Much like the situation last year, Minor Hockey is having trouble finding officials back on the ice. 

“A lot of people packed it in after COVID, and we are struggling to get officials back on the ice,” stated Dean Elmy, Referee Coordinator for Zone 5. 

Elmy says the challenge isn’t only a problem in Humboldt but province-wide. 

“This is a province-wide issue. For myself, who takes care of officials in the Humboldt, Muenster, Watson, Lanigan area, it is an issue.”

Becoming an official is the perfect solution for those looking to stay in the game of hockey, but not necessarily by playing, says Elmy. 

“For kids that are done playing minor hockey, but want to stay involved, want to get exercise, want to make a little bit of cash, it’s a great opportunity.”

He says being an official is much like playing the game, as you are on the ice with the officials as a team, and a bonus is having the best seat in the house.

Elmy says there is plenty of help available to get officials on the ice.

“Leagues and teams understand that there is a shortage and want to help out also. We are very lucky in this little area that we are in; there are a lot of senior officials that are definitely willing to help out younger officials or inexperienced officials to help them along. The help is available, we just need some numbers to sign up and get to the rink.”

Those interested in becoming an official for the area, male or female, can contact Elmy by calling (306)-231-5915.

More information about officiating can be found on the HockeySask website.