There's a lot of discussion around the Federal Governments move to introduce amendments to Bill C-21 that would also result in banning several types of hunting rifles. 

Conservatives MP for Cypress Hills-Grasslands Jeremy Patzer says it's not based on any evidence.

"The claim from the government is that they're only trying to ban semi-automatic firearms that can receive a cartridge that can hold more than five rounds. But what we're seeing is there's a lot of single-shot firearms in there. There's a lot of your regular hunting rifles that are part of this ban."

He says the government's already trying to backtrack in their in their messaging a little bit, but we're not seeing them take any action on repealing it from the amendment they provided.

Patzer says instead of going after the illegal guns used by criminals and street gangs, the Liberals are targeting hunters and farmers.

"These are firearms that have been used and owned legally. By legally vetted firearm owners for decades, and decades and have never been a problem to society. So, we want to see the government take a more focused approach on gangs, and on illegally obtained firearms which has been identified as the main problem by chiefs of police."

He notes what they're doing with this ban has nothing to do with any of these illegal firearms that are the problems with crime.