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Animal Awarness Week Sept 28th - Oct 4th

animal awarness week

✓ 80% brag about their pets.
✓ 79% allow pets to sleep with them.
✓ 50% talk baby-talk to pets.
✓ 37% carry around pet photos.
✓ 31% take time off work to be with sick pets.

Why do we spay or neuter our pets? Firstly beacuse it is Our Role and, our responsibility as pet owners; but there are many reasons why beside reducing the pet population. It's also for the health and wellness of your beloved furry friend. Spay and Neutering pets will help reduce the risk of cancer and prostate problems and even reduce the tendency to fight with other animals due to testosterone.

It's a known fact that neutered cats will be less territorial and won't roam abroad increasing any chances of getting hit by a car or getting in to fights with other cats. If you have a neutered male cat you also reduce the terrible urine smell and stains that are difficult to remove.

For more information on Animal Awarness Week click on the link!




  • 50% off or buy one get one free sales are at every clothing store
  • UV rating’s out, windchill factor’s in.
  • School kids have already had 17 ‘Professional Development’ days.
  • Air conditioning repair guy finally showed up.
  • You already have the kids’ Christmas list.
  • Grandma now expecting you to wear that ugly sweater she knit 8 years ago.

Ed Sullivan Statue Stolen

ed.jpg large

So a thief has made off with a $45,000 bronze Ed Sullivan statue from Hollywood Hall of Fame plaza! Who'd want to swipe a statue of old school T-V host Ed Sullivan? That's what police in Los Angeles are trying to find out. A statue of the variety show host was taken from an outdoor exhibit at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The solid bronze image was taken Sunday from a pedestal in the academy's Hall of Fame Plaza in North Hollywood. Detectives say they haven't gotten any breaks in the case -- and are asking the public for information that might lead to an arrest.

Some facts for you...

  • The 20 pound, 18-inch high statue went missing sometime on Sunday
  •     LAPD is looking through CCTV in North Hollywood to find the thieves
  •     The statue was at the Academy of Television Arts and Science building
  •     The bronze $45,000 statue was part of an outdoor exhibition of TV stars
  •     The Ed Sullivan Show broadcast between 1948 and 1971


This past Sunday's episode of the Simpsons saw the killing off of another beloved character on the show; Rabbi Hyman Krustofski.

Simpsons FamilyPicture

Here is the latest ranking of the best-ever animated TV series around…What does your list rank??

10. “South Park” (1997-present)

9. “Family Guy” (1999-2002; 2005-present)

8. “SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999-present)

7. “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-95)

6. “Rocky & His Friends/The Bullwinkle Show” (1959-64)

5. “Scooby-Doo” (1969-present)

4. “Peanuts” (1965-present)

3. “Looney Tunes” (1960-present)

2. “The Flintstones” (1960-66)

1. “The Simpsons” (1989-present)


• Packing Lunch at Home – By the time you wash all that Tupperware, spin the lettuce, portion out the protein, have you really saved any time?

• Digital Shopping Lists – Inputting items can be time-consuming and the handheld device too unwieldy to constantly handle. Odds are a good old pencil and ‘treeware’ are quicker.

• Dishwashers – Sometimes the time needed to pre-rinse, load, and unload far exceeds what it would take to hand-wash a few dishes. Often you have to wash things with stuck-on food twice.

• Pre-Made Salads – Some bagged or boxed salad mixes carry the warning that they need to be rinsed prior to consumption, creating far more prep-time than you anticipated.

• Multi-tasking – Sometimes getting the job done right the first time before moving down your list is just more efficient, especially when it comes to issues of accuracy or safety.

• Self-Checkouts – They can often take longer than a cashier, ie: When items don’t scan properly; when the computer claims you haven’t placed something in the bag when you have; when you have to call the supervisor over to clear an item.


smart phone

• There’s an app to replace you.
• It’s afraid it can’t let you do that.....especially when your name is Dave.
• It tells you when you hold it wrong.
• It’s ring tone sounds condescending.
• It complains about having a brain the size of a planet and all it does is forward your text messages.
• Instead of a beep, it sighs in exasperation every time you complete a function.
• It refuses to run fart apps.


Shower head
A new study of shower heads has discovered that about 20% of those investigated contain disease-causing mycobacterium stuck there in their own slime. A University of Colorado study says microbes are everywhere, so finding them in showers is no surprise, but finding them in such large numbers is. Some strains of the bacteria can cause lung disease and showerheads ‘aerosolize’ them, making them easy to inhale. A couple of tips: Microbes grow much better on plastic rather than metal; and the first burst of water is the most microbe-concentrated. For the average person this isn’t a concern, but people with health issues may want to change showerheads every 6 months or so. (I don’t even wanna guess what’s lurking in the drain!)

Humboldt Broncos Home Opener!


Your Humboldt Broncos are ready to start down the road to the RBC Cup!

This Saturday, be there to send them off with the Home Opener Tail Gate Party!

From 5-7, grab yourself a burger and a pop for just $5, and enjoy Live, local entertainment with Humboldt's Gravel Hound!

Clark Stork, the voice of the Humboldt Broncos, will be Live on Location leading up to the big game, when your Bronco's open their season against the Notre Dame Hounds!


Don't forget to follow the Humboldt Broncos on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on everything they do!

Humboldt Touch Football League Awards Night!

FishBowlSept5Fishbowl Cup.

Boston Pizza, the Official Sponsor of the Humboldt Touch Football League is hosting the 1st HTFL Awards Night on Saturday, September 13th at 7:00pm.

The evening will feature a pizza, pasta, salad buffet... that means all you can eat for $20. Half of that ($10 for those who struggle with math like Andy Cohen) will go towards the HTFL, with a portion of that going to support the team that will represent both the league and the City of Humboldt at the provincial championships in Moose Jaw on October 4th and 5th.

Following the awards night, an after-party will be held in the lounge, and will feature the opportunity to win prizes, such as an autographed picture of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

Evan Nyhus, the smooth operator of the Humboldt Boston Pizza has asked myself, Tyler Bieber, to be the local "celebrity" host of the evening. After he called me a celebrity, my hat size went up for some weird reason. Not sure why.

"I had no part in this, why do you have a recorder in front of me, what is this all about," said Nyhus.

Conveniently, there is a CFL doubleheader on Saturday night, with the Calgary Stampeders hosting the Toronto Argonauts at 5:00pm, followed by the BC Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers at 8:00pm. Sounds like a perfect night to me.

On Sunday, September 7th, Team Boston Pizza defeated the Untouchables 21-14 to claim the inaugural Fishbowl Cup, as champions of the league.


Puppy Love

Yesterday (Sept 6th) the Humboldt SPCA held a "Dogs Day in the Park"

Owners and their pooch's were invited to Water Ridge Park for the afternoon to enjoy the fresh air, a BBQ and some owners and their dogs took part in some competitions.

The reason behind the event was to raise money for the Humboldt SPCA, a great idea!

Here are some photos I took, I couldn't stay long, so if your dog isn't in here sorry!