The Saskatchewan NDP is calling upon the Sask. Party for housing failures. 

The NDP is saying that there are around 3,000 vacant Saskatchewan Housing units across Saskatchewan and people are still freezing to death on the streets. 

Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Social Services Critic Meara Conway condemned Scott Moe’s Sask. Party government’s mismanagement of housing stock and called for a plan to fill them.  

“In a resource-rich province like ours, every Saskatchewan resident should have a roof over their head,” said Beck. “With 3,000 empty units and people struggling with homelessness across Saskatchewan, making housing safer and more accessible is a no-brainer.”

The Official Opposition was joined by Dominika Kosowska at the Legislature on November 21. 

“Many low-income people like Kosowska are struggling to find housing amid the affordability crisis despite the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation sitting on thousands of empty units, 700 in Regina alone,” says the NDP in a release. 

The Official Opposition obtained documents that they say, “show that the Sask. Party government’s failure to house people is costly and has put immense pressure on already overburdened emergency rooms.” 

Going on to say that over the last three years, there were over 1,200 visits to Saskatchewan emergency rooms for cold weather injuries.

“This government’s abject failure on housing is putting even further pressure on our overburdened hospitals,” said Conway. “We need action now and the hang-up is not the complexity of the situation, like Minister Makowsky claims. It’s an appalling lack of will on the part of Scott Moe’s Sask. Party government.”