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School Zones are Back Ya'll!

school zone

Parents across the province are celebrating the fact that school starts this week, their kids on the other hand.... not so much.

The summer holidays are at an end, now it's back to reality. Homework, sports clubs, detentions, and the whole "you're in grade 12 now, what are you doing when you graduate". Which may seem like a straight forward question, but in reality, it's the worst question. And those of us who are done school realise what it means,  your last year of freedom before you're an adult. Wonderful.

Anyway, lets get back on track.

School Zones! Something all drivers have to take into consideration. Now, I know that driving 30km/h may seem like you're racing a snail, but it's a safe speed,and keeping kids safe is important! Did you know that;

Up to 70 km/h = $190 + $2 for every km/h over the limit.
Over 70 km/h = $328 + $4 for every km/h over.

Now that's a lot of money, so don't speed. Simple.

Also those cool yellow buses you Canadians have out here (It's like being in a movie) make sure you're keeping an eye out for those too.

Here's the Saskatchewan school zone safety laws.

Remember drivers, follow the law. Keep yourself and all the children safe!

Why You Want Summer to End ( You Just Don't Know it Yet)


• Tailgating – Grilling is great, but grilling + sports + getting way too competitive = even better.
• Hot Cocoa – Not the most ideal drink whe the humidex is 40+
• Halloween Candy – The only time it’s acceptable to have candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
• Apple Picking – If you don’t pick your own apples, then you’re doing Fall all wrong.
• Holiday Leftovers – Mashed potatoes for days. Cranberry sauce on everything.
• Hot Soup – Not to mention cheddar broccoli bread bowls that’ll warm you up anytime.
• Pumpkin Pie – Might as well pop that top button on your pants now. It’s almost pie time.
• Pumpkin Spice Lattés – The first time each year that you catch a whiff of that pumpkin aroma, it’s magic.
• Mulled Wine – The perfect beverage for every Autumn party or family get-together.
• No More Hot Dogs – Bye-bye, Summer. We’ll be wanting you and your weenies again next year. Until then … so long tube steak!

Streetfest 2014

Just some of many Streetfest moments captured!

Thanks to all who came out and supported this awesome event!

StreetFest Adventures!

Well, yesterday's Streetfest was so much fun! Lots of musical acts kept us all entertained throughout the day, the food was delicious and I had a blast running around taking selfies with some great people!

mayorselfieSelfie with Humboldt's lovely Mayor!

prariepearlselfieQuick snap with the Prairie Pearls! There ladies were awesome, surprisingly they managed to stay warm!

broncoselfieRan into the street to grab a quick Selfie!


jacobselfieJacob was on location for our 107 days of summer!


tylerselfieNot sure what to say about this one....



soundguyselfieSound guy selfie!


selfiewithfanCool Shirt!


streethocleyStreet Hockey!


image.jpeg4Family over from England, enjoying herself at StreetFest!


fishingFishing, although isn't that cheating? haha

107It is a 5! The paint wasn't easy to use!


buskerJordon Lee busking, he also came 3rd in the Sound Cheque Showcase!


Streetfest 2014

StreetfestStreetfest 2014 click HERE to find out more!

Streetfest 2014 starts tomorrow!


Children's Wish Million Dollar Lotto

wish lotto

Time is running out! You only have until midnight August 28th to qualify to win 1 million dollars and even less time to qualify for the early bird by midnight tomorrow night! 

Keep in mind as you buy your ticket to win cash; you help local children effected by illness in our province to have their wishes come true! Listen to my conversation with Gay Oldhaver. Gay is the Director of the Children's Wish Foundation; she tells us about the prizes and how you can help two local connections to have their wishes come true!


Saskatchewan Children's Wish Foundation on Facebook

Call: 1-800-267-9474



An Electric Evening.

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Here are some great Images captured last night. I also caught some great images on video of last nights mild thunder storm.

A Thrifty Way to Give Free Slushies!

photo 1 copy

Thanks to everyone that came out and visted Bolt FM at Thrifty Market on Tuesday August 19th! During Lunch to celebrate one hundred and seven days of summer we gave away from slushies to cool down under in 29 degree heat!

The Best Bad Poems

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Today Is national "Bad poetry day", pretty cool. So, as I do I decided to ask our lovely face book followers to give me their best worst poem. Here are the poems!

I'm getting old and feral, my lights are going out. What used to be my attractiveness is now my water spout.

you made us laugh you made us cry we all loved you and will miss you terribly we will treasure your shows forever and keep you close to us
memory of robin Williams:(

Roses are Red....Wine is also Red,.... Poems are Hard...., Wine

Spring, summer, fall,
Winter sucks

Roses are red, the Bolt logo is blue. This station is great, Why don't you listen too?

Roses are red.. Violets are blue.. If you expected a poem that makes sense... then it sucks to be you

To my family ...Roses are Red , Violets are blue ...I didn't think I could love anyone as much as I LOVE YOU ♡♡♡

Roses are red violets are blue 12 beer cost less than dinner for two

We had a toaster once
That claimed it featured
"Toast Logic."
It never seemed to toast
The bread the same way
Two times in a row.

So maybe its logic
Was toast.






Gamblin' Man: Kenny Rogers

Congratulations to Kenny Rogers for being honored with the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award at the 47th Annual CMA Awards!

Kenny Rogers has particularly strong memories for one item on display in his exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. He says it's the holster he wore for ``The Gambler'' T-V shows.

There were five ``Gambler'' specials and Rogers says he was approached about doing a sixth one, but he feels he's just not up to it anymore. He jokes he would have to be shot in the left leg and the right shoulder in the first scene. The ``Kenny Rogers: Through the Years'' exhibit runs through next June.

The Gambler is a series of American revisionist western TV movies starring Kenny Rogers as Brady Hawkes, a fictional old-west gambler. The character was inspired by Rogers' hit song "The Gambler".


  • Kenny Rogers as The Gambler (1980) (TV)
  • Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues (1983) (TV)
  • Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues (1987) (TV)
  • The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (1991) (TV)
  • Gambler V: Playing for Keeps (1994) (TV)