Throughout the month of June, Town of Vonda residents didn't know from morning to morning if they would wake to a yard invaded by bright pink Flamingos and a notice to contact the local library for flock removal services.

 The scheme was all part of a creative library fundraiser aimed at raising money to host programs and improve the library space. Residents were given multiple ways to participate. For those who didn't want their lawn flocked, they could simply donate a $5 opt out fee. For those who wanted to join the fun (or pull a good trick on a friend or neighbor), all it took was a quick call and small donation to the library, requesting that the birds land on a lawn of choice. Once a yard was flocked, residents could call the library, pay a simple removal fee, and then request that the flamingos be placed on someone else's lawn.

 The event brought out community spirit as family, friends, and neighbors competed in good humour, keeping the birds hopping from yard to yard, nominating the next victim who could very well return the favor in quick, friendly retribution.

 "$411.00 was raised for the library, and we are so appreciative to all who donated and to those, of all ages, who volunteered their time to help run it," said Branch Librarian Rebecca Fehr. "The flamingos were a cheerful presence in town, because of their lively pink color but also because it was so encouraging to see community members want to receive and share them. We had a lot of children very happy to have the flamingos arrive on their lawns, but they also wanted to assist in moving the birds. This whole event was a chance to meet new town folk and reconnect with long-time residents. It was just so much fun to get out and meet our neighbors again."