The excitement of the Juno awards returns to Saskatoon, and for one Humboldt musician, that excitement generates a great opportunity in tandem with a new musical release.

Greg Torwalt, originally from Humboldt, is part of Too Soon Monsoon. The band’s sound is immediate, passionate, smartly layered, and rhythmically intriguing. It’s a rich sound that’s evolving with new bandmates, and Too Soon Moonsoon is poised to gain national attention as part of Juno Fest. 

Juno Fest is a two-night pre-award show celebration of music sponsored by the CBC. With fifty acts and ten venues, Too Soon Monsoon will be joining some of Canada’s musical heavy hitters including Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo and folk-rock powerhouse Whitehorse on March 13 and 14. 

Too Soon Monsoon’s latest release due out on March 6th is a powerful collaboration with Saskatchewan First Nations rapper Eekwol. A remix of the band’s song “Cycle of Conflict”, the new rendition incorporates a driving undertow of rhythm, Eekwol’s commanding delivery and Torwalt’s soaring and sometimes ethereal vocals. The release comes just in time for their Juno Fest performance. 

Too Soon Monsoon is booked to headline a Friday night gig in the upper lounge of Saskatoon Riverdale staple, Drift Cafe. Torwalt is excited about the prospect. 

“We are very honoured to be included on this bill. It’s an awesome opportunity for us.”

The set will include songs from the band’s first two EPs along with new music from their album and the aforementioned remixed track. That combined with a new band member will create energy says Torwalt.

“It’s our first show with a bassist. Steve Adams used to play with One Bad Son, but he’s not playing with the band, so he let us know. We’ve been rehearsing with him for the last couple of weeks. It adds a great low end to our sound, and it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The new remix project was a brainchild once the band got the nod for Juno Fest. Their release of the two-track EP, Stop The Cycle of Conflict comes with a new video on the Friday, March 6 release date. 

“It’s exciting to have this opportunity to know that there will be a few more eyes on us and on musicians from Saskatoon. It’s great to have our music and our message heard by more people.”

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