May Monster Cash giveaway, where you stand a chance to win $100.00 in cold, hard cash. But that's not all - we have an additional bonus draw where you can enter to win another $100.00! Keep your ears tuned in to 107.5 Bolt FM as we reveal where we are and how you can snag these fantastic prizes. 

We only have two locations left!

A big shout out to Troy Behiel for getting the trivia question correct and pocketing. $100.00.

troy behiel

Also, our draw barrel had a bunch of names inside and Brenda was our winner!


Today's clue: In a bustling place, shelves stacked high, produce in rows beneath the sky. From snacks to spices, all you desire, a haven for cravings that never tire.

Come and find me and answer today's trivia question and you could win $100.00!