Humboldt City Council entertained a delegation from the Lake Lenore Lions Club and Lions Clubs International at its regular Monday meeting on February 27. District Governor Beryl Bauer and Local Chapter President Tim Prodahl were on hand to provide information to council, and to seek its support, in sponsoring a renewed club in Humboldt. The Lions had been an active service group in Humboldt until their disbanding in 2001, said Bauer. In an ironic twist, it was the Humboldt Lions Club who sponsored the Lake Lenore group’s establishment in 1956. It was time for a turnaround, and for Humboldt to see the support of the Lake Lenore organization in resurrecting its club. 

“We believe that reviving a Lions Club in Humboldt would add to the already great reasons to be a part of this community,” Bauer stated during his presentation. “The Lake Lenore Lions Club would be honoured to sponsor a Lions Club in Humboldt. Unfortunately, the Humboldt Club ceased to exist in 2001. We believe circumstances have changed - Humboldt has changed, and a strong Lions Club is possible.”

With a network of 55 clubs in the northern region of the province and affiliated clubs around the globe, Lions Clubs International is the largest service organization of men and women in the world. Their mandate is simply, “We Serve.” Clubs contribute to the wellbeing of their own communities, provide a social outlet for their members, and galvanize community spirit around projects both at home and farther afield. Bauer cited Lake Lenore as an example.

“I’m proud to say that it’s helped to sustain our community in a wide variety of ways. When facilities such as our community hall became aged, too small to accommodate larger functions, and in need of expensive renovations to meet ever changing public building requirements, over 25 percent of the cost was pledged and provided by our club.”

Bauer noted that Lions in Lake Lenore continue to provide operating funds and support to sustain the social and recreational facilities in the village. Contributions such as the joint Lions, school, and Co-op donation to the food bank demonstrate the Club’s outreach in the area. 

Bauer said his research showed a decline in the service organization opportunities in the city of Humboldt. One such example was the dissolution of the Jaycees (Junior Chamber International or JCI). Bauer noted that because of the age restriction on the organization, many active members would simply “age out.” Bauer says that any former Jaycee members electing to join the proposed Humboldt club won’t face that issue. 

“The Jaycees had a membership threshold for those forty or under. There can be no success without successors, and for various reasons, this service club hasn’t been able to be sustained. In the case of Lions Clubs, once you turn 18, you can serve as a Lion until ‘death do you part.’ Our club has members in their 20s and 30s, and we have contributing members who are well into their 70s and 80s.”

Bauer talked about some of the other outreach initiatives by Lions Clubs including a focus on family well-being and disability support, particularly with guide dogs.

Bauer’s presentation was primarily an invitation to Council to support their venture in Humboldt, and to inform Council members and the public about the exciting service opportunities that await with a minimal time investment. Council members posed questions and expressed interest. Acting as a private citizen, Mayor Michael Behiel issued support from his business to the tune of $500 to help launch the club. 

To further facilitate contact, the Lake Lenore Lions members are hosting a welcome pancake breakfast on Sunday, March 19, 11:00 am at the Bella Vista Inn. The breakfast is free for everyone and it offers men and women a chance to ask questions and potentially sign up. Anyone seeking more information ahead of that date can contact Beryl Bauer by phone at (306) 231-9987 or by email at