Colony Chevrolet GMC Buick in Humboldt injected some major capital into the Humboldt Golf Club Community Event Centre project with a $30,000 donation. Colony President Maurice Plemel made the announcement on June 23, alongside Corey Schwitzer, Golf Club GM and Dave Hill of the Board. 

The donation shows the confidence in the project, said Plemel, and reinforces the importance of stepping up for community ventures like the Event Centre. 

“We’ve been in this community and doing business since 1972, and we’ve always been supporters of anything that adds to the community as a whole. This is a facility that has community wide impact, and that’s what it's all about. We love this community and we love doing business here.”

Plemel says that Colony Chevrolet GMC Buick has been in the corner of many community endeavours over the years, including the Uniplex and the Humboldt and District Health Complex during their respective construction. Now, a new venue that can enhance the ability of Humboldt to connect people in large gatherings is a win for all concerned. 

Plemel acknowledges that many community businesses have become involved, either with cash donations or with a pledge of labour and materials. Among those Plemel notes are Brockman Enterprises, Tremblay Electric, Denis Saretsky, Top Tier Concrete, CIM, RONA, Zimroz Designs, Hergott Electric, and the City of Humboldt itself. 

“The value of this, I think, has been obvious in that the City of Humboldt has said this is a good project, and they have stepped up to back this as well. It’s important, and there’s a large percentage of the community that agrees with the project.

Corey Schweitzer echoes Plemel’s sentiments about the need for a venue of this size in the city.

“The community needed a facility of a little larger size. The atmosphere on the golf course adds to the facility. We fit into a size between Jubilee Hall and the rink surface at the Elgar Petersen Arena. We’re at 8,000 square feet and can easily seat 400 people with tables.”

The structure is impressive and provides for a well-lit and accommodating atmosphere. The main tent structure is up and has already been used for some community and private events.

Schweitzer acknowledges that projects of this size cost a lot of money and are not always of interest to lending institutions. It's the generosity of businesses like Colony and other contributors that make the ideas become reality.  

``Without big support from communities and contractors and private businesses like Maurice’s, along with private individuals that make donations, some of these things won’t financially make sense within a timeline that financial institutions would be interested in.” 

The structure certainly adds a new dimension to the golf course, states Plemel, but the fact that it will house private and community events provides the big payoff. Humboldt Golf Club is fast becoming recognized as one of the premier 18 hole courses in the province. Now with the Humboldt Golf Club Community Event Centre nearing completion, a new chapter will soon open for the city and those seeking an event destination.

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