According to population data from Statistics Canada's 2021 census, Humboldt has surpassed Melfort's size in population. 

Humboldt has seen a considerable increase in population from 2016, jumping from 5,869 to 6,033 in just 5 years. 

Mayor of Humboldt, Micheal Behiel, was pleased with the news. 

“I definitely am pleased to see that Humboldt’s population did take a near 3% increase in size. To me, it is a testament to the hard work of our businesses and city administration in ensuring that Humboldt remains an extremely attractive place to relocate to and want to live, do business and play. 

Behiel stated that the increase was a positive reaffirmation of the situation the City has been working towards. 

With a growing population, the City states it will make grants easier to access. 

“It definitely increases some of the ability for us to access additional funding grants and allows us to then gain more money for infrastructure work or studies and feasibility reviews without having to put the burden on our tax payers.”