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Throwback Thursday to TeleMiracle 36


39 years later; Bob will be back in Saskatoon on the same stage where it all started in 1977 this weekend! Here is a featured interview from March 2012 as I talk to Bob McGrath about Kinsmen TeleMircale 36. 

1977 bob



Weird Food Wednesday: Pickle Boats!


Every Wednesday, we strive to take the bar a little bit higher here at Bolt FM by indulging in food items that you won't find in a recipe book, or in a grocery store. 

In the first edition of Weird Food Wednesday, we created Pickle Boats, which combined the tangy taste of pickles with the sweetness of chocolate, dashed with some fire from hot sauce.

PICKLE BOATS (Pickle "Bolts"? ah? ah? Get it...? Ahhhhh!)

The main ingredient in pickle boats is pickles, because they obviously serve as the boat. Feel free to use your own ingredients at your own discretion. Bolt FM is not responsible for any combinations that leave you feeling blue.

A Bolt FM Pickle Boat consists of Louisiana Hot Sauce, Nutella, Gummy Bears, Ketchup, and Peanut Butter, with Paprika as well as Cinnamon sprinkled on top for seasoning. 

The best type of pickle to use is a dill pickle, in which you finely slice down the middle of the pickle, but be sure not to cut all the through, so as to ruin the design of your boat.

We would love to hear your crazy food concoctions, or things you would like for us to try. Simply e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and submit your "recipe"!

Check out the first episode of Weird Food Wednesday below.

School Buses No Go Today!



South 20 rewards Coach of the Year Dennis Spence


Humboldt's Dennis Spence was presented with his winnings for being named the 2014 South 20 Volunteer Coach of the Year on Monday morning.

Spence was one of five finalists up for the award, and claimed the grand prize of a $1,000 gift certificate for South 20 after receiving the most votes from the public.

"It feels pretty awesome," said Spence, who doubles as a teacher, while coaching for the past 30 years. "I'd like to congratulate the other nominees, they're all well deserving, and the communities they're part of are fortunate to have them as well."

As a former athlete himself, Spence says that played a large role in him becoming a coach.

"When I was growing up, I was involved in sport a lot, and there was a lot of people that spent time with me, and then when you have your own family as well, you take a look at it and it is a way to pay it forward."

Spence feels that seeing a commitment from the athletes is one of the greatest things about coaching.

"I think its watching the kids commitment to practice, and getting out there, and showing up week after week, parents making a commitment to kids, and just seeing that thing unfold," he said. "I've always thought that winning is a bonus of trying, and for me over 30 years, it has been unbelievable, and great to be apart of."

The four other finalists were Trevor Otsig, Chad Hofmann, Kevin Brooks, and Leigh-Ann Biehn. Each runner-up received a $100 gift certificate from South 20.

For more from Spence, click below.


"The Sound of Music" celebrates its 50th anniversary today.


On March 2nd, 1965, the film made its debut in New York. It starred Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp, the postulant-turned-governess-turned captain's wife, against the backdrop of the Second World War. Christopher Plummer played Captain von Trapp.



Also in the world of theater right here in our own backyard on March 20th and 21st. The Humboldt Collegate Institute will present Fiddler on the Roof Jr! Staring some of our local highschool students from the H.C.I! Practice will start today and tomorrow after school! Keep listening to Bolt FM and check back with the Bolt Blog beacuse there is more to come!