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Smash Em' and Bash em'

jcihumboldtJCI's 43rd Demo Derby crowed taken by visiting JCI Chapter from Winnipeg in 2014

May 19th marks the 30 day count down till the Sizzler weekend in Humboldt! We invited JCI Humbolt Chapter Tresure Heather Hall to tell what heating up 2015's Summer Sizzler!

jci demo car


In the Field with the Dodds


There's nothing better than a full belly after a long day of work! Each Tuesday from May 5th to May 19th we will be drawing one lucky farm to receive a delicious full course meal! The meals will be delivered to your farm or field the following Thursday. Enter your farm information HERE for out last week out in the field with a free meal for you!

Stumbling Upon a Killdeer Nest


Accidentally found a Killdeer nest the other day. Pretty hard to find considering their eggs blended in perfectly with rocks surrounding them.


Kill Deer are pretty amazing birds, they will fake a broken wing to coax a predator away from their nest, when the predator is far enough away from their eggs they will fly away.


When directly approached with a nest near by, the kill deer will puff up and charge the intruder.

Killdeer get their name from the sound of their chirp which as the name gives away sounds like a dying deer.

Killdeer have been known to follow farmers who are plowing a field, searching the soil for fresh worms.


Life Jacket Up!

Life Jackets Day 1

Today on the Bolt Breakfast Tawni LeBlanc joined us on the Bolt Breakfast to tell us about National Life Jacket today with the Canadian Red Cross! This year is the first (hopefully of many to come) that Humboldt will be involved in for raising awareness in how important life jackets and PFDs are. From now till June 30th you can snap pictures and submit them to Tawni her self at the Aquatic Center in Humboldt or to the Red Cross for a chance to win a group of Life Jackets! Details in side my chat with Tawni This morning! 


Have I Hit Rock Bottom?

RockinFieldI don't think this one will fit in the rock picker.

Seems like no matter how many times you comb through the field, next spring there are always fresh rocks to pick during seeding.

Monday I had a day off which for me means I'm helping out at the farm.

Well after a few passes in the field with the rock picker I noticed there was the top of rock sticking out of the ground.

Unable to budge it with the rock picker, back up was called in.

We managed to get the rock out using a pay loader with a ripper arm attached, low and behold what on the surface appeared to be a rock a foot across turned out to be large boulder.

What is the worst rock you've ever had to deal with in your field? How did you get it out? Comment on the 107.5 Facebook page or tweet me at @QuaroniRonald on Twitter.