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Teach a Man to Fish....

FishingLureRon's preferred fish lure.

"Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll sit on a  boat and drink adult beverages all day."

Well hopefully you can catch some fish while enjoying a cold one.

Had a great time fishing on the bank of a creek between St. Brieux and Lake Lenore the other night and I figured it's a good time to let everyone in on my favorite lure combo when catching my finned friends.

Just a red and white spinner, on a jigger head, toss on a little beef heart and the fish will come a running (figuratively).


Fished for about 45 minutes and landed a couple Walleye and a Northern Pike.


Quick little fillet job on the back of buddies truck and they were ready for the pan.


Dandelion Wine?


Here's what Angie and Andy will be talking about tomorrow on the Bolt Breakfast! 


Bingo was his Name-o

bingo 2

As we celebrate 107 days of summer we will be stopping at local events just like the one in Lake Lenore Last night! The season is now officially open for Car Bingo! Never heard of it? simply put -- It's bingo in your car with 50/50 draws and Friends or family fun oh and mosquito bites. 



When we head out to celebrate 107 Days of Summer we will be handing out a variety of prizes in a variety of ways all summer long! So keep and eye for us and keep your self up to date with local events near you by going to the Events Calender! bingo 3

Side Walk Art from the Heart


In the Spring and Summer Months. As you walk by homes and parks. You can't help but notice the imagination of kids leaving their mark with chalk. If your child has being putting their creative art to work with chalk send us yours to by text 306-320-7987! 

Sweet Summertime


Ahh, summer time.

While technically not yet the summer season (to please the literal crowd), the weather as of late has given us a nice (we hope?) preview of what is to come over the next 3-4 months.

Golfing, gardening, fishing, camping, sitting, standing, whatever it may be, the days are long, and the enjoyment level continues to rise.

Of course, within the next five weeks, the kids will be out of school, and occupying the parks, streets, and everything in between.

"Weather" it is enjoying a leisurely stroll down the streets, or relaxing while watching little Johnny and/or Janie play Humboldt Dodgers or Muenster Red Sox baseball - among other local teams, this time of year is something not to be taken for granted.

What is your favourite weather adequate activity?