With the total now at $7 million dollars and counting, two friends hoping to help the families of Humboldt Broncos have had their minds blown following the overwhelming support.

Like many in the community, Sylvie Kellington and Cailin Hergott just wanted to find a way, any way, they could help out after hearing about the accident on Friday night.


So they decided to set up a GoFundMe campaign for the families which has taken on a life of it's own since early Saturday morning.

"We started with a goal of $10,000, then we considered dropping it to $5,000 because we didn't want to appear greedy," expressed Hergott during an interview on Monday morning. "Our original goal was just to pay for coffee and parking for the families at Royal University Hospital, and maybe the meals. We just had very limited goals because we didn't think it would go very far."

In what has now become the largest GoFundMe campaign in Canadian history, the two friends are still trying to comprehend the significant total.

"We were thinking we would just reach a few of the small communities around Humboldt, maybe Saskatchewan," stated Kellington. "For the fact that it's affected the entire country and, I guess the perhaps the world...it's just been mind-blowing."

Because of the significant number, the GoFundMe team is now taking over the account and will be helping to ensure that all funds donated towards the campaign to support the Humboldt Broncos gets to it's destination. GoFundMe is working with the Broncos, the SJHL and Kellington herself as donations continue rolling in.

While the original goal of supporting the families through this initial difficult few weeks will be covered, both Hergott and Kellington are thankful that these families will now be taking care for a long time afterwards.

"It's humbling...and amazing...and astonishing and we're both just so grateful that people want to help the Humboldt Broncos. And this will help them long-term," concluded Hergott.