During the regular meeting of City Council on January 23, Council addressed the recommendation to renovate the Reid Thompson Public Library solarium. 

“The Library solarium project was identified several years ago as an issue with the building construction there. As such, Council started putting aside money from each year's budget into a reserve for this time,” said Michael Ulriksen, Director of Community and Leisure Services.

The design along with the aging of the solarium has led to water infiltration and an inability to regulate temperature effectively within the building. 

Throughout 2022, the Facilities Maintenance Manager worked with library staff on potential options for the renovation, leading to a meeting with an engineer. Robb Kullman Engineering LLP developed preliminary drawings for the renovation, with the administration saying they are ready to move forward to the tendering phase of the project, with hopes to award the project by the spring of 2023. 

Council passed the recommendation, using funds from the reserve balance, which sits at approximately $85,359.53, for the project. The administration estimates the cost will be around $63,600. 

cost breakdown

The only expense drawn from the reserve thus far has been the engineering work completed in 2022 on the construction drawings, at a cost of $4,640.47

“Administration is confident this project can be completed this year, and well within the amount in the reserves for the project," said Ulriksen. 

The hope is that the project is completed by the end of the year.