In an effort to respond to the need for improvements to traffic safety and continued demand for upgrades to its airport, the City of Humboldt passed a pair of recommendations. Both authorize City Administration to apply for grants to support the separate projects. 

The first recommendation was for an application to the Provincial Traffic Safety Fund that could provide 75 percent of the cost for a radar speed sign initiative. The recommendation reports outlines the following replacements and additions:

• St. Dominic Sign Replacement – Northbound – Main Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue 

• Hwy 20 north entry sign (approaching residential houses on west side) – New Installation – Southbound between 14th Avenue and 13th Avenue. 

• Replacement of the radar trailer sign – Used for various locations around the city

The City would be responsible for the remaining $3,750 of the cost which would be funded from the street sign repairs budget. 

The second recommendation was for acceptance of the Community Airport Partnership for a grant that would partially fund an aerodrome feasibility and planning study. The grant would provide 50 percent of the proposed $60,000 cost. 

The application for the grant was initially denied in 2022. The CAP Fund administration approached the City stating that they would be prepared to provide the funding if the City of Humboldt still wished to proceed with the study, explained Director of Public Works Peter Bergquist.  

The recommendation report notes that Humboldt’s airport is aging and is a concern to its users. A local flying club has expressed an interest in seeing the facility expanded, thus the need for planning service levels and maintenance. 

Council voted to accept the CAP Funding and proceed with the aerodrome study. It also approved the application to the Provincial Traffic Safety Fund to support the sign replacement.