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Game Haven March tourney


Every month Game Haven holds a local tourney for any to join, tourneys range from action game to sports games like NHL which was this month. Roughly eight contestants signed up and were ready to play there way to a $100 credit to Game Haven if won. Everyone from young to old enjoyed themselves with glee and excitement as all the games were close. The tournament was a best of three for all rounds but most only needed two. Next month will be a tournament of madden football for the prize of a full sized roughrider helmet, go to Game Havens facebook sight or head down to the store to sign up.

Weird Food Wednesday: Choco Taco!


There is the taco... then there is the Choco Taco. 

We're diving back into the world of gumdrops and lollipops with a sweet treat that still goes back to the roots of your basic taco.

Substitute milk chocolate for ground beef, gummy berries for tomatoes, frogs for lettuce, and cinnamon twists for salsa. Add to that sour cream and shredded cheese, with a plain taco shell, and you get this week's concoction.

If this perks your cuisine interests, we recommend NOT microwaving the taco, as it creates one giant mess that isn't friendly to anybody.

As always, feel free to e-mail us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with your 'weird' food submissions.

April Fools

Ah! They got me again! Once again I am the Fool on April Fools but thats ok!


You would think I would come to expect this before it happens by now but when it does I'm not surprised. I'm like the gullible type of person that if told to look down a tailpipe for gold I'd be the one the with black soot on my face. 

ballonsonfloor andytyler

To those that get fooled today -- Kudos to you and your sense of humor! To those that pull pranks on April fools may Karma be twice as vicious on you. 

P.S if you think this is a tame prank.....the smell in my office is NOT.

Ponds & Puddles

Can I borrow a pair of Hip Waders?



The Early Bird Gets the $10,000!

Friday March 27th 2015 at 5pm was the cut off for the Early Bird in the Humboldt Broncos Lottory of Cash 21!

Here are the winners! 


But don't think you missed out! You can still call 1-844-290-2015 at any time to get your ticket worth $100,000 plus addtional subsitary draws on May 2nd also the 50/50 jackpot is just under 60,000! Get your ticket!