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Morris the Magician

wayne morris

Wayne Morris the Magician/Hypnotist stopped by today to tell us about his show this Saturday!


Spring Into Camp with the Broncos!


It's that time of the year again! The Junior 'A' Humboldt Broncos are looking for the next big line up of players out there in the big world of hockey! Their annual Spring Camp returns to scout any young hockey talent out there that want to wear the Humboldt Broncos across their chest!


Their Web site will have more information for you!

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Weird Food Wednesday: Triple 'B'


Barbecue sauce might be the world's greatest condiment, but typically it is associated with various types of meat.

Perhaps that's why a listener suggested that we try putting barbecue sauce on ice cream, toss in some bacon, and make it a "Triple B" by throwing in bananas.

We decided to put our own twist on the combination by using a banana split as the base layer.

It should be noted that bacon crumble works as a fine topping on ice cream. BBQ sauce, however? Yeahhh, not so much.

Click below to watch Episode 3!

Codie Prevost "All Kinds of Crazy" in St. Gregor

Things got "all kinds of crazy" at the St. Gregor hall on Saturday night.

Codie Prevost stopped for a show in St. Gregor for the first time and let me tell you, it was awesome.

Codie always puts on a great show but this could have been one of his best yet, in my books.

Around 300 lucky people were able to take in the sold out show.

Codie featured some special guests including, the Barley Boys and Ray Whitton.

Prevost played some original songs such as "All Kinds of Crazy," and "Honky Tonk Groupie," along with many covers that had the crowd on their feet and on the dance floor for the majority of the evening. ~ Angie

codiemarch14Codie Prevost put on a show on Saturday night in St. Gregor. During his performance he was joined by the Barley Boys.

codie2march14Ray Whitton joined Codie Prevost on stage at the St. Gregor hall on Saturday evening.

Angie&CodieAnd your not gonna not get your photo taken with Codie... Yours truly was the MC for the show.

Let the Sunshine IN

sunshineThe solar powered dog gathering energy

It's not quite nice enough for her to lay in the sun on the deck, but the solar powered dog is bound and determined to store up some energy.

So this is her compromise.  You can find her each morning following the sunbeam around the kitchen.

In this way, I think she just might be part cat.

Now, the nice news about this behaviour is this means the days are getting longer, and spring is near.

And according to the upcoming forecast, I will see a lot more of the sunbathing dog for the next few days.

Bring on Spring!