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I'm Not Australian


Jess here, I heard that many people think I am Australian! Unfortunately (accent wise) I am not.

I moved to Saskatchewan 3 years ago, from Brauncewell, England. Brauncwell is a teenie village of 10 houses, There was nothing to do there, no shop, school, post office, nothing. In my spare time I would take my horse, Storm galloping across a RAF (royal air force) field and the park. (highly not recommend) we were chased off several times.

ridingStorm, he was terrified of turkeys and umbrellas. What a guy.


Brauncewell is located in the county of Lincolnshire, it's pretty much the Saskatchewan of England, farming wise. Flat fields, tractors everywhere and the aroma of cow poop from time to time. My parents and I moved here to a sheep farm. We have about 500 sheep, 1 cow, 9 horses, 9 dogs, 10 cats and a guinea pig known as Mr Pig. We like to call it our funny farm.

My first year here was an interesting learning experience;


  • We had no furniture for the first 6 weeks due to shipping issues, this  happened during lambing time and in -45 conditions.
  • We had no idea where the edge of driveway was. The truck was ditched several times, which created an outline of the driveway. So I guess it ended well.
  • Juice is in the freezer section of the store, in a can. That's just weird.
  • Way to many perogies were consumed in a week.
  • You can wear what you want to school, causing extra useless stress.
  • Hockey, men with sticks beating each other up. I love it.
  • Driving on the opposite side of the road. Had to tell mum many times "there's a semi coming towards us" we're OK driving now.....



cowSitting on my friends 4H Cow. Totally ready for rodeo now.

And of course there was getting used to the accent. Slang words, different names for different things. Getting over the shock of some one saying "I didn't wear pants today" meaning they wore shorts instead and did in fact wear underwear.

Three years have past and I wouldn't move for all the money in the world. I do miss things such as fish "n" chips, pickled onion flavoured chips and the smell of rain. Although right now maybe not so much.

Canadians are great people and Saskatchewan is my home, I yell at the T.V during hockey games, love poutine and I can fluently translate Canadian words to my parents!

My few weeks at Bolt have been awesome. Everyone is super nice, especially when they all talk in my accent.... ha ha ha.


Well thanks for reading, cheerio!  


meRocking out in the studio.


World Cup Talk

On the weekend got a chance to talk to Kulani Zwane a humboldtonian about the final four teams in the world cup.


Raise The Roof in Leroy!

July 12 th bruce shapansky auction


Join us Live on Location this saturday in Leroy as we Raise The Roof! Check out the Live Auction, with plenty of sweet items up for grab!


Do You Want Free Meat at Green Water!

As we celebrate 107 days of summer we contimue to give away 100 bucks worth of free meat to grill up. This past Saturday we took a cooler loaded of meaty goodness from Drake Meats along with a BBQ pack from Humboldt Sobeys! Congradulations again to the Stockbrugger's of Watson!



The Carnival is in Town!

Shortcut to ANDYS PREP.ln

Today I talked to Allister Denton, who is a traveling man along with his group of hooligans with the Dr Von Houligans Carnival! Here what Allister had to say about his wet reception into Saskatchewan on his way to Humboldt and what his show has to offer at the Uniplex starting Thursday night at 6:30 and again for 16 and up at 9:30!

 Adults tickets are $15.00 for Advance tickets and 8 12 and under.

Check out this facebook link for more details as well as thier web site!


Tips From A Pro - Week 4!

Humboldt Captures Humboldt

Over the pas few weeks; amateur photographers were able to snap image of there surrounding Humboldt area. In a effort  to win the Our Humboldt Photo Contest for a chance to win various prizes donated by various business. There were three categories to submit for and now here are your winners in each of those categories.


Kyle Fisher's Summer Sizzler
Catagory: Creative / Active


Sheila Nordick's Water Ridge  
Catagory: Welcoming / Connected


Amanda Gesiorowski's Grain
Catagory: Prosperous / Green / Sustainable

McFrappe Giveaway!

Congratulations to Candice Bauer, who was our final winner of 90 free McFrappes from Humboldt McDonalds!Candace

Healthy eating and new shoes

With summer here, Andy Cohen has decided to get up the ante on his healthy eating. Here is a picture of one of his lunches.


I donut know what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, I wouldn't normally decide to post a picture of my shoes, but I felt like you guys kneaded to see these.


I wonder how long after I wear these that they will be toast.

Happy Tuesday!