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The Joys of being short

tall v short


There are many drawbacks to being short.  The nicknames to start, and the fact that I need to carry a stool around my kitchen.   Short people need to learn how to hem their pants at an early age, and the annoyance of never being able to get anything off of the top shelf when I go for groceries.

But you can look at some of these as positives too.  I learned how to sew early, as my mom hates hemming pants.  The fact that capris are in style now means I can purchase them as pants, and I don't need to hem at all.

Yes, my head gets leaned on on occasion, but at least when I fall, it's a really short trip to the ground.


Where Would you Like to Go Today?

Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank and you don't need to rob a convenience store for extra travel cash; other wise you'll just end up with a fold up chair to the head.

23 Criminals Who Haven't Quite Got The Hang Of Crime Yet


Here’s a guide to the best travel experiences that – like love – don’t cost a thing.

1. The Kensington Museums, London, UK
2. Star gazing in the desert, Nevada, US
3. Lunch at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India
4. Rock al Parque, Bogotá, Colombia
5. Trek up Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa


1. Saskatoon Western Development Museum- 1910 Boomtown (Saskatoon)
2. Wascana Centre Park (Regina)
3. Royal Saskatchewan Museum (Regina)
4. Government House (Regina)
5. Tunnels of Moose Jaw


Where are some places in Saskatchewan that you visited? Let us know on Facebook!

Sock Monster Revealed

 socksRandom socks after the monster has had them for a while

Anyone who had done laundry knows about the sock monster.

There are lots of different ideas on how to keep your socks in pairs throughout the laundry dilemma.  Whether you ball them together in the laundry basket, or pin them together, or let them float free and hope for the best, at some point, you have probably lost a sock in the laundry.

Now I have always believed that the socks disappeared in the dryer.  I visualized them escaping somehow, and making a nest near the dryer vent where it exits the house.

Well, we were having an issue with our washing machine, and so had someone out to take a look at it, to see if the problem could be diagnosed and fixed.

During the process of checking out the machine, he took the tub right out, and low and behold, there were the stray socks.  Not a single one was mine, apparently only my husband had lost socks to the monster.

Now my illusions of a comfy little sock community are shattered.  (I think I was picturing something like the Fraggles)

Most of the lost socks had been there for a while, and the turning of the washing machine drum had worn holes in them.  And those that were in good condition had long ago lost their mate, so we tied them all together for a toy for the dog.

sock toy

What else do you do with a pile of mis-matched socks?


bunny hughoodie
We're talking "Saskatchewan-isms" you know...the dinner/supper debate, bunnyhug/hoodies, etc. Are we missing any?

Share them with us on our Facebook page!!  

Dancing for a Miracle

Help this group of girls present a nice donation check at Kinsmen Telemiracle 39 in Saskatoon! This Saturday the local belly dance group the Prairie Pearls are hosting an fundraiser event show casing thee specially in cultural dance and live music with the Northern Rebels. Not to forget there will be lots of a great food and prizes for you to enjoy! 

prarie pearls

I was able to get two of the four girls from the Prarie Pearls Tasha and Stefanie to stop by and tell us about there big event this Saturday!

Check out the Prarie Pearls on Facebook

3rd Annual Dancing for a Miracle Event