After coming through a challenging winter, its important to make sure cattle are on a good mineral program. 

Saskatchewan Livestock and Feed Extension Specialist Travis Peardon says in order for a cow to calve at the same time next year she must rebreed within 80-83 days after calving. 

He notes having a good nutrition program is fundamental.

"Having a strong mineral program is really important for your cow herd. It has a positive effect on feed efficiency. It has an effect on growth, immune function and then most importantly fertility. Those are probably the biggest reasons we want to have a good mineral program for our cows."

When looking at your mineral program, the most talked about macro minerals are calcium and phosphorus and their ratio in the body, which should be at least two to one. 

The type of forage or pasture will influence this ratio as legumes are generally high in calcium while grasses tend to be lower.