Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) was the recipient of a donation by the HCI Alumni Committee, showcasing all the past graduates in a slideshow. 

A touchscreen was installed on a wall labelled 'The Legacy Wall' inside of HCI, featuring all graduating classes dating back to 1976. 

“We are very proud through the generous donation from the HCI Alumni Committee to have been able to complete a Grad Picture Legacy Wall that allows current students, alumni, and guests to search for grad photos from years past that have been digitized by Richard Jenkins,” stated HCI Principal Shaun Gardiner. 

Maureen Doetzel, treasurer for the Humboldt Alumni Association, spoke about the importance of the donation and wall installment. 

“Everybody can see the pictures and go back to find people that they know from previous years.”

Students have been intrigued with the installation, explained Gardiner, with students looking at the pictures in their free time. 

Doetzel explained the idea of installing a screen featuring all the alumni has been talked about since 2002, but was forgotten until approached by Gardiner. 

“We had funds left in our reunion account, and that is what we did with the rest of the funds. We are just really happy we could give the funds to the high school for the project.”

The wooden artwork featured above the touchscreen was donated by HCI teacher Brian Hinz, making the wall complete. 

HCI alumni looking to visit the high school to see the past pictures are invited to do so, but must contact the school before the visit.

Anyone holding photos of any past graduation class prior to 1976 is asked to send a photo by contacting HCI at (306) 682-1010 to complete the collection.