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Think outside the box..Way outside

Outside the box

Sometimes the gift bag just isn't big enough

Think outside the box...

The time has come to wrap those gifts that you put off to the last minute.  You know the ones, the hockey stick, curling broom or any gift that you just want to make someone wonder what is in there?

How do you wrap those ones?  Gift bags are always popular, but have you ever actually tried to fit  a curling broom into a gift bag?  As you can tell from the picture, it doesn't work that well.

I have realized very quickly over the last month that I miss the easy access to cardboard boxes of many shapes and sizes that my previous retail job gave me at this time of year.  

So I have had to be a little inventive this year in my wrapping strategy.  Thankfully, most of what I have to wrap is small, and I can find a small box for it.

And if all else fails, I guess I can just pick up a really large bow.

Would you rather? Holiday Shopping Edition


Would you rather get a root canal, or go holiday shopping?

A recent study shows that as many as one in three people dislike holiday shopping so much that they would rather get a root canal done over going out to shop.

The lines, the madness, the absolute chaos. 

Atleast in a dentist's office the mood is quiet and soothing... except if you don't like holiday music... oh no, what if they're playing holiday music. 

I question the validity of the study as well.

Do these people NEED root canals, and would just choose to get the appointment done when they conveniently do not have to go shopping?

Holiday Gift Superstitions

gift supers


  • Dont give sharp objects like a knife, scissors, or letter opener. it sends harsh energy to the receiver and is said to sever the friendship

  • Don’t give watches and clocks. They’re popular gifts in North America but in Eastern culture they suggest a limited lifespan.


  • Don’t give empty wallets and purses. Always include a small amount of money.


  • Don’t give handkerchiefs. They suggest that you expect the recipient to be doing a lot of crying in the future or to be wiping away sweat from frustration.


  • Don’t give long-stemmed red roses with thorns because they are said to cause the relationship to suffer. Yellow, cream, or pink roses with no thorns would be a better choice.

  • Sweets are a great gift. They symbolize that you wish the person to have a sweet life, so they mean good fortune.
  • Never recycle gifts. When you re-gift, it symbolizes that you are giving away your friendship with the person who gave you the gift.


If you want nothing, you get nothing

What do you get someone who says they want "nothing"?

Introducing.... the Nothing Box!


This delightful, yet small box has absolutely nothing in it, and features beautiful cherry finish.

The gift giver purchases the box, and delivers sheer joy to the gift receiver by giving them exactly what they wanted - nothing!

You Need Nothing was created by a gentleman in the Netherlands, and each box is handmade with a unique product number. Proceeds go to charity.

If all else fails, just find a plain ol' cardboard box such as the delightful one pictured below.


Only 9 More Days

Are you one of those people that wake up on Christmas Eve morning to realize you haven't finished, or maybe you haven't even started your Christmas shopping?

Now you have to figure out which stores are open so you can go shopping! Yikes!

No worries, the Humboldt and District Chamber of Commerce has you in mind.

A list was put together by the Chamber to provide you with business hours during the holiday season.

No need to make phone calls or run around town in search of open businesses, to view the schedule click here.

It's the Chamber's Christmas gift to you.





How Men Measure Up


There's a reason why men's noses are bigger than women's (and it's not beacuse men lie more). A new University of Iowa study that charts nose size and growth reports that male noses are, on average, 10% larger than female noses. The research team has found that gender differences in beak size begin to materialize at around age 11, roughly in concert with the onset of puberty, which sparks the growth of more lean muscle in men and more fat in women. It’s thought that bigger noses enable men to draw in more oxygen, which helps them grow and maintain those muscles.


So much for the age-old belief that women are more nosy.



Organizational (Dysfunction) Structure


For the fifth time in five years, the Edmonton Oilers will attempt to right the ship by changing bench bosses.

The club announced on Monday that they have fired Head Coach Dallas Eakins, just 18 months after he made the leap from the AHL's Toronto Marlies.

General Manager Craig MacTavish is taking over on an interim, interim basis, as he announced he will step behind the bench for a few games, before allowing Todd Nelson (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan), current Head Coach of the Oilers AHL affiliate, the Oklahoma City Barons take over on an interim.

Wait, say that again.

Eighteen months ago the Oilers hired a coach with minimal NHL coaching experience, who left his job as a minor league head coach. They are now replacing him with a new coach who has minimal NHL coaching experience, who is leaving his job as a minor league head coach.

Throw on top of that the fact that MacTavish was fired by the organization as head coach five years ago, and eventually brought back to try and turn the franchise around.

Wait, say that again.

The Edmonton Oilers fired Head Coach Craig MacTavish five years ago, and in 2012, brought him back in a Hockey Operations role, eventually letting him take over the club's roster.

MacTavish replaced Steve Tambellini as GM, who stepped in for Kevin Lowe, who the team promoted to President of the organization, despite the fact that in seven seasons as GM, Lowe's biggest accomplishment was having MacTavish catch lightning in a bottle in 2006, which nearly resulted in a Stanley Cup Championship.

Part of me wonders if the Oilers are still holding on to that season in their minds, because despite the fact that they have had two General Managers, and five - potentially six next year (seven if you include MacTavish), Lowe has had none of the multiple losing seasons fall on him.

Sorry, he knows how to win. Forgot about that.

Infact, Lowe knows how to win so much so, that in the 16 years that he has been with the organization post-playing career, the Oilers have won a grand total of three playoff series, while missing the playoffs ten times - eight straight - and you can bank on that number increasing for this year and beyond.

Perhaps Lowe is including the six times he rode on the coattails of eight Hockey Hall of Famers.

Fair enough, but then perhaps it is time to include Randy Gregg in the organizational structure.

Hey Good looking what you got cookin'

How's your holiday baking coming along? I asked on the Bolt Breakfast to tell us about your holiday baking and it looks like a few out there have been some busy bakers! Here are some good exmaples!

cooking1 cooking 2

What have you got in the oven? 

The (Canadian) Great Christmas light fight.

 lights4The joy and struggle of putting up Christmas lights

If anyone has watched that show over the last couple of years, it brings certain images to mind.  The acres of land covered in thousands of lights.  The days and people it takes to create those immense displays.  And often, watching the contestants turn on their huge Christmas light display, in a t-shirt and shorts.

Yes indeed, it is definatley an american show.  Many of the contestants are from the southern states, where there is no snow or frozen ground to contend with.


So, what do you do when you live in the great white north?  We have our own version of the Great Christmas Light fight, and it goes a little something like this.

Bring all of the lights inside the house or heated garage to allow them to thaw before you work with them.

One the lights are warm, plug them in one string at a time to make sure they are all working.

Attach lights to house/garage/fence using any plastic device that made it through last year's deep freeze without shattering.

Continuous forays into the house to heat up your hands and feet, and replenish/thaw the coffee you took outside with you.

Plug in lights, then mutter to yourself, because of course now, some of them aren't working.

Shatter some of the plastic bits holding the lights on, as you try to remove them from the house to fix them.

Get fed up, and go to the store to pick up a new set of lights, and plastic bits to attach them.  Oh look, something new for the lawn.

Back to the house, and get the new set of lights up, because now you want to play with the new something for the lawn.

Discover that your something new for the lawn requires a stake to be set in the ground for support, which would have been much easier to do before the ground froze solid three weeks ago.

Devise a way to support the lawn decoration without a stake, as you broke the plastic stake trying to pound it into the frozen ground.

Back into the house to check for any frostbite, and wait for dark, to see the full effect of your efforts.

Dark has arrived, the timers work, and you have triumphed in the great Christmas light fight once again.

For all those who do this every year, so we can enjoy the lights of your efforts, I thank you.  You do an incredible job each and every time.


Santa Claus (and Olaf) strikes back


Andy Cohen must have been naughty this holiday season, because Santa Claus showed up with the assistance of Olaf to terrorize him with snowballs.

Thanks to the HDHF's Lorrie Bunko and Allison Eichorst for doing what most of us want to do... throw things at Andy.