The young, female moose that made itself at home in Muenster for the past little while has been tranquilized and moved out of town by conservation officers.

Brendon Smith, Conservation Officer, says it's important for residents to keep their distance when animals like moose visit towns such as Muenster.

"Moose Are pretty large, unpredictable animals. The cows will defend their calves and can be unpredictable when they're stressed out. So, it's important to stay out of their way," he says.

Since its removal from town, the moose has been tagged. Smith says this is routine procedure once an animal has been tranquilized. That way the animal is trackable, should it be harvested by a hunter or return to town, says Smith.

Smith notes that any formerly-tranquilized animal is unfit for human consumption for up to a year.

Conservation officers believe it is unlikely for the 'Muenster Moose' to return.