Impact Dance Company held its year-end recital of “The Little Mermaid” over the weekend to plenty of friends, family members, and dance enthusiasts. 

The shows took place on May 27 and 28, in Jubilee Hall at the Uniplex. Dancers took to the stage to show all that they have learned throughout the year from flips and tricks to complicated footwork. 

“We have approximately 130 students who participated in the recital ages 3 all the way up to age 18, and the dancers practice from September all the way to the end of May,” said Kylie Redl-Gosselin, Co-owner of Impact Dance Company. 

Audience members smiled and laughed as dancers acted out “The Little Mermaid” in between dances, and cheers were given as soon as the curtains closed. 

Impact Co-owners Kylie Redl-Gosselin and Terralea Armstrong think the recital is a perfect way to celebrate all the hard work and dedication that the dancers put in every year. 

“We had a competition season, and we did really, really well. We attended four different competitions around the province, and dancers came home with all sorts of trophies and medals and scholarships, so it was a great way to wrap up our year.”