Today is the glorious day where we stretch our democratic muscles and cast our ballots to elect the governing party of Canada. But there are some people who will choose not to take advantage of the awesome privilege that it is to vote. Well here are a few reasons why you should take 10 minutes out of your day to let your voice (or vote) be heard.

1. Personal: Voting for a party that BEST SUITS YOUR NEEDS and will benefit you in the long term. Whether it's better tax rates or benefits to parents you can have your say by casting a ballot.

2. Democracy: We live in the greatest Countries in the world and one of the main reasons is because we have the CHOICE to pick our governing party.

3. Complaining: You can't complain about what the government does or is if you didn't vote. Voting gives you the RIGHT TO GRIPE!

4.You Owe it Your Community: If you don't vote you hold back a POINT OF VIEW that matters at the local and national level.

5. Opinion: How many times in your life does someone ask YOUR OPINION? Let the country know what you think by voting!


Here is more infomation on where to VOTE.

107.5 Bolt Fm will have full election coverage this evening, stay tuned for a comprehensive take on what is happening during election 2015.