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Photo courtesy Global Saskatoon

The Premier of Saskatchewan made the trip to the east central region of the province Monday.

Brad Wall was in the area for a couple of reasons, he explains one of those.

"A tour of the BHP site which is very, very impressive as they continue to do their work on site in advance in the final decision whether to go ahead or not but it certainly looks like a lot a lot of progress is being made and money invested."

Following that Wall met with local leaders in Lanigan to hear questions and concerns regarding the growth on it's way, led by the BHP Jansen site.

"I have some great municipal leaders there at the RM level, the City of Humboldt, the surrounding towns are really working together to try to sustain the growth that's happening and meet the challenges. They had some requests of our government to help in that so we were there to listen, we had a good day in that area."

Wall was impressed by the site and knows this is big for the province.

"This is a world-class project underway right in our backyard in the province, right in that Humboldt-Lanigan area there and it's something that we never take for granted, that of that kind of growth but we also need to be ready for the challenges that that growth will bring and we will be."

He says the BHP site is more proof Saskatchewan is a global powerhouse.

"Our economy is strong right now, it's a leader. Not just when you look at what's happening in Canada but when you consider we've got a balanced budget, we've got competitive taxes, we're paying down debt and we have companies like BHP looking at large projects like this that I think it does speak to our leadership position we have, not just for the country but internationally."

Humboldt MLA Donna Harpauer and Melfort MLA Kevin Phillips joined Wall on the tour as did Humboldt Mayor Malcolm Eaton, plus the Mayors of Watson, Muenster, Lanigan, LeRoy, and Quill Lake. Also taking part were the Reeves of Wolverine, Prairie Rose, Osborne, Lakeside and LeRoy.

During construction over 2,500 people are expected to work at the site.

BHP has spent over $2-billion on the project already with a final decision expected sometime next summer.

To hear more from our Premier in his interview with Bolt FM's Jace Porten click below.



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