If you're ready for a potential wildfire, flood, or tornado it could save your life.

Emergency Preparedness Week runs from May 2 - 9 and the Canadian Red Cross is reminding everyone to personalize their kit so you are best prepared for the first 72 hours after a disaster.

We talked to Safe Communities Humboldt Executive Director, Shari Hinz on the week and how people should go about participating.

"It could be 24 hours or more when it comes to any type of emergency. It's a good idea just to have those things on hand to keep you connected to what's happening and to keep your family safe."

Items that should be included in an emergency ready kit are three days' worth of water, food, battery-operated radio, flashlight, blankets, spare clothes, portable phone charger, and much more. Be aware to personalize your kit if you have children or pets to take care of as well.

"If there are individuals in your home that have specific health conditions you may want to make sure you have medications that can get you through a number of days," stated Hinz.

Not only does responding to an emergency situation rely on what you have to get by, but it also hinges on having a quick exit plan in a worst-case scenario. Be sure to plan a route away from your home in the event that it is no longer safe.

"Always having that awareness and thinking in advance is key, because if you do have to face that situation panic doesn't set in and you have a plan to get out," said Hinz.

For more details on what to put in your emergency kit, visit the Government of Canada's emergency preparedness kit page by clicking here.