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He's all about that Baste

all abou that baste

We Can Be Budsies

Well we can but what I mean is your child's drawing can be turned into a budsie for your child.

This is honestly too cool!! It could end up being the most genius gift you've ever given your child.

Your child's artwork can be turned into toys.

Basically you send in a picture your child has drawn and it gets turned into something called a budsie.

With Christmas approaching this would be such a unique gift.

Here is one example. It blows my mind a little bit.



"My name is Michael and I like to do drawings" - Mike Myers



But What Will I Wear?

As we inch closer and closer to December I feel the Christmas spirit rising inside of me as more decorations go up around the city.

There are some great Christmas decorations up already, it really makes me want to start wearing Christmas sweaters.

Here's me and my bestie sporting our Christmas sweaters that we like to bust out at any given time during the holiday season... If you have a beauty of a Christmas sweater I'm sure you do too.

Christmas party"If I can't find anything to wear I'm not going!" - The Grinch

It's almost time to put my creative works into high gear and make a new sweater for the upcoming holiday season.

Christmas sweaters are a must for any Christmas get together.

My hopes for you is that getting ready for family and friend gatherings this year is easier than it was for this guy on his way to whobilation.


Do you have a Christmas sweater that you love?

Will you be rocking it anytime this year?

Moneh, Moneh; Early Bird Deadline Approaches!


More than $150,000 in the grand prize with options to choose from in truck; fifth wheel RV and recreational vehicle and if you don't like that as a grand prize? How about a Custom Cabin package? No? Maybe you just want cash. Take the money and run; 130 grand could be yours by February 21st! 

But I'm not talking about that now. If you wanna find out more just click here 

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ONLY 3,500 Tickets to be sold!

With over 20 draws to happen out of 3,500 ticket max! The odds of you winning cash and prizes with tons of value are REALLY good. Add on that 50/50 ticket as well and that's even more cash you could win. It feels good to win money and prizes to make your quality of life easier. Not only are you bettering your life and future you are also bettering the future of LeRoy with proceeds of the LeRoy Lesuire Lotto going back into the community!

So call 1-800-ya-LeRoy! That's 1-800-925-3769




SANTA! I Know Him

Santa's helpers will be popping up around the mall, Christmas parties and at Christmas concerts in the area very soon.

Santa Clause will be at St. Augustine church on Saturday Dec 6 at 2pm.

As we know Santa has many helpers who go out dressed as him to get toy requests from children everywhere as he is busy up at the North Pole making sure everything is set for the big day.

It is officially one month away... woah, I didn't even realize it until I put it into words how close it really is, one month until the big day.

A Santa sighting has already been made over the weekend.... Can you guess who this is dressed up like old Saint Nick?

SantaAndy"Your not the real Santa, you smell like beef and cheese." - Buddy the Elf

Toasty Buns

seat warmer

Small but mighty toasty.

With the weather getting cooler, ok, down right cold, this weekend, it's time to break down and use the smallest, yet possibly the most powerful, feature in my car.  The seat warmer.

Now, when I first got a vehicle with this feature, I thought it was so cool, I tried it out even though I bought the vehicle in the summer.  I didn't have it on for very long, but hey, why not?

Now, the last three vehicles I have owned have had this feature.  So to me, it's old hat already, and I very rarely use it.  Not so my husband.  His current vehicle is the first he has had with this feature, and he uses his all the time.

For me the big drawback is, once my seat is warm, I turn it off.  Then suddenly my seat feels cold again.  It's a constant back and forth, on, off, on, off and repeat throughout the entire drive.  So, usually, I just leave it off, and warm the seat myself the old fashioned way, by sitting on it.

I have found myself turning the warmer on this week though, and I don't really know why.  Maybe I'm just getting soft, and don't want to wait for the seat to warm up.  I turn it off halfway to work, so the seat still has some heat in it when I get here, and I am still comfortable.

Until I get out of the car at work.  Then I no longer have toasty buns, we're back to chilly ones.

Who Are You?

If you have a big crowed in your family then the Christmas holidays can get quite confusing to explain all the logistics on who and how your connected to each other in the family tree. Bare with me here; You already know who your parents are, grandparents, and 1st cousins...maybe even your second cousins. What about your 3rd cousin twice removed? Or your 4th great grand parent?  

Well here is a great break down of that and how it works. 

twice removed

Something Magical and Full of Wonder

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at the Humboldt and District Museum and Art Gallery.

The Festival of Wreaths is on right now.

I went over there on Friday to check it out and let me tell you, there is some beautiful stuff over there!!

If your somebody who is not quite in the Christmas spirit yet the gallery is the place to get you there.

The festival is set up for a silent auction until December 4th when a live auction will take place. As I said before, tons of wonderful stuff can be seen, if you have some time I highly recommend checking it out.


The gallery looks so good it's almost like being at the North Pole.

Buddy the Elf - "What is this place?"

Gimbel's manager - "It's the North Pole."

Buddy - "No, it's not."

Manager - "Yes, it is."

Buddy - "No, it's not, where's the snow?"



In the on going competition of "Battle of the Sexes" there is one area that men and women can some what agree on. That men take less time to maintain themselves in the hygiene department. The thought goes as saying; men need less time to shower, they don't reqire make up, and men don't really need to fuss with hairsprays and hair dryers. Thus why amoung us men and women we can agree that men take less time than women to clean up good and get ready for a night out. 

Contrary to popular beleif a new Travelodge study suggests men actually take more time getting ready to go out than women. A few highlights for you..


  • Men need an average of 13 minutes to decide on an outfit, while women only take 10 minutes.

  • Men take longer in the shower, requiring 23 minutes compared to the female average of 22.

  • Men also take longer with cleansing and moisturizing, needing 10 minutes on average, while women can rinse and apply in just 9 minutes.

  • Men take longer to shave (18 minutes) compared to women (14 minutes), which is somewhat surprising considering how much more ground women have to cover.

  • Men spend an average of 81 minutes per day grooming, styling, and dressing; women need only 75.


So how come it always seems men are doing more of the waiting right before date night?

Satisfied, or Still Hungry?

mock 3

Mockingjay part 1 opened last night.  It is the first of two movies that will cover the final Hunger Games trilogy book

Splitting books into more than one movie isn't a new thing, just look at Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit, yet there is an art in deciding where to make that cut.  Halfway through the book isn't always the  answer to where your movie leaves off, waiting for the next installment.

Some books, such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, have action throughout the book.  Enough action to visually satisfy an audience and leave them looking towards the final movie.  

The Lord of the Rings is such a heavily detailed piece, with so many things happening throughout, that it was necessary to split the story.  Most of us wouldn't be able to sit through a nine hour movie.  Not without a popcorn break anyway.

And for anyone who is counting down, the final Hobbit movie is slated to be released December 12th.  That is 20 days from today (November 22)  I'm pretty sure most of my family has it marked on the calendar.

But was there enough detail in the beginning of Mockingjay to make this movie stand on it's own?  Or is it just a prop for the final installment?  The first half of the book gives us a lot of strategy and lead up to the final scenes, but most of the "action" is words and thoughts.

Did Mockingjay part 1 feed your hunger for this series?  Or did it leave you unsatisfied about having to wait a year for the final movie?