyler Bieber, click below.

  • HammerheadsMeetJune19Humboldt's Jay Eichorst competes in the Hammerheads first meet of the year last Saturday. Photo courtesy Prairie Magic Digital Photography.

    The Humboldt Hammerheads Swim Team competed in back to back indoor meets on the Father's Day weekend.  

    They hosted their own sprint meet on the Saturday, on Sunday they attended the Melfort Marlins combination meet.

    39 swimmers from the Hammerhead team competed in the home meet where they captured the team title with 284 points.  The following individuals placed in the meet:

    7-8 girls:
    Ashley Hinz, Silver
    Zayda Shepherd, 8th
    7-8 boys:
    Carson Olsen, 9th
    Brett Lins, 10th
    9-10 girls:
    Hayley Lins, 5th
    Jazmin Lees, 12th
    Charlize Parish, 14th
    9-10 boys:
    Darren Ramanuik, 4th
    Dallin Fraser, 7th
    Chase Stevenson, 9th
    Gage Gosselin, 12th
    11-12 girls:
    Kelly Romanuik, 4th
    Lauren Hinz, 10th
    Karyn Kaip, 11th
    Jordan Nienaber, 16th
    11-12 boys:
    Jay Eichorst, 5th
    Michael Solar, 6th
    Garret Brown, 8th
    13-14 girls:
    Maya Berscheid, Gold
    Madison Mueller, 8th
    Taylor Lins, 9th
    Summer Stevenson, 11th
    13-14 boys:
    Justin Berscheid, Silver
    Ryan Hinz, 8th
    15-17 girls:
    Abbi Seidle, 6th
    15-17 boys:
    Michael Carnago, Gold
    Darwin Lessmeister, Bronze
    Calum McAnally, 9th
    18 and over girls:
    Annah Gullacher, Bronze
    Leisl Lefebvre, 4th

    On Father's Day, 23 swimmers from the team competed in Melfort where the Hammerheads captured second place in the team standings, falling behind the Estevan Golden Eels.  

    The individual medal winners were:
    7-8 girls:
    Ashley Hinz, Gold
    9-10 boys:
    Darren Romanuik, Gold
    11-12 girls:
    Kelly Romanuik, Silver
    15-17 boys:
    Darwin Lessmeister, Silver
    Michael Carnago, Gold

    They will be back in the pool on the weekend of July 5th & 6th where they have meets in Swift Current and Watrous.


  • HurricanesJune22The U12 Hurricanes won Silver in Melfort.

    The Under-12 Humboldt Hurricanes Soccer team claimed their second medal in three weeks on Saturday, as they participated in a tournament in Melfort.

    Earlier this month, the boys won the Gold in Saskatoon's Avalon Classic.

    They weren't quite as fortunate this time around, as they dropped a 4-2 decision to Melfort International, to take home the Silver medal.

    After an outstanding tournament, Hurricanes Tony Ward was named Player of the Tournament.


  • StumpyJune26

    A pair of graduated Humboldt Bronco Defensemen are continuing their hockey careers.

    Hometown captain David Stumborg has committed to join the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

    The 21 year-old hometown product is excited to join the U of S.

    "It's a good opportunity for myself, I get to stay close to home and obviously I have lots of family close to Saskatoon and in Saskatoon. I will have to be pretty patient with playing time and stuff like that but I've done that in the past and it seemed to work out for me so I am excited for the opportunity for sure."

    Stumborg played three seasons with the green and gold compiling 15 goals and 44 assists for 59 points including a team leading 36 in his 20 year-old campaign. He added 13 more playoff points in 23 contests.

    He also knows he will need to bide his time before cracking the line up on a regular basis. That's nothing new to Stumborg who was a wide eyed rookie in the Broncos RBC Cup hosting season.

    "It's not always easy being that guy but if you can learn from the older guys and the rest of your teammates I think you are doing a good job. That's all you can do as a younger guy especially when they've got lots of Defensemen already."

    He will join former Broncos Josh Roach and Jon Lawrence on the Huskies as well as minor hockey teammate Cam Blair who signed last week.

    Stumborg plans to study Ag-Business in the Bridge City.

    To hear more from Stumborg in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.


    Four year star Broncos Defenseman Logan Sproule will join the Augustana Vikings in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference this upcoming year.

    Sproule did something many Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League players don't normally do, dress regularly for four seasons.

    The 21 year-old Saskatoon product is also looking forward to continuing hockey via the college route.

    "I went down there and checked it out, it seems like a pretty good facility, I met some of the guys, a really great group of guys. They have a great coach, I am pretty excited to go."

    Sproule played in 187 regular season contests picking up 26 goals, 68 assists for 94 points. He also dressed for 45 post season affairs chipping in with another five goals and 23 helpers.

    He admits his time with the Broncos were the "best days" of his hockey life but is looking forward to the change of scenery in Camrose.

    "It's ACAC and from what I heard the top teams are pretty good and Augustana is up there so that's good and the bottom teams, there's just not a lot of depth. It still is good competitive hockey but at the same time it will be good to get out there and have some fun."

    Augustana is a affiliate to the University of Alberta. Sproule hinted at Kinesology but he has not decided at what to study.

    Both Stumborg and Sproule won a Canalta Cup and Anavet Cup title in the 2011-12 season when the Broncos hosted the RBC Cup championship.

    Hear more form Sproule in his interview below.





  • DeanpodiumJune27Dean Brockman was announced as the new assistant coach of the Saskatoon Blades Friday.

    It was the news that every Humboldt Bronco fan feared, that their beloved Head Coach and General Manager Dean Brockman would no longer be behind their team's bench.

    However what the people of Humboldt and the surrounding area always knew it would be a promotion that would take the St. Benedict product away from Humboldt. He was named an assistant to LeRoy's Bob Woods with the Saskatoon Blades.

    The 46 year-old put together an unbelievable 17 year tenure with the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League club that includes two RBC Cup championships, one in 2003 as an Assistant Coach and GM with Bob Beatty behind the bench then again in 2008 as the head man.

    Moments after meeting the Saskatoon media Brockman put his thoughts into words.

    "It's really mixed emotions but I'm happy for the opportunity. I am grateful that the Blades gave me that possibility, it's something I've strived for for a while and I know the hardest part is always leaving home."

    His family played a huge role in his decision to leave Humboldt where he still had four years remaining on a five year deal. His stepson Connor just graduated from Humboldt Collegiate Institute and will join the Saskatoon Hilltops football club and go to university. He admitted it was hard for him and his wife Cheryl to move their eight year-old son Parker but the 100 kilometre drive to the Bridge City was very appealing.

    "That's something that we've always talked about is that if there was the possibility to remain close to Humboldt because we believe that's always going to be a part of us. It made the decision easier, the Broncos are dear to my heart and they always will be and I won't forget the people that have got me to this stage."

    His success played a huge part in the Blades camp as Woods made mention of via speaker phone from Anaheim where he is still in the process of moving to Saskatoon. Brockman is a four time(2007,2008,2009,2013) SJHL Coach of the Year. He claimed five league titles and took the Broncos to the RBC Cup final in 2009. The Broncos also claimed the Anavet Cup and went to the RBC Cup through the front door and not as the host in 2012.

    "Dean has built a solid organization here," Team President Jamie Brockman said Friday. "We've got to thank him for his 17 years, truly an excellent coach and even better person to be around. You can't say enough to thank Dean for that."

    The search for his successor begins immediately with the regular season set to begin September 19th. The Broncos annual hockey school is scheduled for late August at the Elgar Petersen Arena.

    The Blades have allowed Brockman to continue to work with the Broncos and assist them to hire a replacement. Even once the season gets underway in both the Western Hockey League and SJHL, Brockman admits you will find him around the building where he was part of so many memories of Bronco hockey.

    "I've enjoyed every minute of it, whether it's the naysayers or the fans who were behind me, the people that have picked up my kids and everybody, I just appreciate everything they have done. They've touched my life forever and I think we will be seeing them a lot more, they will be sick of me, they will booting me out of town by the time I come to a few games out there."

    You would have to think it might not be too long before he is invited back to the EPA where hopefully something is already in the works to honour his legacy with the green and gold.

    You can hear Brockman's complete interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below as well as Jamie Brockman's. You can also hear Bob Woods comments via phone from California.

    DeanScrumJune27Brockman met the Saskatoon media Friday at the Parktown Hotel.


  • GriffithsGriffiths Stadium in Saskatoon is once again the site of training camp for the Riders. (Photo Courtesy U of S)

    June has arrived, and in Canada, that means football.

    Training camp opened up league-wide for all nine teams in the CFL today, but this year has a little bit of a cloud hanging above to start.

    Players reported to training camp despite no new contract with the league on a Collective Bargaining Agreement. For the last month, the CFL and it's Players Association have looked to best posture themselves in the light of both the media and public, bantering back and forth while doing very little negotiating in an attempt to reach a deal.

    With a threat to strike looming, the previous CBA expired on Thursday night, and players have - for the time being - agreed to carry on without a strike, and without a new CBA.


    The Saskatchewan Roughriders hit the field for their first session Sunday morning at 8:15, and they were without veteran slotback Geroy Simon, who has elected to retire.

    Simon spent 15 seasons in the CFL and was acquired by the Riders last season from the BC Lions after he and Lions GM Wally Buono were unable to agree to a reduced contract. It appears the same thing happened in Saskatchewan this off-season, as with the role he would have held on the team, Riders GM Brendan Taman wanted Simon on the team, but at a reduced rate. Rather than go through the same situation again, Simon instead decided to hang up his cleats.

    The former Blue Bomber, Lion and Rider will retire as the league's all-time leading receiver, having passed Bombers legend Milt Stegall for that honour. Simon also surpassed Alouettes' great Ben Cahoon's former receptions record last season in Saskatchewan.

    Simon is a three-time Grey Cup Champion, having won twice with the Lions in 2006 and 2011, as well as last season with the Riders.


    Prior to training camp, the Riders announced deals with six of their eight 2014 CFL Draft Picks, and another joined the team on Sunday, signing his contract prior to the first on-field session.

    Dylan Ainsworth, who the Riders selected with their first pick, 11th overall signed his contract after a brief extended negotiating period.

    Ainsworth was one of the biggest standouts at the CFL Combine in March.

    Seventh round selection, offensive lineman Terry Hart, is the lone player of the Riders draft class to have not signed a contract.


    Roster Moves:

    The Riders have announced the signing of the following players:

    WR DeMarco Sampson
    OL Ryan Tillman
    DL Dylan Ainsworth
    DL Carlton Powell
    DL Derek Walker

    The Riders have announced the following players have been placed on the suspended list:

    WR Devin Aromashodu
    WR Eron Riley
    WR Geroy Simon
    LB Tristan Black

  • HCIBanquet1June5Teacher Shaun Gardiner welcomes the crowd to the 2nd Annual Mohawk Athletics Award Night.

    Humboldt Collegiate Institute celebrated their year in athletics Wednesday night.

    Teacher Shaun Gardiner says it's important all students are on a level playing field.

    "It's very important that all of our athletes feel supported whether they are a cross country runner, a curler, a football player or basketball player and the second thing is that their parents recognize that support levels for all of those athletes in sports be recognized. We're very happy and quite pleased with our support again tonight."

    Although they recognized a male and female from each sport and overall athletes from the junior and senior level, Gardiner says it's not just their sporting prowess that earns the notoriety.

    "Under the direction of our Principal Cory Popoff our staff and students have bought into the concept of character education. We've talked a lot of about the character traits necessary to become a good student, a good athlete, become a good person. We feel that the athletic banquet supports those learning goals and initiatives that we have."

    The event featured Mohawk alumni Mark Suchan as a guest speaker. Long time official Jim Moore was also recognized for his countless hours on the court and fields in the region.

    Below is a complete list of the winners:

    All Around Athlete
    Junior Boys-Erik Gardiner
    Junior Girls-Eilish McAnally

    Senior Boys-Aidan Wickenhauser
    Senior Girls-Angela Baran

    Cross Country
    Boys-Stephen Revering
    Girls-Angela Baran

    Boys-Tayden Wallin

    Boys-Aidan Wickenhauser
    Girls-Taylor Friesen

    Boys-William Eichorst
    Girls-Brianna Smith
    Junior Boys-Jarvis Lefebvre
    Junior Girls-Emily Minter

    Junior-Erik Gardiner
    Senior-Connor Guillet

    Boys-Matthew Sokolan
    Girls-Chantelle Bowman

    Boys-Matthew Ortman
    Girls-Angela Baran
    Junior Boys-Jordan Seipp
    Junior Girls-Kayla Keip
    Grade 9 Girls-Eilish McAnally

    Boys-Harris Ford
    Girls-May Ada

    Track and Field
    Boys-Stephen Revering
    Girls-Angela Baran

    You can hear more from Gardiner in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork by clicking below.




  • CamBlairDrake's Cam Blair will suit up for the University of Saskatchewan next season after an excellent four years in the SJHL. Photo courtesy Marla Possberg.

    Drake's Cam Blair had an excellent Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League career compiling 56 goals in 203 games played in four seasons.

    Now the 21 year-old will join the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

    Blair finished his career with the Battleford Stars, it was there that Huskies' Head Coach Dave Adolf saw him and chose to recruit him.

    "I think he came and watched during our Estevan series and a few other times and Coach (Kevin) Hasselberg and him got in contact and things escalated from there."

    Blair spent the first three and a half seasons with the Flin Flon Bombers before joining the Stars in his 20 year-old season when Hasselberg pictured a long playoff run. The Stars fell in five games to the Melville Millionaires.

    He did pursue some offers in the NCAA but Blair always had an idea in the back of his mind he would head to Saskatoon to continue his hockey career.

    "Yeah, it's definitely exciting. Part of me always wanted to end up at the U of S and things worked out right, I think it will be a good fit."

    Blair will join former Broncos John Lawrence and Josh Roach on the Huskies, Blair played with Roach for one year in Flin Flon. That is another reason he believes this was his best choice moving forward.

    "It's always exciting to play with good friends again like Roach. I am excited, it's going to be a bit of a transition but I think it will be a good fit in the long run and it shows how good the SJHL is bringing players up to the CIS like that."

    Blair plans to study Agriculture-Business in the Bridge City.

    To hear more from Blair in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.

  • Hammerheads2july7The Humboldt Hammerheads are preparing for their Annual Sprint Swim Meet of 2014

    The Humboldt Aquatic Centre will be busy Saturday as the Humboldt Hammerheads will be hosting their Annual Sprint Swim team meet.

    Warm ups begin at 8am which leads into races at 9:30am. Swimmers will be racing against each other from 25 and 50 metre distance swims which include backstrokes, freestyle and butterfly.

    Head Coach Leisl Lefebvre says that the meet is a great way to get the swimmers back into their  fitness routine.

    "I think it's a great thing for everyone to come out and watch and see what these swimmers can accomplish. Humboldt has been in the water since the 1st of may and even though these swimmers do other things they dance they are gymnasts, they play hockey they play soccer, swimming is a much different spot."

    39 swimmers from the Hammerhead team will be competing against over 100 swimmers from across Saskatchewan.

    The public is invited to watch free of charge.

    To hear more from Lefebvre in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.








  • AnthonyAllenRunning back Anthony Allen played a key role in the Riders season-opening win. (Photo: Saskatchewan Roughriders)

    Seemingly, the only thing missing from November's 101st Grey Cup Game, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders season-opening win over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was snow instead of rain, and about 40 degrees.

    Rookie running back Anthony Allen dominated the ground game, churning up the Ti-Cats defence for 176 yards from scrimmage, while adding a pair of touchdowns, as the Riders led wire-to-wire in a 31-10 thrashing.

    “I knew we were going to run the ball more, but I didn't expect it that much. I'll take whatever they're going to give me,” said Allen. “I'm excited right now and looking forward to celebrating with some of my teammates and then getting back to work.”

    The Riders rushing attack was heavily-aided by the offensive line, which worked the Hamilton defenders into the ground, opening up large holes for Allen to dash through.

    “It felt great,” said Allen. “I was anxious going into it, kind of excited, but once we got out there, it was time to play some football."

    That made the job easy for quarterback Darian Durant, who threw just 22 passes in the victory, compiling 136 yards to go along with two touchdown tosses.

    “We did a great job of developing a cushion and our defence did a great job. Give them a lead and they can tee off on the opposing team," said Durant.

    Tee off, they did, as they took advantage of Tiger-Cats quarterback Zach Collaros, who struggled in his debut as the Tabbies signal caller, completing just 58 per cent of his passes for 159 yards.

    Richie Hall's defence brought well-timed blitz packages that quite literally spun Collaros and the Hamilton hoggies into the ground, as the first-year starter was sacked ten times.

    Three of those sacks were from Grey Cup Most Outstanding Canadian Ricky Foley.

    "We've got a good group up front, we were good last year, but we feel like we're more comfortable this year. Me, Tearrius George and John Chick, and the young guys have came in and fit in real well," exclaimed Foley.

    Despite the changes in the off-season, the Riders made it apparent in the first week of the season, that they may not be so willing to give up the Grey Cup in 2014.

    “We did a good of finishing and a good of winning a football game,” said head coach Corey Chamblin after the win. “We have a new group of guys and I'm pleased with the way that they played.”

    The Riders will keep their sight on the East Division, as they turn their attention to the hungry Toronto Argonauts, who are coming off a disastrous 45-21 season-opening loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Kickoff at the Rogers Centre is 1:00pm on Saturday.


  • PikeFestivalThe 45th edition of the Nipawin Pike Festival is underway.

    For 45 years every pike caught in Tobin or Codette Lakes could win anglers big prizes.

    The Nipawin Pike Festival is underway again this year.

    If you plan on heading to the Nipawin area to take in the fishing you can stop by almost any of their local businesses and buy an entry for $5.

    Spokesperson Doug Hidlebaugh says the Humboldt region always supports them well.

    "I think we see an enormous amount of people from Humboldt in Nipawin. Kind of kindred souls, about the same size towns. They really do enjoy coming up here and we enjoy having them come here and fishing in it. The amount of people that we get from the province is incredible and especially from central Saskatchewan."

    Tagged fish are eligible for prizes between Father's Day weekend and September 30th. Hidlebaugh says their waters are world renowned.

    "The Pike Festival was named the number one pike event in the country and Nipawin was named the number one place to fish and live in Canada a few years ago. We were number two in the World Fishing Network's rankings in Canada as far as places to fish, we are pretty darn proud of that."

    Some of the prizes included this year are

    Thomas Motors Legend Pontoon Boat Package, Thomas Motors Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4, Thomas Motors Honda Generator/Suzuki with a 4-stroke 4hp motor or $5,000.

    The Pike Festival also has a $5,000 fishing trip courtesy of Nipawin Vision Centre and $1,000 vouchers from Fairburn Tire, Murray Dunn GM, Par a mart Esso, Husky Food Store, Harold's Sports, MacSwaney's Cabins, Pinecrest Rona and OK Tire.

    Anglers who catch current year tags can contact participating outfitters for information on how to redeem their tag. They instantly receive a tackle box from Farm World.

    The best part perhaps, Hidlebaugh says it's an event for all anglers.

    "It's for families, it's for kids five years old to grandpa that's 105. Everybody can fish in there because it's just $5."

    In total there is $145,000 in prizes. For more information you can check their website.

    To hear more from Hidlebaugh in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.



  • altTim Hortons Camp Day June 4th

    2 local 12 year old boys will be reaping the rewards from Tim Horton's Camp Day June 4th.

    "This year coming tomorrow Wednesday we are going to be having our camp day at Tim Horton's and all proceeds from the coffee sales will be going to help send our local children from Humboldt here to camp. Our camp is in Kananakis Alberta it is an absolutely beautiful stunning camp, a one of a kind five star resort basically for these children." says Morgan Grywacheski co-owner of Tim Horton's.
    Grywacheski says the kids will have the experience of a life time. " At the camp the children will get to learn life skills. They get opportunities with different kind of events and they get to go horse back riding, swimming, possibly white water rafting. There is lots of chances for them to do things they couldn't do here in Humboldt."

    Every year Tim Horton's sends hundreds of kids to camp who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity . Grywacheski explains how they raise the money." One hundred per cent of the proceeds to buying a hot coffee will go to the children you can also buy rent a tents for $2 or the cabins are $5. You can just give a donation yourself. We also are going to be having a balloon pop with prizes. We also are having a face painter come at 2 o'clock to 6 for a small donation. One hundred per cent of the proceeds  going specifically to the children here in Humboldt."

  • WatrousMainMain Street in Watrous. (Courtesy Watrous Facebook)

    On Wednesday, Watrous RCMP responded to a complaint of a beaver walking down the town's Main Street.

    Upon arriving at the scene, police located the beaver, which had been suffering from multiple injuries. It was determined that an adult male had attempted to kill the beaver and also tried cutting it's tail off.

    Though it was still alive upon discovery, to prevent prolonged suffering, the responding officer euthanized the beaver.

    It is believed that a Beaver Control Program in the RM of Morris - which includes Watrous - was the motivation.

    The male was charged with hunting within 500 metres of a building without the owner's permission, as per the Saskatchewan Wildlife Regulations Act, and has been fined $480.

  • DemoDerby1June24The Demolition Derby starting on Saturday at 3pm

    The rain may be coming but despite the weather, the fun doesn't stop.

    Kicking off the morning is the Parade at 9:30.

    One of the main attractions for the Summer Sizzler is the Demolition Derby, which starts at 3pm.

    The Saskatchewan Express will also be performing throughout the day. Shows are 1pm, 4pm and 7pm.

    The flea market and the Museum Vintage Cars will be on display in the Arena.

    The Midway starts at noon until 11pm and the BHP Billition Bicycle Rodeo and Safety Day starts at noon going until 4pm.

    Lots of reasons to come out and have a great time!






  • HRNCAGMJune24The Humboldt Regional Newcomers Centre put a wrap on the 2013-14 fiscal year Tuesday at their AGM.

    The Humboldt Regional Newcomers Centre says 2013-14 was their busiest year to date.

    The non-profit group that provides information to newcomers in the area and educational input from kindergarten to grade 12.

    Executive Director Janine Hart says the year and a half after an immigrant settles in Canada can be the hardest.

    "Generally that's when we find people really needing that support of I have a new home, I have a new life and I need the support to connect between my old life and my new life so we're kind of that bridge of support between our culture and our new culture."

    They held their second annual general meeting Tuesday at the Bella Vista Inn where they lost two board members, Corrine Kelly-Hyde and Rosalie Ronellenfitsch.

    Hart says they are are excited for the four new members however including Debra Nyczai who is the new Executive Director of the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce and Lisa Irlbeck who is employed at Carlton Trail College.

    "Debra is new to our region, she is a big city girl who moved from Regina so she is going to bring some flair and new ideas to the board. We have Lisa again from an educational perspective for adult education, they take charge of the English as an additional language classes so that will be great to have her on board"

    Also jumping on is Calvin Fisher, who works at Doepker Industries who provides jobs for many newcomers and Susan Young, whose years of volunteering at the Good Neighbour Store will be invaluable.

    In their second year of operation the HRNC saw almost 2,500 individuals as new clients through walk-ins and Settlement Advisor appointments, almost 2,400 individual inquiries and over 2,800 referrals to online resources. With those types of number it's not surprising they were able to secure $50,000 more in funding from the Provincial Government and more than doubled their assets.

    They have recently just moved to a new location as well, you can find them at 636 9th Street.

    To hear more from Hart in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.

  • DecorationDayJune1Decoration Day Service at Legion Veterans' Cemetery in Humboldt.

    Royal Canadian Legion Branch #28 here in Humboldt held Decoration Day 2014 on Sunday.

    "We have a brief service at the veterans' plot," explains Reverend Al Hingley of the Decoration Day ceremony. "Following that we place Canadian flags on the graves of all the veterans."

    Hingley continues, stating why they place Canadian flags on the graves.

    "It's a Canadian observance, therefore we use the Canadian flag. As we work with the flag, we remember our heritage and unite in spirit with those we are remembering."

    Hingley notes the difference between Decoration Day - typically on the first or second Sunday in June - and Remembrance Day, held on November 11.

    "(On Remembrance Day) we are emphasizing the sacrifice of those who went and did not come back," says Hingley. "On Decoration Day, we are acknowleding the sacrifice of those who went and did come back, but were not the same."

    To hear more from Reverend Al Hingley and Ed Sokolan, click below.

    Pledge of the Royal Canadian Legion
    We, comrades of war, give thanks to Almighty God for
    The blessings of God, who in God's great mercy saw fit
    To spare some to return from over there: to carry on, and
    To hold high the faith that was given to us; to remember
    Those who did not return and those although they did return
    Had already given the best of their lives; to bring about the
    Unity of all who served in Her Majest's Navy, Army, Ari Force
    And Auxiliary Services; to perpetuate the memory and the
    Deeds of the fallen and those who die in the future; to promote
    And care for memorials to their valour and sacrifice; to provide
    Suitable burial and to keep an annual Memorial Day. And to
    Strive at all times to cement the goodwill and friendship
    Existing between all members of the Commonwealth.

  • altSt. Peters Abbey and College host of the 12th Annual Saskatchean Stitches Conference


    The Saskatchewan Stitches Conference is fast becoming the hottest event for those who love to knit. Over 200 participants have gathered from across North America at St.Peter's Abbey and College in Muenster.

    Popular instructor Beverly Johnson is back, with more and more women unhappy with the clothing in stores she shows us how to make our own cloths that fit. Ron Collins is teaching classes in making garments that fit using his fast and easy sewing techniques. Jan Bones out of Winnipeg will be showing methods to pattern drafting and how to make personalized body forms to make fitting easier.

    Knitters have the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned Canadian knitting designer, teacher and author Lucy Neatby of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

    This exciting event was a finalist in the Tourism Saskatchewan Event of the year Awards this year and has recently been nominated for Canadian Event of the Year award as well.

  • ConexusJune2Conexus is the title sponsor for Streetfest (L-R Jeff Bunko, Jill Huls, Alfred Washburn)

    Earlier this month, they announced that Kenny Shields & Streetheart will be performing live on downtown Humboldt on Friday, August 22, and now Streetfest has found it's title sponsor, announcing a deal has been made with Conexus Credit Union.

    "They have been a fantastic supporter of Humboldt, and I think the fit was right," says Jeff Bunko, Co-Chair of Streetfest. "We look forward to them coming on board this year and hopefully for years down the road."

    Humboldt's first annual Streetfest will take place on August 22 and 23, and Bunko says Humboldt's downtown area will be active and vibrant over the two days.

    "Activities start on Friday with our street dance which features Kenny Shields & Streetheart," Bunko explained. "Saturday will have our multicultural stage with street vendors, buskers, and sidewalk sales. There will be everything for the whole family."

    Bunko adds that checking their Facebook page would be the best way to get more information. You can also call him at The Brick, or contact Alfred Washburn at Elite Salon & Spa.

    Tickets will be available at a later date.

    To hear more from Jeff Bunko in an interview with Bolt FM's Tyler Bieber, click below.



    SaskPower crews at work


    Well we weren't kept in the dark unless you got caught in your basement but many communities in and around Humboldt lost power yesterday.

    According to SaskPower a lightning arrestor failed from old age and had to be replaced just one more reason Saskpower is upgrading the our outdated electrical grid.

    Communities affected were St.Benedict, St. Gregor, Bruno, Middle Lake, Lake Lenore, as well as Humboldt and surrounding rural area.

  • CrashSept11The province is adding 60 officers to a special force focused on traffic safety.

    On June 27th, there will be stricter traffic laws in place across the province.

    As a result the provincial government has announced the creation of two new dedicated traffic safety units.

    Humboldt MLA and Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance Donna Harpauer, says the sixty dedicated officers will be needed.

    "That has to do with stricter laws for distracted driving, drinking and driving and speeding but we could put all the laws we want in place but if there are no enforcement of those laws they're not effective."

    One new unit will be based in central Saskatchewan and the other in the southeast.

    Harpauer says it is in response to a report from the traffic safety committee.

    "We have more traffic obviously than we have ever had before because our population has increased but another thing is I think our drivers are very complacent at following the laws because they don't think they will ever get caught."

    Under government's targeted policing initiative, 30 of the 125 existing police positions will be dedicated to traffic safety.  This aligns with the mutually agreed upon priorities between the government and provincial police leaders.  The RCMP will dedicate 25 officers and the Saskatoon Police Service will provide five officers.


  • ChamberJune172013The HDCC has named Debra Nyczai as their new Executive Director.

    It was a lengthy process but the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce has a new Executive Director in place.

    Debra Nyczai has taken over the position replacing DonnaLyn Thorsteinson.

    "My dream career was to be an Executive Director of a non-profit, that's my passion, my background. When I saw the opportunity and I found out more of the city and I do know a couple people here so I know it's a very progressive and growing city, very good economy and great people so it all worked out."

    Nyczai brings her talents to the business organization after 15 years of working in the sales and marketing industry plus working with several non-profit groups including a Business Improvement District.

    HDCC President Andre Kruger was impressed with Nyczai and know they found the right person for the job.

    "When we interviewed Debra we knew that this was the person that was going to take us over the hump and take us to the next level. From a Chamber and from the businesses I am sure and positive that we're very happy to have her in Humboldt."

    Nyczai has a Master's Degree in Public Management from the University of Regina and a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of Saskatchewan.

    She admits the Chamber is strong but she hopes to push them to a new level.

    "I obviously want to take it to another level with a growing community and expand the membership base of course, I want to meet everybody here and take that to the next level. The Summer Sizzler is coming up so I want to make sure anybody who hasn't put an entry into the parade that they do that as well and then the trade show is another big event and expand on that and go from there."

    She officially took over the position on Monday.

    To hear more with Nyczai and Kruger in their interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • MikeShannon2June3Humboldt's Shannon Beaurivage and Mike Yager are the new owners of Reel Attractions.

    Reel Attractions is under new ownership.

    Mike Yager and Shannon Beaurivage officially took over the Humboldt theatre on Tuesday.

    Yager said this purchase was picture perfect.

    "We decided we wanted to get involved in another business and have some fun doing it. We were looking for Shannon to eventually change a career and this just seemed to be a perfect fit."

    The two have added the 9th Street theatre to their resumes to go along with their ownership of Spotlight Sport and Corporate Wear and Spotlight Sound.

    Beaurivage, who spent 25 years as a Dental Assistant is looking forward to the challenge.

    "At first I was very nervous, unsure if I could handle it but I've had some terrific support from Mike and from the previous owners Laurie and Dudley(Warford) and Shari and Brian(Wormald) and I've had the training that's going to take us to the next level here. I am very excited for it."

    Yager says one thing that was important about the acquisition is that the staff were retained.

    "One of the first concerns that we had is we wanted to make sure everybody knew we wanted them as part of our team and we were going to hold onto all of the staff. We made it very clear early on, made offers to all the staff to continue to work with us and for us and help us bring Reel Attractions to the next level."

    The Wormald's are pursuing new adventures in British Columbia, as for the Warford's, Laurie will continue to work at the theatre and they plan to keep on taking in flicks at the theatre which also features features party rooms, a laundromat, plus bouncer and movie rentals.

    Beaurivage says they continue to see endless opportunities in the region.

    "This is my home, I don't plan on moving anywhere and I can see the potential that Humboldt has for business and just for the family atmosphere. That's kind of what we are looking for here in the movie theatre."

    To hear more from Yager and Beaurivage in their interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.


  • DallasApr30Humboldt's Dallas Stadnyk is making his second straight appearance at the Skills Canada National Competition.

    Humboldt Collegiate Institute student Dallas Stadnyk is hoping to improve on last year's fifth place finish at the National Skills Canada Competition.

    Stadnyk is the two time provincial champion in the event which consists of approximately 500 young people from all regions of Canada to compete in over 40 trade and technology areas.  

    The 17 year-old is competing in the carpentry category beginning Wednesday in Toronto.

    "You get a blue print and so long to build something that that they want built. We get eight hours for provincials and they judge it and see how you develop over the eight hours."

    Stadnyk said they received their blue prints well ahead of time and he is confident he can improve on last year's placing in Vancouver.

    "It's pretty well similar to last year's blue prints so I was pretty excited about that."

    The competition provides an opportunity for young Canadians studying a skilled trade or technology to be tested within exacting standards and against their peers from across the nation.

    Stadnyk added he has had some excellent support along the way including Teacher Brian Hinz and a former student who also competed in the competition.

    "Back in grade 8 I started taking Industrial Arts and ever since grade 9 he's been working in the skills club after school and Justin Lefebve a couple years ago has been teaching me tricks along with Mr. Hinz."

    The event runs from Wednesday to Saturday.

    To hear more from Stadnyk in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.


  •  altSt. Augustine's Playgorund before the trees


    Come plant some trees Saturday at St. Augustine's School playground.

    Bring 4L of water and a black garbage bag for every tree you plan to plant.

    With 100 tree seedlings to plant the day is starting at 10am till 2pm come rain or shine.

    For more information call Janice at 306 682-1489.

  • DiscoveryFordJune6Saturday BBBS is holding a Ford Drive One event to raise money for their important programs.

    Big Brothers Big Sisters in Humboldt is partnering with Ford to hold a Drive One for Your Community event Saturday.

    The will have a bar-b-cue from 11 to 2 o'clock and between 10am and 4pm you can bring your license to Discovery Ford and test drive a vehicle. For every drive that takes place Ford will donate $20 to BBBS.

    Case Worker Amy Hogemann explains more about where the money will go.

    "Our fiscal year end is coming up at the end of June so we're looking towards next year's year. Stacey(Poss, Marketing and Recruitment Manager) and I have set a goal to serve 60 kids for next year so the money help us reach that goal and we're also going to be expanding some of our programs into some of the surrounding communities."

    They have stretched as far as Jansen now with a "little" boy there hopefully being matched with a "big" in the near future. They also serve children in Muenster and Bruno.

    For $5 you will get a hamburger and pop, plus for an extra 50 cents you can get a piece of cake donated by one of the organization's Big Brothers.

    To hear more from Hogemann in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.


  • Highway6Crash1June6

    The Watson Fire Department responded to a single semi-trailer crash Friday morning.

    Just before 7:30 they were called to the scene on Highway 6 four kilometres south of Watson.

    There were no injuries but fluids were leaking from the semi so the truck and area was sprayed with foam as a precaution.

    The truck was carrying some groceries.


  • WatsonSantaJune72014On the day of their 3rd annual "Spring into Watson" day we take a look at the small east-central town.

    It's a big day Saturday in Watson as they present their third annual "Spring Into Watson."

    A wide variety of events will run all day starting with a pancake breakfast at 7 o'clock until 10am.

    The town is continuing to grow and days like Saturday are used to showcase what they feature including a brand new daycare as Mayor Norma Weber tells us.

    "We have a 20 space new daycare and it's attached to our k-12 school. We've been working on that for quite sometime now so we were really anxious to get that open. It's a huge asset for our community, for our working parents."

    A daycare is as important to the fabric of a small town as much as infrastructure is. In 2012 the community expanded it's water treatment plant and added a reverse osmosis system. Weber says they are working on the lines under their streets now.

    "Our streets, like so many other places that I have been to have many potholes, the winters are hard on our streets. People would like to see them either paved or hard surfaced sealed of some sort but we are trying to replace our homeowner water lines first of all so we don't have to dig up our streets again. It is a work in progress and we will proceed with it as soon as we can."

    They are also planning to replace the lines from the well into town.

    A plot of green space in the community named for proud Watson resident, Mel Molle is being utilized currently as a park but they hope to upgrade that area as well.

    "We had a big area up in the north end of town and we turned it into a park, he planted a lot of trees on it. We are trying to get it developed now really to the point where we have a proper parking lot, decent signage, some park benches and things like that so that people can get out there and feel like they can go enjoy it."

    And then of course if the excitement of the daycare and the opening of a new hardware store last Wednesday called "Hardware Junction" wasn't enough CBC Sports provided endless shout outs to the community with rising star Dustin Tokarski tending goal for the Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference final. Tokarski is now the third Watson native to play in the National Hockey League.

    The community will begin to recognize them with an achievement board at the Santa Claus site. On July 24-27th the family of Ross Lonsberry will be in attendance to a celebration. Max McNab's name will be added as well but Weber stressed it's an "achievement" board, not an NHL board so other names will be added in the future, which for the town appears to be brighter than Rudolf's nose.

    You can hear more from Weber in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.

    Here is a list of the "Spring into Watson" day:

    Pancake Breakfast-7-10am New Horizons
    Town Wide Garage Sale-9am-3pm, pick up a list of homes at the pancake breakfast
    Show and Shine and Swap Meet-10am-3pm Main Street & 2nd Avenue
    Home Based Business Show-10am-3pm Watson Arena
    Fireman's BBQ Lunch-11:30-2pm Main Street & 2nd Avenue
    Slo-Pitch Tournament
    Cabaret featuring 40oz Philosophy-9:30pm Civic Centre(19 and over, tickets $15)


  • BrianTanyaJune6AH Pres. Tanya Schuler receives a cheque from Bolt FM Manager Brian Kusch.

    Arts Humboldt is looking to expand their horizon when it comes to providing a larger cultural background in the city, and now they have some extra funding thanks to a $2,500 cheque from 107.5 Bolt FM.

    "We are looking to spread the money a couple ways," explained Arts Humboldt President, Tanya Schuler. "There is a group organization who holds a workshop. We also have a plan in the works of possibly doing a talent competition over the summer."

    Of the many events Arts Humboldt has planned to help grow the scene in Humboldt, one of their most recently introduced events is a coffee house, which includes live music as well as coffee and dessert.

    They held their first coffee house on May 6, which featured Vancouver blues-inspired group Wooden Horseman.

    "We were very happy with our turn out at the first coffee house," said Schuler. "We already have a list of people who will be coming to more coffee houses."

    Established in 2012 and currently in their third year, Arts Humboldt continues to seek out ways to add flavour to the city.

    "We're trying to get a variety of different things going on in Humboldt, and give people an option of things to do."

    Schuler adds that you can watch for posters around the city, as well as checking in on Facebook and their website for updates on upcoming events.

    To hear more from Schuler in an interview with Bolt FM's Tyler Bieber, click below.


  • PlayingwithFirePartner's Family Services are bringing Theoren Fleury for two speaking events Wednesday.

    Partner's Family Services in Humboldt has scored a big goal with bringing Theoren Fleury to the city to speak, not once but on two occasions.

    The former NHLer, best selling author and healing motivator will speak to 1,000 kids at the Elgar Petersen Arena before taking the stage at the organization's Community Rising Gala.

    Fleury admits he is excited to make his first visit to Humboldt.

    "Yeah absolutely, I've had an opportunity to see a lot of the country and I've never been to Humboldt before but I understand it has a very rich hockey tradition in Canada and I'm obviously looking forward to visiting the town and hanging out."

    When Partner's announced they were bringing Fleury in to speak, the community did rise and managed to sell the fundaraising gala out in less than a day.

    The funds raised will be a huge boost to their programming including their family support center which serves the City of Humboldt and 36 surrounding rural communities within a 100 kilometer radius. There programming relates to the very issues Fleury will speak about through his own experiences with disgraced hockey coach Graham James.

    "This epidemic which is you know, childhood trauma is the biggest epidemic on the planet. I am not going to pull any punches and I'm not going to hide anything from them. I'm going to let them know it's real and it happens every second of every minute of every hour of every day all day long."

    When asked if his message is different for the older crowd of the gala or the students, his answer was simple.

    "My life has been a very interesting one and one that is filled with a lot of over coming obstacles, a lot of resiliency, a spiritual journey so there is lots of great things in the story and the message that I think kids will gravitate towards and try to be better people."

    With that said the gala will be an amazing night with plenty of positive stories as well because Fleury knows he has been able to do some extraordinary things.

    "You may think it has been difficult which it has been at times but I've had a great life. I've gone through some struggles but I think the message is no matter how far down the ladder we may fall we can always make it back and when we do make it back we can really make a difference in other people's lives."

    The night will feature a long list of silent auction items as well for bidding.

    Cocktails will begin at 5pm, then the dinner will start at 7 o'clock in Jubilee Hall at the Uniplex.

    To hear more from Fleury in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • StPetersMay10

    Three writing workshops are coming to St. Peter's College in Muenster this summer.

    Offering a rich learning experience, the workshops are tailored for everyone, whether you write professionally, academically, for personal growth, or simply for enjoyment.

    Those looking to sign up for one of the workshops will receive an early bird discount if you register by Friday, June 13.

    From July 11th to 13th, Barb Langhorst will be instructing her Breaking Ground Poetry class.

    A Memoir workshop with Terry Jordan will take place from August 6th to 8th. The early bird cost to enter Langhorst and Jordan's classes is $275 dollars with the price moving to $325 dollars after Friday's deadline.

    Anne McDonald, who brought part one of her two-part class to the College in May is returning for the second feature from August 9th to 12th. Those registering prior to the early bird deadline will pay $375 dollars, with the registration fee becoming $425 dollars afterwards.

    Further information can be found on the St. Peter's website, or by calling 682-7865.

    One of the instructors - Barb Langhorst - spoke with Bolt FM's Clark Stork, and to hear more, click below.


  • CIB1June12Communities in Bloom has brought out the competition in Humboldt and Kindersley

    A gauntlet has been thrown down between the cities of Humboldt and Kindersley.

    In conjunction with Tidy Community Week which runs from June 16 to 20th, both communities are being challenged to see who can best tidy up their city.

    "We are in the same competition this year," said Tracey Shewciw with Communities in Bloom. "We want people to be encouraged to clean up areas around their businesses, homes, parks, yards, roadways, and vacant lots."

    It is not just any competition however, as there will be a price to pay for the losing Mayor.

    "The losing Mayor will wear the jersey of the winning team's SJHL hockey team in the season opener next fall," said Shewciw.

    "We've connected with Kindersley on a number of levels," said Mayor Malcolm Eaton in a release. "We have many of the same issues and opportunities. This challenge is a fun way for residents to clean up and take pride in Humboldt - let's work together to put their Mayor in Broncos green!"

    Residents can use the entry form on the homepage of Discover Humboldt to log their hours.

    Judging of both communities will take place in July with the winner being unveiled in the fall.

    To hear more from Shewciw in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork, click below.

  • HumboldtsignThe City of Humboldt still needs sponsors and volunteers for the upcoming 55+ games.

    The Saskatchewan's Seniors Association 55 plus Provincial Games, is being hosted by The City of Humboldt this July 8th to the 10th.

    With over 600 athletes attending the event which features sports such as shuffleboard and bowling.

    Events and Conference Manager Mike Ulriksen says more volunteers are needed.

    "Still looking for volunteers we're still looking for a couple of coordinators for a couple of events, it's a wide spread event there's everything from slow pitch, swimming down to just card games and board games. There's a wide variety for everyone to get involved in. Track and field events are just manic on the stations to introducing people as they register."

    With a huge variety of events happening around the city, local sponsors are also encouraged to get involved and support the event.

    "If you want your employees to be involved, you could sponsor your employee to come and help out for a few hours. Whether it's just a gift for one of our silent auctions. There's something for every business in town we definitely want every business to get exposure from this"

    For more information contact the Uniplex at 682-2597.

    To hear more from Ulriksen in an interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.







  • FCMJune12Mayor Malcolm Eaton was joined by two councillors at the annual convention of FCM last week.

    Humboldt Mayor Malcolm Eaton is bringing back information to the city from his attendance at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual convention in Niagara Falls.

    Eaton, who attends on behalf of Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association talks about some of the issues that were on the agenda.

    "The big themes this year were certainly infrastructure, the Building Canada Fund, there is quite a bit of disappointment across the country that the program hasn't rolled out quite like we expected. There's still some uncertainty, the level of funding is going to increase over the next number of years but this year it's pretty limited."

    Eaton didn't go into specifics as too what project could be affected without funding but it will play a part here in Humboldt.

    "That was a bit of a disappointment for us. We are allowed to use the portion called our gas tax funding for that and the gas tax program has been around for a long time but the City of Humboldt has committed every dollar of that gas tax to roads and sidewalks."

    They do plan on spending almost $3 million this construction season.

    Eaton also spoke of a CN Mayor's luncheon he attended. Every Mayor in attendance with a CN line through their centre took in the event which featured Transport Minister Lisa Raitt.

    "Sound of the horns going through the community waking people up, blocked crossings," Eaton explained. "Lack of good maintenance and care for the right of ways and most importantly the kind of dangerous goods that are going through the community, those were the kind of topics that were all touched on there."

    This year two councillors joined Eaton, Linda Mattock and Roger Nordick. As for the councilors two others will attend next year's convention and two more the year following.

    To hear more from Eaton in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.



  • PunnichyWoodsRCMPThe RCMP string tape near Punnichy where the remains of Fenton Blair Albert were found Tuesday.

    The RCMP have identified the remains found on the Muskowekwan First Nation Tuesday afternoon.

    An autopsy was conducted Friday and the remains were positively identified through dental records as 32-year-old Fenton Blair Albert from Muskowekwan.

    He was reported missing on April 7th to Punnichy RCMP.

    At this time, there is no indication of foul play.

    The investigation is ongoing with the assistance of the Office of the Chief Coroner.

  • DallasNat4June12Dallas Stadnyk improved on his fifth place finish at a Skills Canada competition last year placing third this year.

    Humboldt Collegiate Institute student Dallas Stadnyk was hoping to improve on a fifth place finish at the National Skills Competition this year.

    The grade 12 student has represented Saskatchewan for the past two years in the secondary carpentry category.

    The 17 year-old is happy with his showing.

    "I went in there wanting to improve from last year getting fifth and came out with a medal this year. I was pretty happy with that."

    Stadnyk competed in the provincial skills competition on April 10th and 11th in Prince Albert. The competition consisted of high school students and post-secondary groups competing in 42 different trade related competitions.

    Stadnyk talks about the competition in Toronto.

    "It was kind of similiar to what I built last year in nationals, I had to built a little shed, modified all in metric. A little shed with a porch in front."


    Following the competition a number of judges including Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development, Bryan Baeumler of "House of Bryan," and "Disaster DIY" and Paul LaFrance of "Decked Out." Stadnyk was the lone competitor to complete the project.

    He also managed to take in a few of Toronto's attractions.

    "First time going to Toronto is a great experience. It was fun going to a Jays game and the Hockey Hall of Fame is amazing to go and see."

    Stadnyk is planning on pursuing carpentry after high school and is focused on obtaining a journeyperson’s certificate. He is also hoping he has another opportunity to compete in the following years as a post-secondary student.

    To hear more from Stadnyk in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.








  • AuthorsGarden1June13

    Once again the Heritage Garden in Humboldt was blooming with local authors this week.
    Students from St. Augustine School's grade one and grade one two split class and the Reid-Thompson Public Library partnered to showcase the student's story writing during the year.  

    A fabulous time was held on Friday during the noon hour as students read these stories to their parents, grandparents and to each other.


    Story and photos provided by Reid-Thompson Librarian Rose Ward.

  • RBCTrailsDonateRBC Manager Jodi Smith(l) presents Barb Smith, the Chair of the Humboldt Trails Committee with a $1,000 cheque.

    On Thursday RBC in Humboldt hosted a bar-b-cue with the funds heading to the Community Trails Committee.

    As part of their "Day of Service" grants the financial institution presented a one thousand dollar cheque on Friday.

    The Trails committee is still taking registrations for their Sizzler Strut fundraiser, more details on how to register can be found here.

  • SaskSignSaskatchewan leads the nation in terms of monthly percentage growth among the provinces

    Saskatchewan is leading the nation in terms of monthly percentage growth among the provinces. Shipments spiked 6.6% compared to march 2014 totalling $1.4 billion - an all time high for this month.

    "Each and every day, our economy is building momentum." Economy Minister Bill Boyd said. "Another strong month of manufacturing numbers is proof the province is poised for continued growth. Not only are manufacturers pumping billions of dollars into our economy each and every year, their quality products are helping build Saskatchewan's reputation across Canada and around the world"

    Saskatchewan has a third spot in terms of percentage change as year over year, manufacturing shipments rose 8.4%.

    "It is important that we continue to build upon the strengths in our manufacturing sector." Boyd said. "This is why our government committed $500,000 in the 2014-15 budget to the manufacturing centre of Excellence - so that our valued manufactures can continue to innovate, grow and prosper to their fullest extent."


  • TheoGala2Fleury signs autographs for a student at the Uniplex following Wednesday's address to over 1,000 kids.

    Partner's Family Services in Humboldt is just now settling in following an amazing day featuring Theoren Fleury.

    The former NHL star, and now healing motivator spent the afternoon sharing his story with over 1,000 students at the Elgar Petersen Arena, then he silenced the crowd during Partner's Community Rising Gala.

    Partner's Executive Director Rachel Tran was wowed by Fleury's message to the students.

    "I think the biggest thing that I noticed was there was over 1,000 and it was dead silent in there when Theo spoke which meant the kids were absolutely listening, they were enjoying it and when he was done it was incredibly loud in there. Theo just really, I think spoke exactly what the kids needed to hear."

    Fleury now spends his life spreading the word about survival and dealing with childhood "trauma" issues. Something he is admittedly blessed to be able to do.

    "It truly is a miracle that I am here but more than that it's a miracle I actually go to sleep at night. I feel very blessed and very fortunate I guess to get this opportunity to be here today and share some of the struggles I had in my life."

    TheoGala3Fleury addresses the students at the Elgar Petersen Arena. Photo courtesy Partner's Family Services.

    Fleury started speaking out when after "Playing with Fire"hit store shelves other victims of abuse starting coming forward to him.

    Partner's Family Services is still finalizing the tally of their Community Rising Gala but they expect $25,000 was gathered during the event.

    Aside form the much needed funding, Tran feels the awareness Fleury brought to their group and issues surrounding children is the biggest reward.

    "He brought awareness to so many of the issues that we deal with people on a regular basis, like on a daily basis and he really wanted to promote that there are supports in place in our communities across Saskatchewan, within our region and across Canada that can help people deal with these kinds of situations."

    Back in April when tickets for the gala were released they were sold out in less than a day. That was something that amazed Fleury, who was abused by disgraced hockey coach Graham James. He says he will continue to tell his story and hope more and more victims approach him and say "me too."

    "I am looking forward to the legacy that all of us survivors who are now in this era of revealing and advocating for change. It will be interesting to see 40 years from now how much we made a dent in this whole thing."

    Fleury is also very in touch with the good social media can spread when used properly. Many local students and adults alike connected through Fleury's account @TheoFleury14.

    To hear more from Fleury, in his media scrum or from Rachel Tran's interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • LegMediumApril

    Over 100 high school graduates have some extra incentive to pursue a career in the skilled trades, thanks to a $1,000 Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Industry Scholarship.

    High schools throughout Saskatchewan nominated students to receive the scholarships, and they were awarded to students who completed SYA in school, and have planned a career in one of the 49 designed trades and 20 subtrades.

    The students also had to demonstrate how the $1,000 would help their future.

    Dallas Stadnyk, who brought home a bronze medal from the National Skills Competition this month was one of 13 local students to receive a scholarship.

    Initiated in 2010, the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission and it's partners have contributed $1,092,000 to the scholarship fund.

    "The scholarship recipients represent one of the most important resources that will grow Saskatchewan in future years," says Economy Minister Bill Boyd. "We are proud of their achievements and look forward to their accomplishments in years to come."

    To secure the scholarship, each student must complete high school, the SYA program, and complete one level of apprenticeship or one year of post-secondary training in a skilled trade.

    Local students awarded:
    Dallas Stadnyk - Carpenter, Humboldt Collegiate Institute - RNF Ventures Scholarship
    Thomas Hunt - Electrician, Bruno Central School - Tom Leverick Scholarship by Alliance Energy
    Kyle Medernach - Agricultural Machinery Technician, Cudworth School
    Dylan Reaser - Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Cudworth School
    Taylor Rueve - Electrician, Muenster High School - CLR Saskatchewan Scholarship
    Tyler Pitzel - Agricultural Machinery Technician, Three Lakes School - Canada West Equipment Dealers Association
    Derek Gardiner - Agricultural Machinery Technician, Quill Lake School
    Colton Ricketson - Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, St. Brieux School
    Dillon Matkowski - Plumber, Wakaw School - Peak Mechanical Partnership Award of Excellence
    Landon Zerebesky - Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Wakaw School
    Auston Dyok - Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Watson School
    Schuyler Edison - Agricultural Machinery Technician, Wynyard Composite - Sask Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship
    Luke Kostyk - Automotive Service Technician, Wynyard Composite

  • SRR1June20The Shake, Rattle & Roll Motorcycle Rally is in it's 4th year.

    Once again, St. Gregor is the scene for a motorcycle rally, as they look to continue the fight against Parkinson's Disease.

    The event, which is in it's fourth year features a kickoff breakfast beginning at 9am with the rally starting at 11am.

    Among the other events that will be ongoing throughout the day is a Poker Rally with a 50% payout, a Show & Shine, Horseshoe Tournament, and Chili Cook-off. A social will follow in the evening.

    Last year saw the Shake, Rattle & Roll bring in $35,000 dollars for Parkinson's Disease.

    Further information can be found on their website.

  • stcA Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC)  bus.

    Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) is making is easier for youth to get around the province this summer if there are no other options.

    All throughout the summer, starting on Canada Day and ending on August 31st, youth can ride one-way with STC for just $20 plus tax. That would make a return ticket $40.

    "This province has a lot of adventures to offer our youth," says STC President and CEO Shawn Grice. "This is our way of giving them a convenient and affordable way to get out and experience them."

    Combined with affordability and access to amenities such as Wi-Fi, STC expects the sale to be successful.

    "We're excited to see our passengers considering green travel alternatives including bus travel and bike riding," Grice said.

    STC is selling bike boxes for those who wish to safely ship their bike for use once they arrive at their destination.

    Those who are from 12 to 25 years of age qualify for the offer, and tickets can be purchased from any STC agency across the province.

  • CommunityServices

    Humboldt and District Community Services is holding a fundraising bar-b-cue Tuesday.

    They will set up at RONA on South 20 and have burgers, drinks and cinnamon buns from Thrifty Mart on sale.

    All the proceeds will go towards their Summer recreation and respite programming for children with special needs.

    A burger and a drink is $3.50, add cheese for another 50 cents and the buns are $1.

    The bar-b-cue begins at 11am and will end at 2pm.

    Community Services supports approximately 25 families in the Humboldt area.

  • TrainMural

    The HDMG is planning a big day Wednesday regarding Humboldt's murals.


    The smell of fresh bar-b-cue in Humboldt will continue to grab the attention of your taste buds.

    A Murals Dedication and fundraising BBQ will go from 11am to 1:30pm in front of the Museum Wednesday.

    "We're very excited to be working with the Humboldt Murals Committee as well as the Humboldt Downtown Business Improvement District," said Director of the Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery Jennifer Hoesgen. "It's a partnership project, and we're dedicating a series of 12 murals that will be installed in the downtown area."

    The murals were designed by Humboldt's Urban Lukan.

    "We will have people from the Urban Lukan family with us, and dedicate these murals, which will then be installed in July," said Hoesgen.

    Along with the celebration, will be the announcement of where those 12 murals will be located in Humboldt's Downtown District.

    To hear some further details from Hoesgen, click below.


  • tidyweekTidy Week clean up (Photo Courtesy City of Humboldt Facebook)

     Businesses, residents and others in the community are congratulated on the success of the tidy week challenge by communities in bloom.

    The Annual Communities in Bloom event encourages residents to tidy up the city, and this year Humboldt was competing against Kindersley.

    "This was a great little project we appreciate all the folks that came out and helped and participated. It's an important part of what communities in bloom is all about. It's not just about flower pots. It's about community pride, community spirit and just getting out there and working in the community and making it a better place." says Humboldt Mayor Malcolm Eaton.

    Participates logged their clean up hours on-line over the duration of the week. Humboldt logged 245 hours against Kindersley's 22 hours.

    Kindersley's Mayor John Enns-Wind will now have to wear the Humboldt Broncos' jersey when the teams meet for the first time this upcoming season.

    Final judging for Communities in Bloom will be on July 16th.

    To hear more from Eaton in his interview with bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.


  • ReadingClub1June27

    The TD Summer Reading Club held its registration night Tuesday at the Reid-Thompson Public Library.  

    The children enjoyed the fish pond along with the three in-branch contests. The children as well as their parents enjoyed the stories read by Dean Brockman, coach of the Humboldt Broncos.  

    If you missed out on the registration night you can go down to the library and register any time.  They begin with Children's Book Club and it starts on Wednesday July 2nd at 1:30pm and will be continued each Monday at 1:30pm.

    The Reid-Thompson Public Library has a complete list of activities at the library and their Facebook page.


    Story and photos provided by the Reid-Thompson Library




    wheelersopendayWheelers Wholesale owners and staff.

    A local business who has been serving Humboldt and District for three decades has upgraded. On June 27th the owners and staff  invited Humboldt and area to the Wheelers Wholesale grand opening.

    A raffle, door prizes and a store wide sale were just a few of the things that the owners and staff organised as a gratitude of thanks to their loyal customers.


    Dennis Berting a long time employee at Wheelers Wholesale explains that the business had been thinking of relocating for quite some time.


    "We were on main street first in 1964.We were planning on moving for over 10 years, we looked at different buildings but we just never got there,We were running out of room and needed more space, people are more impulsive buyers and we needed the space to accommodate those people. We were looking for an area where we would be grouped in the the farm dealers"


    A short ribbon cutting ceremony with a few speeches of congratulations to the owner Joyce McCoy and her staff opens a new chapter for another three decades of Wheelers Wholesale.


    Wheelers Wholesale is now  located on highway 5 East next to Home Hardware.
















  • HZSDMay25Horizon School Division looking for a new image.

    After eight and a half years, the Horizon School Division is delving into brand exploration, as they look for a new image.

    "They would like to re-brand the school division," says Executive Director Kevin Garinger. "A new identity essentially, it is exciting times."

    HZSD is calling on students, staff, parents, stakeholders, and others in the region to take part in their identity survey, as they look to tell a story about their past, and provide a clear look to the future with the brand.

    "There is changes in leadership, and changes in the system, with unique focuses that we are looking at doing," said Garinger.

    "It's timely from a standpoint that the board is interested in changing who they are and letting the public know that this new direction will be identified in a different way."

    Part of the new system includes a Wall of Fame, where the division will honour Grade 12 graduates who have achieved considerable success in their chosen field of work, or have had significant impact on society.

    "We've asked our stakeholders to provide us with names, and we have a committee that is set up that will review names of those who have come forward," stated Garinger.

    Nominations for the inaugural Wall of Fame Award are being taken until July 6th on the HZSD website.

    The Division Identity Survey will go until July 10th, and can be found by clicking here.

    To hear more from HZSD Executive Director Kevin Garinger in an interview with Bolt FM's Tyler Bieber, click below.

  • LegJune1The Saskatchewan Government continues efforts to reduce tobacco use in youth.

    Saskatchewan continues efforts to reduce tobacco use among youth with View and Vote, which is an interactive program for students.  Grade 6 to 12 students voted for the ad that would help them stay tobacco-free or quit using tobacco.  They chose Terrie’s Tip Memorial as the winner.

    Health Minister Dustin Duncan revealed the winning ad on Friday, prior to World No Tobacco Day.

    “Encouraging our young people to make healthy choices is a priority for our government,” Duncan said.  “View and Vote is a powerful tool to educate kids about the harmful effects of tobacco use.”

    View and Vote gives students in Grades 6 to 12 an opportunity to view 12 of the world's best anti-tobacco TV ads.  Teachers encourage students to discuss and think critically about tobacco use.  Students select the ad they feel is the most effective in helping them stay tobacco-free or make them think about quitting.

    The program has been part of the government’s tobacco reduction strategy since 2006, with more than 3,200 students participating this year.

    The winning ad will run in movie theaters and online throughout the province in June.

    To see the winning ad or for more information on tobacco reduction in Saskatchewan and supports to help people quit smoking, visit www.saskatchewan.ca/tobacco.

  • CityHallSummerCity Council held it's most recent meeting on May 26.

    City Communications Manager Jennifer Brooks provided us with highlights from City Council's meeting on May 26:

    - Mayor Malcolm Eaton congratulated HCI students Dylan Pappenfoot, Dylan Stadnyk, and Logan Seipp as well as teacher Tom Schwinghamer for their award-winning WorkSafe Youth video.

    - Big Brothers Big Sisters Saskatoon as well as the Humboldt organization have recently become a satellite location. A brief presentation was made on the transition.

    - Council highlighted information from the Saskatchewan Works Compensation Board on the City's 2013 injury rate statistics. Supporting the Mission: Zero safety campaign, injury statistics decreased significantly in the city.

    - Council accepted a report on the City's new phone system. The Community & Leisure Services Department was integrated into the system. Two numbers will now serve callers - 682-2525 will be City Hall and 682-2597 is the Uniplex. This will help improve connectivity.

    - Council accepted an invitation to participate in Camp Easter Seal at Boston Pizza on June 25.

    - The City has addressed the RCMP advising them that they wish to add an additional officer for 2015.

    - The City will install two water and sewer services, curbing, and asphalt pavement on 101st Street in between 2nd Avenue and Saskatchewan Avenue, which will cost $200,000.

    - Council accepted an invitation to participate in the inaugural Age Friendly Communities forum on June 5 at the Uniplex.

    - April's financial information included an increase in utility revenues as compared to this time last year with a projected revenue of $320,000 from the 2014 Road Levy.

    The next City Council meeting will take place on June 9, 2014.





    City Communications Manager Jennifer Brooks provided us with highlights from last Monday's City Council meeting on May 12: - See more at: http://www.discoverhumboldt.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5365%3Arecapping-city-councils-monday-meeting&Itemid=173#sthash.V5AF3JJG.dpuf
  • RichardsonDerail1June4Crews work on cleaning up spilled grain just west of the Richardson Pioneer terminal near Humboldt Wednesday.

    Emergency and clean up crews were busy Wednesday dealing with two separate train derailments.

    The first one appeared minor when some grain was spilled from a car just west of the Richard Pioneer terminal on Highway 5 west of Humboldt.

    Grain trucks and back hoes were on scene for most part of the afternoon cleaning up the spill that was reported to our newsroom just before lunch.

    CN Rail crews were on scene but a call to the company was not returned.


    An afternoon semi trail and train collision near Foam Lake could have been much more disastrous.

    Just past four o'clock the Foam Lake RCMP responded to the scene of a train versus semi collision.

    The RCMP says a B-Train heading southbound on an access road just off the Yellowhead Highway was struck by the train and approximately eight cars jumped off the tracks. The semi was struck between the two empty trailers and pushed for 200 yards down the track.

    A small amount of potash was spilled at the scene.

    No serious injuries were reported in either incident, charges are pending against the 66 year-old semi driver.

    The access road was closed for a period of time, Highway 16 was restricted during the investigation.

    FoamLakeDerail1Approximately eight cars were derailed after a train/semi collision on Wednesday afternoon. Photos courtesy Wayne Kunz.





  • DonnaJan30Humboldt MLA Donna Harpauer was moved to a familiar role in Thursday's cabinet shuffle. Photo courtesy www.gov.sk.ca

    Premier Brad Wall shuffled his cabinet Thursday morning and about half of the ministers now have new responsibilities.

    Humboldt's MLA Donna Harpauer becomes the new Minister of Social Services, and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation.

    That moves her from her role as Minister responsible for SGI and the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, a post she is satisfied with.

    "We made so many changes to the liquor legislation in our province as we have for obviously traffic safety. I am glad that those initiatives were completed before moving on and I am proud of the work I was able to do."

    With the goal of allowing more private liquor stories in the province, Wall has moved Don McMorris from highways to minister of Crowns and the liquor authority.

    Harpauer replaces the retiring June Draude in her role, which is one the veteran MLA has had before.

    "Originally when we formed government in 2007 I was the Minister of Social Services and Minister responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation and I was on the treasury board so that's where I am again. There has been changes since I was there and I am looking forward to learning those and moving the different files forward."

    The retiring Ken Krawetz is still Finance Minister, Dustin Duncan remains the head of the health department and Don Morgan remains in education. Bill Boyd is staying on as Economy Minister, while Lyle Stewart retains agriculture. Gordon Wyant stays in justice, Jim Reiter remains in government relations and Christine Tell will continue in corrections and policing.

    Other ministers changing portfolios are Kevin Doherty who moves to Advanced Education, Nancy Heppner is the new Highways Minister and Tim McMillan is taking over for Randy Weekes as minister responsible for Rural and Remote Health.

    Two other new faces in cabinet are Jennifer Campeau, who is now Minister of Central Services, and Mark Docherty, who is the new minister of Parks, Culture and Sport.

    The cabinet remains at 18 people, the same number when the SaskParty Government took power in 2007.



  • WatsonMuseumJune7

    Lots of attention was paid to Watson native Dustin Tokarski who played outstanding for the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup playoffs before falling to the New York Rangers.

    The 24 year-old played his minor hockey in Watson and would probably be happy to hear about the recent renovations at the arena that Rec Board Director Mike Brost tells us about.

    "We renovated our kitchen, we painted it, new cupboards, countertops, all that sort of fun stuff, flooring. We did all the bathrooms, new toilets, dressing rooms got done, new rubber flooring so it's not as hard on the skates, we had the old hard stuff before. New carpet on the benches, paint job, tiled the showers, gave it a whole new look."

    The renovations will be appreciated by the town's IP, Novice, Atom and AA Midget programs plus the Long Lake Hockey League's LeRoy Braves who called Watson home this past year and will likely do so again next winter. They also have three rec teams playing out of their arena.

    Three NHLers have come from Watson  Max McNab and Ron Lonsberry and who will be honoured in the town later this summer.

    But it's not just hockey that the community supports, football is a fast growing game as Brost explains.

    "There's a lot of interest in the football, a lot of the young kids want to play. We have a Peewee team, we have a Junior team and a Senior team."

    They are hosting a Peewee tournament on Saturday, June 21st.

    McNab Park in Watson is gearing up for the season as well and that includes their golf course and swimming pool.

    They are currently looking for life guards so if you are interested you can email [email protected]

    Brost says the pool provides plenty of lessons as well.

    "They have wet and wild summer programs which will be running Monday-Friday 1-3 everyday. They have one week swimming lessons starting July 7-14th and then August 11-18th so lots of activity there."

    McNab features a nine hole golf course which holds ladies night on Tuesday, men's night on Thursday and couples nights every other Friday.  

    To hear more from Brost in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.

  • LegMarch20Students looking for work this summer need to be prepared and take the government's readiness course.

    Now that school is winding down for another year students across the Humboldt region will be searching for some extra income in the form of a part time job.

    The SaskParty Government is reminding Saskatchewan youth aged 14 and 15 that they must successfully complete The Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC) and obtain a certificate in order to work over the summer and during the school year.

    The mandatory job readiness course teaches youth about their rights and responsibilities as it relates to health, safety and employment standards in the workplace.

    "Inexperienced young workers have a higher risk of getting hurt on the job and are typically not aware of employer and employee expectations," Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan stated in a news release this week. "This course provides valuable education about the basic rules for health and safety and fair treatment at work."

    All young workers (14 and 15 years old) must provide their employer with proof of age, written consent from a parent or guardian and a copy of their certificate.  Employers are also required to keep a copy of any young worker's certificate on file.

    You can also learn more about YWRCC at 1-800-667-1783 or if you would like to take the course online click on the government's website.

  • rcmpofficerskilledA memorial book has been placed at City Hall for people to sign that will go to the victim's families of last week's fatal shooting in Moncton. Photo courtesy news.nationalpost.com

    Canada is known for many amazing things and the RCMP is simply just one of them.

    When news spread across the nation three Mounties were tragically wounded in Moncton last week social media went viral with comments.

    After seeing those, Malinoski and Danyluik Funeral Home in Humboldt decided they wanted to show the effect the tragic news had in our city and province.

    They have placed three memorial books that will be placed at City Hall until next Tuesday for signing.

    The books, through the Humboldt RCMP will be sent to the families of Constable Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, Constable David Joseph Ross and Constable Douglas James Larche.


  • RCMP570428Police are investigating a theft of farm chemicals.

    Lanigan RCMP are seeking the public's assistance on any information that can help lead to solving a theft of farm chemicals.

    Sometime between 10:30am and 2:00pm on Thursday police say suspects stole several cases of Odyssey DLX herbicide from a farm near Burr.

    The approximate value of the stolen chemicals is $4,000.

    Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact the Lanigan RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


    LandfillOct24Humboldt Landfill located on South of Humboldt on highway 20

    The Humboldt RCMP are investigating a theft from the Humboldt landfill.

    Sometime between Tuesday of last week and the next morning suspects gained entry ans swiped approximately 100 used vehicle battery's were stolen.

    Contact the RCMP or Crime stoppers if you have any information of this crime.



  • HumboldtsignTourism Saskatchewan Week is from June 15 to 21.

    This week is Tourism Week in Saskatchewan

    Bringing attention to the economic opportunity available through travel and tourism, the week helps expand awareness about the importance of tourism in the province

    “Saskatchewan’s wealth of tourism assets provide countless reasons to celebrate,” Tourism Saskatchewan Interim Chief Executive Officer Mary Taylor-Ash said.  “Beautiful parks and nearly 100,000 lakes framed by lush boreal forest provide limitless opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventure.  We are fortunate to have vibrant urban centres in addition to tranquil rural landscapes and destinations ‘off the beaten path’ that can lead to extraordinary discoveries.  Saskatchewan Tourism Week highlights our many experiences and pays tribute to a dynamic, important industry and to the people who drive its growth and success.”

    Here in Humboldt, the city launched it's "Our Humboldt" photo contest last month that was planned to coincide with the week. Residents have been asked to best capture Humboldt with photos spanning over different categories.

    Entry deadline for the contest, which awards a Humboldt-themed prize to three individuals is Sunday. Click here for further details on the contest and how you can get involved.

    The Summer Sizzler is also right around the corner, as festivities kick off on Friday with the Midway beginning at 3:00pm and a cabaret later that night. The City of Humboldt expects to see several hundred visitors to help celebrate the weekend long event.

    Most of the revenue generated at the Sizzler stays within the community.

    "This event is driven by the non-profits," says Events Manager Mike Ulriksen. "The majority of the money raised from this event stays within the community and gets spent throughout the year on countless organizations, events, and projects."

    Annually, tourism contributes over $2 billion to Saskatchewan's economy, and brings in over 12 million visitors every year.

  • BHPLeRoyTight

    Back in May, BHP Billiton opened their LeRoy office to the public for an open house to discuss the company's local procurement.

    Thursday they will again welcome the public to discuss their community engagement.

    Community Liaison Officer Ann Block provides a few more details.

    "Between the hours of 10am and 2 o'clock we will have a few members of our community engagement team present for informal visits and to provide an update on the Jansen project."

    You can make an appointment by calling 306-286-4411 or just drop in.

    Their office is located at 100 poplar Street in LeRoy.

  • Stars5Dec13Tickets are now for sale in the third annual STARS lottery.

    This year marks the third annual STARS Lottery.

    With 2,104 prizes totalling over $4 million, there is plenty up for grabs, with several opportunities to win big.

    "There is two dream homes and a home away from home valued at $176,000," says Bonnie Monteith with STARS. "Plus we have 15 vacation and sports adventures, jewelry, cash, and a ride in a helicopter."

    The three grand prizes alone are worth over $3 million, which includes the two dream homes, which are located in Regina and Saskatoon. The other grand prize is a truck and trailer package.

    As with most lotteries, there is extra incentive to buy early.

    "Our early bird package is a Mercedes-Benz, a trip to Las Vegas for two adults, and $5,000 cash."

    The early bird deadline is on July 3rd, with the draw taking place on July 18th.

    New to the STARS Lottery for 2014 is the "LUCKY STARS 50/50", where purchasers have the opportunity to win up to $700,000. Tickets are an additional $10 each, five for $25, or 15 for $50.

    Deadline for ticket sales for the 50/50 and the main draw is on July 23rd, with both draws taking place on August 13th.

    In 2013, the STARS Lottery raised $1.8 million and is their largest fundraiser.

    "STARS is a non-profit organization and we provide specialized medical care and transportation for critically injured patients."

    STARS has bases in Regina and Saskatoon, among other locations in Western Canada, and last year responded to over 800 emergencies in the province including over 40 to the Humboldt region.

    To purchase tickets, you can visit the STARS website, or call 1-855-449-2444.

  • SizzlerJune18The Midway will continue on despite the weather.

    Despite the weekend weather the Humboldt Summer Sizzler will still be going ahead, just with a few alterations.

    The pancake breakfast scheduled for tomorrow morning organized by the Summer Fun Camp has been cancelled. The group will reschedule a fundraiser breakfast or lunch later this summer.

    Also being cancelled on Saturday is the Petting Zoo and Pony Rides.

    Sunday's Sizzler Strut Pancake breakfast has been moved to the curling rink.

    The beer garden and slo-pitch tournament have been cancelled.

    The Caleb village BBQ and entertainment will still be going ahead as scheduled. The curling rink doors open at 9pm for the JCI Cabaret. Entry is free.

    Regardless of the weather the Midway opens at 3pm and also the Sask Milk Truck Exhibit will be on site and running at 3pm.




  • SemiTruck

    April’s manufacturing shipments broke records and had Saskatchewan leading the nation in terms of monthly percentage growth among the provinces.  Compared to March 2014, shipments spiked 6.6 per cent (seasonally adjusted) and totalled $1.4 billion – an all-time high for the month.

    “Each and every day, our economy is building momentum,” Economy Minister Bill Boyd said.  “Another strong month of manufacturing numbers is proof the province is poised for continued growth.  Not only are manufacturers pumping billions of dollars into our economy each and every year, their quality products are helping build Saskatchewan’s reputation across Canada and around the world.”

    Year-over-year, manufacturing shipments rose 8.4 per cent.  This landed Saskatchewan in third spot in terms of percentage change.

    “It is important that we continue to build upon the strengths in our manufacturing sector,” Boyd said.  “This is why our government committed $500,000 in the 2014-15 Budget to the Manufacturing Centre of Excellence - so that our valued manufacturers can continue to innovate, grow and prosper to their fullest extent.”


  • SGI

    SGI is reminding motorists that new traffic laws take effect in the province on Friday.

    "Collisions typically increase during the summer months, especially around long weekends," said Don McMorris, Minister responsible for SGI. "Drive safely and abide by the new laws to keep yourself, your family and all other road users safe."

    The new traffic laws include:

    - Tougher consequences for impaired driving, which includes longer license suspensions, immediate vehicle seizures which range from three to 60 days, and mandatory ignition interlock in some cases.
    - Vehicle seizures for seven days on a second offence for cellphone use, and seven days on a third or subsequent offence for all other forms of distracted driving.
    - Mandatory booster seats for children under the age of seven.
    - New penalties for excessive speeding, including vehicle seizures and demerit points.

    These laws are supported by the two new Dedicated Traffic Safety Enforcement Units that were announced earlier this month.

    "We are all hopeful the more serious consequences associated with risky driving behaviour will result in drivers making safer and smarter choices, ultimately leading to fewer traffic injuries and fatalities in our province," McMorris said.

    Preliminary numbers show that last year, 134 people were killed and 6,762 were injured in vehicle collisions in the province.


  • Murals2June25On Wednesday at the Humboldt Art Gallery, 12 locations were chosen to place murals across the downtown region.

    The City of Humboldt will soon be home to 12 new murals across the downtown region.

    Wednesday at the Humboldt Museum and Art Gallery the committee revealed the murals that are all drawn by the late Urban Lukan.

    His daughter, Kiply Lukan Yaworski was on hand for the unveiling. She explains that the pictures were first drawn for a family history book.

    "Just to honour and record some of the everyday moments of prairie life that meant so much of him and I think they mean a lot to other people too who have that same fundamental experience of family life and work life and play life. It touches us, all of us."

    The Lukan works were brought forward to the Mural Committee by Dr. Zyg Zondzielewski who was a friend of Lukan's and who is also on the Murals Committee.

    The Humboldt Business Improvement District funded a portion of the murals. Chair Dean Hergott says they are extremely pleased with them.

    "We're really excited and really happy to see the murals go up in this community. The murals needed to be revamped in some shape and form and they discovered this new technique of doing them on aluminum. They're here to stay, they are not going to get damaged, it won't fade, if buildings change hands and people want them moved they can be moved and it's going to be a legacy that carries on for a long time."

    They will be placed on the walls of Behiel, Will and Biemans, Century 21, Fields, Hergott, Seidel and Associates, Humboldt Clinic, Dental Associates, Humboldt Florist, Office Experts, Pioneer Mall and both RBC and Scotiabank.

    Lukan Yaworski says this is a special feeling for their family.

    "To be able to come back and Humboldt is our home, we feel that and I think our kids do to so this just gives them one more really strong connection to the community which is such a beautiful place to live. The city is just a gem and I think public art is a part of that and that sense of history is part of that."

    The murals were displayed at the Humboldt and District Art Gallery for the celebration but you will soon find them on the walls of the buildings along with storyboards for each piece.

    To hear more from both Lukan Yaworski and Hergott click below.

    Murals1June25Lukan yaworski speaks during the celebration of her father's art.



  • Storm2July24

    The City of Humboldt is hoping residents will help them control the large amount of rain water we've been seeing.

    "We were surprised and concerned about the amount of storm water entering the sanitary sewer," said Director of Planning and Engineering, Peter Berquist. "It is primarily to do with sump pump water and weeping tile water going into the sanitary water in homes."

    Berquist added that they are requesting that residents move sump pump water outside and not into the floor drains because it strains the system.

    With more rain on the way in the coming days, and the Superpipes already at 60 per cent capacity, the help is needed.

    "We were a bit surprised it was being used to that capacity, so that's when we were getting really concerned," Berquist said.

    With the excess overflows entering the sewer system, the Superpipes have approximately 1.26 million litres of water in them, which is the equivalent to one and one-quarter Olympic-sized water pools.

    For those residents who elect to help the City out, there is a Storm Water Rebate Program of up to $1,500 for any property owner who ensures preventative plumbing and proper connections are installed in their home or business to help ease strain on the sewer system.

    "It ranges from the amount of work you do," says Berquist of the work needed to help. "The easiest way is to pour your sump pump water outside, and you get a rate of $150 if you do it yourself, or up to $250 if you get a plumber to do it for you."

    Berquist is also reminding residents to check downspouts and eaves to ensure they are draining water away from property foundations, so the water doesn't leak into basements.

    To hear more from Berquist in an interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork, click below.

  • EnglefeldsignSummer

    The community of Englefeld is using some slow moving lots in the north east as a location for a new program aimed at new home owners.

    "We've partnered with a local contractor," Mayor Darrell Athmer explained. "What we are doing is for a basic home if you choose to build in our community is that we are as a community pretty much making their deposit for them."

    Athmer said they decided to arrange the agreement when the lots in the north east part of the town weren't moving, plus it helps with rental situations which Athmer calls almost impossible.

    Athmer explains more about the reasoning for the program.

    "If we can put a program like this together maybe we can entice a few people to come out and build. With the high rent that is out there right now being required by most people we're thinking for the amount of rent that you have to pay you could have a mortgage for far less."

    Athmer says the success of Koender's and Schulte Industries might help with some lot sales.

    "When they come out here trying to find a place to rent it's almost impossible so this housing program will be available for their existing employees and plus employees that are hopefully coming to work at their facilities."

    You can contact their Town Office for more information, find their contact number here.

    This weekend is also the town's crowning achievement, their annual Hogfest.

    The kid's carnival jumping house is operating from 1:30-3:30. Beach volleyball starts at 11:00. There is slo-pitch, penny auction and food booth.

    Supper is at 5:30 in the arena. Adults are $15, 10 and under $8, preschoolers are free.

    Music for the dance that starts at 9 o'clock and the music will be provided by Gravel Hound, $5 at the door.  

    12 and under are free however all minors must be accompanied by a parent of guardian.



  • Saskatchewan is ranked third highest among the provinces. (photo courtesy Kate Bakes) Saskatchewan is ranked third highest among the provinces. (photo courtesy Kate Bakes)

    Wage drive in Saskatchewan continues to grow due to the province's strong economy. According to Statistics Canada, average weekly earnings including overtime were $975.83 in April 2014, the highest on record and the third highest among the provinces.

    "We reached a milestone in April - hitting an all-time high for wages", Economy Minister Bill Boyd said. "One of the more important benefits of having a strong economy is the increase in wages for working people." 


    on a year-over-year basis wages were up 4.3% ($40.66) The forth highest percentage increase Wage among the provinces and on a national basis, wages were up 3.3% over the same period.


    Wages were up 23.7% in the arts, entertainment and recreation, and up 19.4% in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction when April 2013 and April 2014 are compared.  fourteen out of the 17 major industries posted increases in average weekly earnings.


    "Wages in Saskatchewan are very competitive with other provinces," Boyd said. "It is definitely an important factor when it comes to attracting skilled workers to the province."










  • HumboldtsignThe City Council met on Monday. June 23rd


    The Humboldt City Council met once again on Monday, June 23rd. Communications Director Jennifer brooks provided some high lights from their bi-monthly meeting.


    The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) were accepted by the City Council regarding the completion of their 2014-17 funding plan.  The plan introduces a maintenance service fee that will be charged to municipalities beginning in 2015. Municipalities may build into this fee into their existing permitting structures. The fee for the maintenance service is $20 per assessment and/or inspection. Fees collected from the SAMA will be used to update the assessment business practices.

    Kathleen Forster, Board Chair requested on behalf on the Humboldt and District SPCA that the City amend its Dog and Cat Control Bylaw to provide guidelines around the tethering of animals on Private property. The Council were also presented with a petition on 304 signatories.

    Mayor Malcolm Eaton and the Council would like to thank the community and Public Leisure Services Department staff and events & Conference manager, Mike Ulriksen, for the efforts to make this years summer sizzler a success, despite the weather.

    Following a recommendation from the Community & Leisure Services Committee, Council directed Administration to gather more information on the proposed LED sign partnership and to draft a contract with Fabmar Communications Ltd. for further review by the Community & Leisure Services Committee before project finalization.

    Mayor Malcolm Eaton and the Council would also like to acknowledge the commendable service for the past 25+,  the City of Humboldt Finance Manager Linda Fraess. Ms. Fraess will be leaving the city for a career oppoetunity with the R.M of Wilton. 


    The new Building Officials for the city are Mr. Wayne Meier, Mr. Claton Meier, Mr. Ryan Thiessenn, Mr. Jason Kent and Mr. Darrell Saby of MuniCode Services Ltd.


    The Parks Policies and rates #10240 have been approved. The approval means a slight increase for user groups.


    The Council approved the following appointment: Humboldt District Hospital Foundation Sharon Wentz, 2 year term.








    altBella Vista Inn

    Low Energy Neurofeedback System or LENS treatment has a 97 per cent success rate and a high price tag to boot. Caitlynn Graf, Alissa's sister explains the procedure."They hook her up to stimulant to the outside of her brain and it sends electrical impulses through her scalp so they put it along her hairline and so these electrical impulses then it remaps her brain so that the path ways that her brain was using that were damaged it now creates new pathways."

    "I am actually going to school at the University of Regina and I'm in my Kinesiology degree so I first found out about it in one of my classes. I mentioned it to my mom and she wanted me to find out more about it. She talked to one of my previous teachers at HCI her name is Karla Gardiner and her brother actually received this therapy." says Graf
    Graf says "Alissa has brain damage from her accident they did a brain scan and the parts of her brain that are damaged are the frontal lobe and the back of her brain which is called the occipital lobe. Frontal lobe is your memory and your cognitive functioning where the occipital lobe is more your  reading ability. So those are the types of challenges she faces on a  daily basis that we're hoping this treatment will be able to allow her to improve on"

    Money raised at Fridays steak night will help to pay for the procedure in Calgary. Every treatment is about $100 for a half hour treatment with the first 2, 2 week segments costing up to $30 000. When they return home the treatments will continue requiring the family to rent the equipment incurring another expense.

    The fundraiser Friday night is at the BV going from 5 to 8pm. Tickets are $20 with a reduced price of $10 for alternate children's meals. There is an auction and raffles.

  • 2014RelayTeamCoach Tom Schwinghamer with the Horizon Central Senior Boys 4x100 Relay team that claimed a silver medal in Moose Jaw./Photo courtesy [email protected]

    The Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association held their annual provincial track and field championships Friday and Saturday in Moose Jaw.

    Horizon Central put on an amazing performance collecting 25 medals in all including 21 individual top three finishes. Students across the region brought home five gold, 12 silver and eight bronze.

    Leading the way with two first place finishes was Middle Lake's Kyle Wehage who brought home gold in both the junior boys long jump and triple jump. Another strong showing was Lake Lenore's Dalyn Smith who was the top athlete in the junior boys 3000 metre race and he also claimed the silver medal in the 1500 metre. Kelvington's Ty Peterson put himself into first and collected gold in the shot competition amongst junior boys. The last of the five gold medals went to Carson Berscheid of Muenster, he was tops in the javelin competition in the senior boys division.

    Below are the top five finishes for local athletes in no particular order:

    Senior Boys:
    100 metres hurdles-Tyell Altrogge(Middle Lake) 4th
    3000 metres-James Lorenzen(Wadena) 4th
    Javelin-Nick Anderson(Muenster) 3rd(Bronze)

    Senior Girls:
    80 metre hurdles-Danielle Major(St. Brieux) 5th
    100 metres-Hunter Pickering(Lanigan) 5th
    200 metres-Hunter Pickering(Lanigan) 2nd(Silver)
    400 metres-Danielle Major(St. Brieux) 5th
    Shot put-Reagan Fedak(Foam Lake) 2nd(Silver)
    Triple jump-Julie Baker(Middle Lake) 5th
    Long jump-Shaelyn Standish(Kelvington) 3rd(Bronze)

    Junior Boys:
    100 metre hurdles-Breshton Folden(Watrous) 2nd(Silver)
    400 metres-Chance Wylie(Colonsay) 5th
    Discus-Ty Peterson(Kelvington) 3rd(Bronze)
    Shot put-Dylan Stadnyk(Humboldt) 5th
    High jump-Mitchell Sakundiak(St. Brieux) 5th

    Junior Girls:
    100 metres-Molly Yungmann(Annaheim) 3rd(Bronze)
    200 metres-Molly Yungmann(Annaheim) 5th
    3000 metres-Angela Baran(Humboldt) 5th
    Discus-Makenzie Senko(Humboldt) 2nd(Silver)
    Triple jump-Molly Yungmann(Annaheim) 2nd(Silver)
    High jump-Jocelyn Marquette(Kelvington) 4th

    Midget Boys:
    400 metres-Tanner Gerwing(Humboldt) 3rd(Bronze)
    Javelin-Jordan Breker(Muenster) 2nd(Silver)
    Shot put-Michael Last(Foam Lake) 4th
    Discus-Zack Spray(Kelvington) 2nd(Silver)
    High jump-Layne Kanak(Quill Lake) 4th

    Midget Girls:
    400 metres-Makenna Heidecker(Middle Lake) 3rd(Bronze)
    800 metres-Makenna Heidecker(Middle Lake) 4th
    1500 metres-Grace Flaman(Lake Lenore) 4th
    Discus-Danielle Fedak(Foam LKae) 2nd(Silver)
    Shot put-Deanna Kitzul(Foam Lake) 3rd(Bronze)

    The meet also consisted of a boys and girls tetrathon event which features both the 100m and 800m races plus shot put and high jump. Naicam's Taylor Sunderland grabbed a bronze medal while the top local boy was Aidan Wickenhauser in 7th.

    HCAA was impressive in the 4x100 relays too, claiming silver in the junior girls, senior girls and senior boys plus a bronze performance in the midget boys age group.

    To view the complete results from the event click here.



  • Kishayinew12 year-old Ethan Kishayinew has been found safe and sound.

    The RCMP reported Wednesday morning Ethan Kishayinew has been found safe and sound.

    He was reported missing Tuesday after not being seen since Sunday but he did return home Tuesday night.



  • Cadets1June12The Humboldt Army Cadets held their Annual Ceremonial Review on Sunday June 8. Photo courtesy Mike Yager.

    The Humboldt Army Cadets are concluded another year Wednesday night at the Legion.

    The group, which features 16 teenagers from across the region held their annual ceremonial review(ACR) on Sunday in Humboldt.

    Commanding Officer Shannon Beaurivage tells us more about the day.

    "The Cadets are presented with promotions, trophies, rewards that sort of thing and we also have a Reviewing Officer, a special honoured guest that comes to inspect the Cadets. This year we had Major Mark Rison from Saskatoon."

    They did a joint ACR with the Wadena Cadet Core as well.


    The Cadets meet every Wednesday from September until mid June learning activities such as canoeing, rifling and orienteering. Beaurivage says it isn't just Humboldt kids involved.

    "We have Cadets as far away as Drake, Englefeld, Bruno, Muenster, St. Gregor. We have a few Cadets that are from Humboldt, we are looking for Cadets that come from the Humboldt area. We're a growing community and it's an excellent opportunity for young adults aged 12-19."

    Cadets provides a number of opportunities for children, which include travelling to different parts of Canada for minimal cost and positive experiences.

    "Every year they can apply to Summer training centres. They go to Whitehorse, which we actually have three Cadets going to Whitehorse for two weeks, one is going to Cold Lake. There's an opportunity for Cadet camps in Vernon, BC as well and these are provided free of charge."

    The Humboldt Army Cadets have been in existence for over 50 years. If you would like more information, call Beaurivage at 231-9228 or check their Facebook page.

    To hear more from Beaurivage who has been the Commanding Officer since 1989 click below.


    All photos courtesy MIke Yager.


  • SGIIncreasing labour rates and more claims have SGI looking to raise prices.

    The Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel is recommending an average increase of 4.4 per cent as opposed to SGI's proposed rate hike of 5.2 per cent.

    They also recommended that all vehicle classes be part of the proposed rate re-balancing which would include motorcycles. SGI wanted to single out motorcycles because the vehicles usually carry higher claim costs.

    "It is to minimize cross-subsidization, where one vehicle class would be subsidizing another," said Kathy Weber, Chair of the Rate Review Panel.

    The panel recommended that rate capping be two-thirds of the level proposed by SGI.

    "We reduced the cap amount from the maximum or minimum that someone would expect in an increase from 15 per cent to 10 per cent," says Weber.

    SGI cited that with auto body labour rates increasing, and a rise in the number of claims, as the reasons the government needs to collect more money from Saskatchewan drivers.

  • SizzlerWideHumboldt Summer Sizzler 2013

    The biggest event of the summer will be coming to Humboldt this weekend.

    Attracting hundreds of people, the annual Summer Sizzler will get underway. The non-profit event brings the community together and help support organizations throughout the year.

    Dozens of events have been brought together by Mike Ulriksen, the City of Humboldt events manager and the Sizzler's main organizer.

    "The trails community is putting on another Sizzler strut this year, the Calico gymnastic club are doing a pancake breakfast Summer Sizzler morning. Tractor pull, antic club. You just have to come it's going to be amazing. We have a flee market, a petting zoo. All the money raised for this event the majority stays within our community to support countless of events throughout the year."

    The event will be going on all day and night from a demolition Derby, Cabaret, tractor pull and a slo-pitch tournament and live entertainment.

    To hear more from Ulriksen in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.

  • WynyardSignJune18

    The Town of Wynyard is building a nearly $10 million multiplex.

    They have launched their "Over Time Campaign" which is to raise $3.5 to construct the facility.

    Co-Chair of the campaign Lou Coderre says they have had talks in the past but now they know their 60 year old rink needs to be replaced.

    "When I moved to town way back in 1986 we talked about a new arena and we had a couple meetings that never went anywhere over the years. A couple of years ago the committee was formed and revitalized and the energy and enthusiasm was coupled with the age of the arena."

    Tuesday night they held a public meeting to debut the plans, part of the agenda was contributions from the Wynyard Kinsmen and RM of of Big Quill totalling $325,000.

    Coderre explains more about where the funds will come from.

    "We have a plan in place in terms of fund raising where we go to individuals in the community, we go to corporate sponsors both provincially and local businesses. We are upbeat in terms of achieving our goal."

    Their outline is that 60 percent comes from the town, 40 percent will come from "community support."

    The committee is very excited for the opportunities the facility will provide, and not just for the winter months with hockey and figure skating.

    "We've situated it on the ball fields on our sports grounds which is adjacent to the golf course so we will be moving the clubhouse which in itself is in much need of repairs into the new facility," Coderre continued. We have a very active minor ball program and that will further enhance it to host bigger competitions."

    They are also hoping to infuse a walking track or someway to entertain seniors and allow them a space to interact and get some exercise.

    As for a time line, the speed of the funds being generated will orchestrate that but Coderre did say they will have more of an idea by the end of the year when shovels could possibly hit the ground. The estimate their current rink only has four years left of sustainability.

    To hear more from Coderre in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • canadian-moneySask shoppers set April retail record.


    Saskatchewan shoppers continue to show confidence in the economy, according to new retail sales figures for April 2014.

    A report from Statistics Canada shows that retails stores totalled $1.6 billion, setting a record for April.

    Economy Minister Bill Boyd says that the rise in retail sales is good for the province and contributes to our economic growth.

    "Consumers recognize the Saskatchewan  economy is on solid footing which raises confidence and increases household spending."

    There was an increase of 6.4% over last year's retail sales. This marked the third best increase among Canadian provinces. Retail sales were up 5.1% nationally.

    "Retail sales are one indicator the economic experts watch when rating growth," Boyd said. "Today's report is good news-and shows Canada's western provinces are leading the nation."

  • Sizzler2014The Midway always plays a big part of the Summer Sizzler.

    Some events were postponed, moved, or cancelled, but the overall feeling among those who planned and attended the Summer Sizzler is that it was a success.

    The midway opened at 3pm on Friday, and had was well-attended throughout the entire weekend despite a steady flow of on and off rain. Little Wicked played a classic mix of hits for the JCI Cabaret on Friday night.

    Saturday brought the annual parade, as a record number of floats took part, and a record number of freezies were handed out as the streets were lined with spectators.

    BHP Billiton along with Parachute, Safe Communities and the City of Humboldt hosted a bike rodeo in the Curling Rink. Executive Director of Safe Communities Humboldt and Area, Tracey Shewciw said that within an hour of the opening, half of the 200 free bike helmets were gone.

    The well-attended event displayed proper bike safety to children 13 and under where they had to demonstrate basic hand signals for alerting other traffic. One of the courses featured stop and yield signs, where the cyclist had to stop, wait for traffic to pass, and then continue. Another taught them proper awareness, where they had to read a number off a card, and then look over their shoulder to read a different number.

    Saskatchewan Express brought their outstanding musical act to the SaskPower Cultural Stage for three shows on Saturday afternoon and evening. Performing several classic hits all the way to Top 40 renditions of popular songs, the group displayed why the overall history of Sask Express has seen the talented performers step in front of over 3.5 million people across North America.

    Always a highlight of the Summer Sizzler, the Derby grounds were jam packed for the 4:00pm feature on Saturday afternoon. This is one event that Mother Nature had the chance to ruin, with rain having turned the pit into a mud bowl. Thanks to the endless, and thankless work from many, the derby ring was set to go as if it had never seen a little moisture.

    With a 50/50 jackpot of over $1,000, Derby winner Jared Hinz was one of two people who took home a four-digit prize. Hinz claimed the $1,500 grand prize.

    Sunday brought the Sizzler Strut, as many took part in the event, walking, running, or strutting 5 and 10 kilometre courses. All proceeds along with the Pancake Breakfast were matched by ScotiaBank and went to the Humboldt Community Trails and Calico Gymnastics.

    The main event for the final day of the Sizzler was the Antique Truck & Tractor Pull, as the south side of the Elgar Peterson Arena was home to a couple hundred spectators, as tractors and trucks pulled a weighted sled 250 feet. A definite highlight of the event was a black Ford truck that dragged the sled across the finish line despite the fact that it's front two tires were three feet in the air.

    Other events throughout the weekend included the Flea Market, Milkmobile, City Auction, Broncos BBQ & Season Ticket Special, among others.

    Thanks to the hard work of all involved throughout the weekend, the Sizzler committee 'reeled in' a big win.

    Check out the gallery below for pictures from various events.


  • ReidThompsonOct30

    The Reid-Thompson Public Library is getting set for their Summer Reading Club again.

    Tuesday night at 7:30 is your chance to get your children registered for the program.

    They will also have reading from their mystery reader.

    For more information click here.


  • HumboldtRCMPSummer570

    The Humboldt RCMP are hoping the public can help them solve a hit and run.

    On Tuesday a black Ford Fusion was travelling south bound on a grid road six kilometres east of Middle Lake. The vehicle was struck from behind by a black truck with heavily tinted windows.

    The Fusion sustained damage to the right rear end and a blown tire.

    The truck incurred damage to the passenger side bumper.

    The police are hoping someone knows the black truck or it's driver.

    Contact the Humboldt RCMP or Crime Stoppers if you have any information.

  • MuensterG12DonateBack row :Evan Szautner, Lyndon Varga, Cole Wiesner, Bailey Back, John McGrath, Carson Berscheid. Front Row:Michelle Breker, Brenda Graf, Dylon Bornhorst, Sarah Lacoursiere, Samantha Davis, Brook Perry. Missing: Morgan Korte, Jared Washburn, Cameron Eisner, Taylor Reeve.

    Even though the Muenster High School graduates had all the reason in the world to celebrate their own accomplishments earlier this week, they managed to look out for someone else.

    On Tuesday after completing one of their final exams the Muenster Grade 12 class visited Brenda Graf at her place of work to present her with funds that were left after their graduation.  

    They donated $638.70 to Brenda to put towards her daughter Alissa' LENS therapy treatment in Calgary this fall. This treatment has a 97 percent success rate and Alissa's doctor believes he will be able to restore 70 percent of the third of the brain that was damaged in a 2008 car accident.

    The community just recently came together as well for a steak night fundraiser at the Bella Vista Inn also raising money for Alissa's care.

    Information and picture provided by Brenda Zimmer.




  • Museum1Humboldt's Museum & Gallery is home to summer programs.

    With summer in full swing, summer programs are up and running.

    The Humboldt & District Museum have put together a Children's Archaeology Program, running Tuesdays from 10am-12pm from July 15th to August 12th.

    Activities include handling, drawing and photographing ancient artifacts, Creating an exhibit that will be on display at the museum, and making and decorating clay pots.

    They will also learn how people caught and cooked food, among other things.

    Kids aged 7-12 are eligible to sign up and classes are $10 each, with supplies included.

    The Humboldt & District Gallery presents homegrown community art, and summer art programs. Each class is $10 with supplies included.

    Once again, the classes are for kids aged 7-12 and are on Wednesdays from 10am-12pm, starting on July 2nd and going until August 13th.

    Classes include stop motion animation, jelly plate printmaking, paper-making, painting, and much more.

    The Gallery is also offering classes for adults on Thursdays from 7:30-9pm.

    Those classes include tidy up art and batik painting, beginner drawing classes, print-making, and sun painting. Classes are $15 each with supplies included.

    Spots for all three programs are limited and you can sign up by visiting the Humboldt Museum website.

    Director Jennifer Hoesgen explains more below.

  • LegTightAprilOn Thursday the Government of Saskatchewan handed out 28 Saskatchewan Protective Service Medals, including Muenster's Deputy Fire chief.

    Long time Muenster Firefighter Glenn Korte is being recognized by the province.

    The Deputy Chief and others were recognized with 25 years or more of exemplary service protecting Saskatchewan people or their property in either a volunteer or a full-time capacity.

    That include firefighters, police officers, corrections workers, Canadian Forces members, conservation officers and emergency medical responders.

    This year, 28 provincial residents received the Saskatchewan Protective Service Medals.

    The medal is suspended from a ribbon of green with two narrow gold stripes, which represent the provincial colours. To view a picture click here.

    The medal was first awarded in 2003.

    Here is the full list of the other recipients:
    Mr. Dale Achtymichuk, Ministry of the Environment
    Mr. Dave Beeson, Biggar Fire Department
    Sergeant Kim Boechler, Saskatoon Police Service
    Mr. Karl Breker, Ministry of the Environment
    Mr. Robert Bruce, Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association
    Sergeant Donald Buratenski, Saskatoon Police Service
    Mr. Brett Diemert, Ministry of the Environment
    Sergeant Paul Gallant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Assistant Chief Morgan Hackl, Saskatoon Fire Department
    Mr. Garth Haugen, Ministry of the Environment
    Mr. Bill Hay, Saskatoon Fire Department
    Sergeant Bruce Janes, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Mr. Don Kissick, Biggar Fire Department
    Assistant Chief Glenn Ledray, Saskatoon Fire Department
    Sergeant Neilson Lund, Saskatoon Police Service
    Inspector Wayne Maughan, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Senior Captain Warren Mellor, Saskatoon Fire Department
    Sergeant Mark Morgan, Saskatoon Police Service
    Mr. Melvin Nickel, Saskatchewan Emergency Medical Services Association
    Corporal Timothy Popp, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Senior Captain Kevin Ritz, Saskatoon Fire Department
    Sergeant Constance Roussel, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Captain Jody Ruest, Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker Airport
    Captain Brian Smith, Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker Airport
    Sergeant Ryan Smith, Saskatoon Police Service
    Captain Garry Walz, Macklin & District Fire Rescue
    Mr. Alan Winarsky, Ministry of the Environment




  • HumboldtRCMPSummer570Humboldt RCMP are seeking assistance in solving multiple crimes.

    Humboldt RCMP are turning to the public for assistance in solving a recent string of crimes in Humboldt and Area.

    Between May 24 and May 26, two trailers were stolen from Discovery Motorsports, which is located alongside Highway 5 on the West side of Humboldt.

    One of the trailers is a 2013 Black Hi-Tech tilting landscape trailer that is five feet wide and ten feet in length.

    The second trailer is a black and silver 2012 Alcom enclosed trailer that is 8.5ft x 8.25ft x 24ft. It also has a propane tank holder on the front of the trailer.

    Grieve's Garage was the scene of a break and enter between May 23 and May 26 as suspects stole ten semi tractor tires. The tires are all brand new and are Longmarch, Windpower, and Super Cargo brands.

    A portable generator was stolen from a motor home parked in a driveway on Scott Street in Muenster between May 21 and May 27. The generator is a Honda EU2000.

    If you have information on these or any other crimes, police remind you to contact your local detachment, or Crime Stoppers.

    Along with the crimes, there was some good faith shown, as an iPhone was turned into RCMP on May 20. The phone is black and was found at Tim Horton's in Humboldt.

    The phone is password protected, and RCMP ask that whoever owns the phone contact them and reference file number 2014-569489.

  • MockPar1June10The grade 7 & 8 social studies classes at Englefeld School held a Mock Parliament session Monday afternoon.

    The Englefeld School took the afternoon Monday to transfer their gym into the Saskatchewan Legislature.

    Speaker of the House, Dan D'Autremont was in attendance to monitor the school's grade seven and eight students in a mock parliament session.

    Teacher Corinne Harcourt explains why she organized the day.

    "There is so much in government that people don't understand and whether it's because we're too busy to understand it or we just don't have the means by which to learn. This is an amazing opportunity to bring government right into our community to help the students to learn. They become the MLA's for the day and they actually take part and when you do, you learn."

    The students prepared themselves making up constituencies and debate questions for the leaders.

    D'Autremont hopes the kids learned a couple things about democracy.

    "Realize and understand that it's a privilege that we have and that we can lose it if we don't exercise it. I feel it's important that they be encouraged to learn about the process and to participate in the process."

    Quill Lake Veteran Robert Govan was in attendance as well, he spoke about the payment of war and the importance of democracy. Harcourt says she hopes the kids take this information home as well.

    "Speak about it at home around the dinner table and they empower their little brothers and sisters or their big brothers and sisters or their parents to become more active in government and to be more vocal and to realize that the Veteran we had today, the big difference that he played in our freedom in Canada."

    A group of parents and grandparents also took in the event which was back again for the second straight year. Humboldt MLA Donna Harpauer participated in the mock parliament as well.

    D'Autremont said they have performed about 60 mock parliaments this year since the fall session concluded.

    To hear more from Harcourt and D'Autremont in their interviews with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • PunnichyWoodsRCMPThe RCMP are looking into a case of possible human remains. Photo courtesy the RCMP.

    The RCMP are investigating what is believed to be found human remains near Punnichy.

    Tuesday around 5 o'clock in the afternoon a resident of the Muskowekwan First Nation came across the remains and called the RCMP.

    The Office of the Chief Coroner, Forensic Anthropologist and the RCMP Major crime Unit are working to confirm the remains are human and identify them.

    The RCMP will release more details when they become available.





  • HPSDaycare3June17There is still plenty of work to be done but board members are needed now for a new Humboldt daycare. Photos courtesy HPS

    There is still more work to be done before the Humboldt Public School Daycare opens but they are putting plans in place to be operating in the early fall.

    HPS Principal Dave Hill tells us they are desperately seeking board members.

    "What we need right now is a board of community and parent participation that will help us set policy, implement that policy and kind of take care of the daily operations."

    Hill talks about what they expect from any members.

    "I'm sure there would be monthly meetings at the very least but certainly to keep themselves informed and that sort of thing we'd be looking at several hours a month."

    The center will have space for 51 children from six months to five years old. It will include plenty of natural light, a full kitchen, infant sleeping room and an administration area.

    Despite the facility not yet ready Hill says time is of the essence.

    "Yeah we're looking as soon as possible, as soon as we can get enough people to form a board we need to go forward with a lot of the operations of that board like hiring some of the personnel and that sort of thing so we can be up and running."

    If you are interested in helping out at the daycare call the HPS at 682-2684.

    To hear more from Hill in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • RCMPBadge570

    The Kelvington/Rose Valley RCMP are seeking the public's assistance.

    At approximately 2:30am on June 22nd, they say a vehicle that was parked at a residence on Fourth Avenue in Kelvington was broken into.

    A silver pickup truck that was parked at the end of the block is believed to have been used by the suspects, as the truck was seen driving away from the scene with no tail lights.

    If you have any information about this crime, please contact the Kelvington Detachment (306-327-1200), or Crime Stoppers (800-222-8477).

  • RalphKlassenSt. Gertrude will honour Ralph Klassen on Saturday. Photo courtesy www.legendsofhockey.net

    On Saturday, St. Gertrude will pay tribute to local and former NHL player Ralph Klassen, with a short program and roast beef supper.

    "At about 4:30, we're going to have an unveiling of the sign we have constructed," says organizer Glenda Rueve.

    The program begins at 3:00 and continues after the sign is revealed with a roast beef supper.

    "There are about 25 tickets left yet," Rueve added.

    Tickets can be purchased by visiting the Muenster Credit Union, or by calling Glenda Rueve at 231-6737, or Brenda at 682-3331.

    Klassen grew up near the St. Gertrude church, while playing minor hockey in Humboldt and Muenster. At the age of 15 he stepped in to the major junior ranks, playing with the Saskatoon Blades of the WHL for five seasons.

    A highly skilled and touted prospect by scouts, Klassen was selected in both the NHL and WHA drafts, going third overall to the now defunct California Golden Seals, and fifth overall to the Cleveland Crusaders.

    Klassen elected to go the more well-known route, signing his first pro contract with the Seals.

    He made his NHL debut on October 8, 1975, against the Atlanta Hawks and quickly showed the Seals they made the right selection by tallying his first career goal.

    He would go on to play in 71 games that rookie season, notching six goals and 15 assists.

    Over the following eight seasons, Klassen played with the Cleveland Barons, Colorado Rockies, and the majority of those years was with the St. Louis Blues.

    Klassen accounted for 52 goals and 145 points in 497 career NHL games.


  • SGI


    The Saskatchewan Government Insurance's (SGI)  Auto fund vehicle rates, along with the rate re-balancing, and a 1% increase to the capital amounts on all rates (3.4% overall increase) have been approved by the provincial Government.

    "Saskatchewan's auto insurance rates will continue to be among the lowest in Canada," Minister responsible for the SGI Don McMorris said. "Rate re-balancing is necessary to ensure fairness. Our Government is hopeful that the work done by the SGI and Motorcycle Review Committee, in addition to the current review of automobile injury coverage, will have a positive impact on future insurance rates."


    The 2014 rate program will bring 95% of vehicles to within 5% of the rate required for their vehicle group to break even. Including motorcycles in the re-balancing will see their claims shortfall drop to $5.6 million, compared to $7.2 million if there were no changes to current motorcycle premiums.


    The end result is a net increase of 4.4% to basic auto insurance premiums, however this is not applied across the board due to rate re-balancing, customers will see increase or decrease based on the actual cost of the claims for their vehicle type, resulting in; 82% of Saskatchewan vehicle owners receiving a rate increase, with an average annual increase of $44, 17% of vehicle owners receiving a rate decrease, with an average annual decrease of $12 and the remaining vehicle owners (about 6000) see no change in their rates.

    To help reduce rate shock, vehicle groups with annual rates greater then $1,000 will be capped at a maxi mun increase of 10%, while those with annual rates less than $1,000 will have dollar caps ranging from $17 to $100. The rate cap amounts are based on the SRRP's recommendation that the rate increases be capped at two-thirds of the level originally proposed by SGI.


    Who vehicle owners receiving rate decreases, SGI will apply the decrease immediately on August 31st, 2014. Vehicle owners who have already insured their vehicles past Aug 31st will automatically receive a refund for amounts in excess of five dollars for the difference between their old rate and their new rate to the end of their policy term.


    For those receiving rate increases, the new rate will apply the next time the owner completes a vehicle transactions on or after Aug 31st, 2014, usually the next time they renew their plate insurance. 





  • DrowningTowelThese towels will be laid out at the Aquatic Centre on Sunday.

    This week is Parachute's Safe Kids Week, and the City of Humboldt along with Safe Communities are asking Canadians to have a word with themselves before getting in the water.

    "Preventable childhood injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among Canadian children," says Executive Director of Safe Communities Humboldt and Area, Tracey Shewciw.

    Towels with the words "Before you think only other swimmers drown, have a word with yourself," will be laid out at the Humboldt Aquatic Centre on Sunday, June 14th, as a reminder that we are all at risk of drowning.

    In the past ten years, more than 570 children have drowned in Canada.

    Each year, another 140 children are hospitalized because they nearly drowned, which can result in long-term health effects.

    While swimmers spend a large amount of time at indoor pools, Shewciw says that there are other venues where you are still at risk.

    "A lot of the drownings do happen at lakes. A big area where a lot of drownings happen is in backyard pools. We think that because we are in someone else's backyard, we will be safe, but that is not the case."

    President and CEO of Parachute, Louise Logan adds that parents need to have a watchful eye as well.

    "With 90% of shallow water drownings of children occurring when an adult is not supervising, parents need to be aware of water safety and how they can prevent these tragic incidents."

    In conjunction with the safety week, the Humboldt Aquatic Centre has added "toonie swim" night on Thursday.

    To hear more from Shewciw in an interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork, click below.

  • stdomrbc

    A group of teachers and residents have formed a committee to raise money for a new playground at St. Dominic School.

    They have held various fundraisers since the plan was put into place to replace their aging structure and Tuesday morning they received a $1,000 cheque through the RBC Foundation.

    Along with the money, RBC employees helped out at St. Dominic through their "Day of Service" program. They helped plant trees at the school plus work in the concession during a recent track and field meet.




  • EnglefeldFire1Emergency Services responded to a structure fire in Englefeld.

    At approximately 9:30pm on Tuesday, Englefeld and Watson Fire Departments responded to a structure fire on the 300 block of Third Avenue in Englefeld.

    The homeowner got out of the house safely, and although the structure was saved, the house received significant smoke damage.

    An electrical issue is believed to be the cause of the fire.

  • 3rdAvePavingThe City of Humboldt is spending big money this construction season. Photo courtesy City of Humboldt.

    The City of Humboldt has earmarked just under $2.8 million for infrastructure upgrades this construction season.

    They are spending over $360,000 on watermain replacements, $140,000 on road base work and almost $500,000 on sidewalk and trail improvements.

    Director of Planning and Engineering Peter Berquist explains the $1.4 million they are spending on paving.

    "We do have quite a bit of paving happening which fortunately is including sections of Highway 5 which are starting to deteriorate. We're going to following some watermain installations we did last year and then we're going to be doing a whole bunch of concrete work and a whole bunch of pavement maintenance, slurry sealing and micro surfacing."\

    Paving will occur the following locations:
    2nd Avenue from 8th Street to in front of Thrifty Mart
    4th Avenue from 8trh Street to land west of 10th Street
    8th Avenue from Feed Rite road to the Golf Course road
    Sections of 8th Avenue from 4th Street to 7th Street
    8th Avenue from 16th Street to 17th Street
    5th Street from 5th Avenue to 8th Avenue
    101st Street from Sask Avenue to 2nd Avenue

    Berquist explains how they decide what needs fixing.

    "One of course is the age of the watermain, how many water breaks it has had over it's life, what the condition of the road on top of it, whether it's broken up or not and of course how many people it serves."

    Berquist mentioned their records on watermains only go back to the 1950's so they estimate some line sin the city may be nearing 100 years old.

    They will replace the watermains at the following locations and do road base work:
    3rd Street from 7th Avenue to 8th Avenue
    7th Street from 8th Avenue to 9th Avenue
    9th Avenue from 7th Street to 8th Street
    2nd Avenue from 5th Street to 8th Street

    Berquist says they haven't spent this much on infrastructure in a number of years.

    "We know that there was pretty heavy repaving in the 70's and some in the 80's so we're definitely ramping it up and we're also putting a lot more effort into sand slurry seal and micro surfacing just to extend the life of the assets we already have."

    The cost of new pavement is $360 per metre. If road base work needs to be done, the cost is $170 per metre, raising the total cost for a new road to $530 per metre. Humboldt's blocks are 175 metres in length, meaning that the cost of reconstructing one block of road costs $92,750.

    You can view a map of the work here.

    Project work will be completed over the next three to four months.

    To hear more from Berquist in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.




  • HDHFAGM2June24The HDHF held their annual general meeting Monday at the BVI.

    The Humboldt District Hospital Foundation is boasting 2013-14 was a very good year.

    The group held their annual general meeting Monday night at the Bella Vista Inn.

    During the event the crowd of about 120 people heard from Executive Director Lorrie Bunko and board chair Aaron Behiel plus the financial report was made public.

    Donations took a huge leap this year as they are right in the midst of their "Equip to Care" campaign. In total $420,947 was given to the HDHF. That leaves them already over $430,000 in total.

    Bunko says their campaign is right on track.

    "The year was amazing, we started April 1st with the "Equip to Care." That took off, we are right where we want to be at this time."

    Last year they were donated just under $100,000, however last year their fund raising efforts brought in over $104,000, this year that ended fiscally on March 31st only $31,000 was raised. The overall operating revenue was $240,000 higher in 2013-14.

    Bunko says they have a few events that provide a good amount of funds.

    "Christmas Angels is a very important one for us, we get great support from that young and old. We have the walk/run that we have every September. The partnership of the golf tournament, last year it was with St. Mary's Villa, this year with Bethany Pioneer Village so we do a lot."

    The Angels fundraiser cleared $28,000 while the Have a Heart Walk also did well raising just shy of $10,000. The Friends "Fore" Health Care Charity Scramble put $3,600 into their coffers. That tournament was postponed until September due to rain, just like this year's tournament which is also pushed back until the fall.

    During the night a few large contributors were recognized for their generous donations.

    "Two of them, the Good Neighbour Store and St. Elizabeth Ladies Auxiliary all volunteer based and together have raised over $600,000, amazing," Bunko beamed. "PotashCorp, they have come to the plate, they've supported our health care in the area, $606,000 they have contributed to our health care. Hats off to them, we can't thank them enough."

    Bunko stressed they are hoping to finish this campaign by the end of the year and then embark on a new five year strategic plan to keep the money flowing in for local health care.

    To hear more from Bunko in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.



  • BikeRodeoJune17Safe Communities is holding a bike rodeo as part of the Sizzler line up.

    With the summer season upon us, more kids are going to be hopping on their bikes and pedaling around the city, and with that, comes awareness about safety.

    Coinciding with the Summer Sizzler, Safe Communities Humboldt and Area along with BHP Billiton are putting on a Bike Rodeo and Safety Day on Saturday from 12pm until 4pm in the Humboldt Curling Rink.

    "It's a family event," says Tracey Shewciw, Executive Director of Safe Communities Humboldt and Area. "Just to teach everybody and reiterate the whole safety issue around bicycles and other activities."

    Along with the safety demonstration, there will be other events taking place as well.

    "Safe Saskatchewan's Rebecca's Trail is going to be there. We also have the Acquired Brain Injury's Brain Walk, so there is lots going on," added Shewciw.

    The first 200 children who attend the rodeo will be given a free bike helmet, courtesy of BHP Billiton.

    "They're also raffling off two youth bikes," said Shewciw of the extra incentive to attend the event. "We have lots of giveaways from SGI, the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute, Safe Communities, and others as well."

    Of course with the Summer Sizzler attracting visitors from outside the city, Shewciw says that you don't necessarily have to worry about bringing along a bike if you wish to attend.

    "Universal Sports have graciously provided four bicycles in different sizes."

    Kids up to the age of 13 will be able to participate in the event.

    To hear more from Shewciw in an interview with Bolt FM's Tyler Bieber, click below.

  • DowntownHumboldtIn August, downtown Humboldt will transform into a Streetfest.

    Main Street in Humboldt will transform into a downtown street festival with entertainment spanned over a two day period in late August.

    Arts Humboldt originally had a plan back in January to revamp a streetfest in the city. That's when the Business Improvement District and the business owners put their heads together and came up with the "Humboldt Downtown Business Improvement District Streetfest" on August 22nd and 23rd.

    "This is the first time we have done this in a really long time," Co-Chair Jeff Bunko said. "We really want to bring a festival feel to the downtown core on the 22nd and 23rd of August."

    The event will launch with the Calico Gymnastics Club holding a bar-b-cue at noon on the Friday. Then they are planning for some old time music throughout the afternoon leading into Gravelhound, 40 oz Philosophy and at 9pm Kenny Shields and Streetheart will perform. Their will also be a beverage garden set up at 5pm.

    Starting Monday morning BID and the downtown businesses are selling coupon books full of deals from Humboldt businesses and with a purchase of a book you get your ticket to the show for $35.

    "We really can't put a value to it but I think it's probably over that $500 value of savings in the downtown businesses," Bunko explained. "It's really a win win for everybody."

    Sidewalk sales will line the street both days plus there will be food vendors and buskers.

    The coupon books are on sale at most downtown businesses in Humboldt or if you have any questions visit Bunko at The Brick or Alfred Washburn at Elite Salan and Spa.

    To hear more from Bunko in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.



  • CalicoNewHomeCalico Gymnastics has found a new home.

    With renovations coming to the Humboldt Mall, Calico Gymnastics Club had to find a new home.

    Club President Jodi Smith is happy to announce they have found a temporary location.

    "We're very excited to move into a section of the former Del Air building. The company that came to our rescue was South Ridge Holdings and we couldn't be more pleased to work out a contract with them."

    The club will finish this season in the mall then move over to the new location in time for their July and August summer camps. Smith says they are excited to be in a spot but their ultimate goal is to build a new space.

    "These folks were great to give us a space and we've got a contract in place that's going to give us a home for a good couple years and then we're going to get very active with looking to raise some funds for our club."

    Smith knew all along someone from the community would step up and lend a hand just like South Ridge Holdings did.

    "We knew something just had to come our way. If we would have had to say goodbye to this club or go into a space that just wasn't going to be able to go forward with what we envision the club to do, no we just always thought it was going to happen for us."

    Their new season will get underway in September.

    To hear more from Smith in her interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.

  • JDRFWalk2014June16Over 150 people took part in Humboldt's 2014 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes.

    The 2014 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes was a huge success.

    On Sunday the Humboldt & District Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation held its annual with over 150 people taking part.

    Over $30,000 was raised to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

    For every dollar raised for JDRF over 80 cents goes directly to research. That is one of the highest rankings of health charities in Canada.

    In Saskatchewan over 90,000 residents are impacted by Diabetes.




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