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Satisfied, or Still Hungry?

mock 3

Mockingjay part 1 opened last night.  It is the first of two movies that will cover the final Hunger Games trilogy book

Splitting books into more than one movie isn't a new thing, just look at Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit, yet there is an art in deciding where to make that cut.  Halfway through the book isn't always the  answer to where your movie leaves off, waiting for the next installment.

Some books, such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, have action throughout the book.  Enough action to visually satisfy an audience and leave them looking towards the final movie.  

The Lord of the Rings is such a heavily detailed piece, with so many things happening throughout, that it was necessary to split the story.  Most of us wouldn't be able to sit through a nine hour movie.  Not without a popcorn break anyway.

And for anyone who is counting down, the final Hobbit movie is slated to be released December 12th.  That is 20 days from today (November 22)  I'm pretty sure most of my family has it marked on the calendar.

But was there enough detail in the beginning of Mockingjay to make this movie stand on it's own?  Or is it just a prop for the final installment?  The first half of the book gives us a lot of strategy and lead up to the final scenes, but most of the "action" is words and thoughts.

Did Mockingjay part 1 feed your hunger for this series?  Or did it leave you unsatisfied about having to wait a year for the final movie?

Bon Appetit!

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It's opening day for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 staring Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman who passed away earlier this year. Now Playing at Reel Attractions in Humboldt!

I need to ask you though..how do you feel about movies being split into "parts"?

Does this create an advantage to leave more content in each movie? Or do you feel it's just a ploy to keep us coming back? I will sooner watch part 2, 3, 4, 5 etc beacuse already knowing there will be more to the story. It's a good way to keep away from the word "sequel" knowing a movie has some sort of direction just adds so much more. Plus if you don't like Part 1 you may will already be saying to your self "maybe Part 2 will be better?".

Remember you can win free movie passes to Reel Attractions everyday Monday to Friday on the Bolt Breakfast at 7:30! Wendy was the last winner on the Brainbutser congrats Wendy!

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The Two Best Friends That Anybody Could Have

When you logged onto to your facebook account today you no doubt had a notification.

There's a new way to show your appreciation for a special friend, it's simple, make them a video.



Has anyone done this yet or has someone made one for you? Think you will do one if you haven't yet?


This is my 'go to' form of showing off my friendship with my bestie.


....It's a little SHAKE and BAKE.

That JUST happened!


Humboldt Jaycees R' Spreading Christmas Cheer!!

This week I had Vanessa Ollerich and Darren Moellenbeck of the Humboldt Junior Chamber International group about there two christmas fundraisers! One is a night of fun live music and fanstasic food with prizes and the other will help make your living room festive for the holidatys for a good cause! YOUR COMMUNITY! Listen as these two take us through each event and find out how your support will help get you in the holiday season mood and help out your community! 

 2014 JCI Christmas Poster copy

Christmas Tree Poster


I lost my dog in the snow

Charis JacketBright pink for visibility.

I lost my dog in the blowing snow.

OK, now she did come back in right away, and was in the fully fenced back yard the whole time, but I still couldn't find her.

I have a white dog.  She isn't the color of fresh snow, and she has some patches of brown fur on her, so usually she is easy to spot.  Even in dim light, you just look for the moving brown splotches to know where she is.

However, with the blowing snow this past week, I lost the dog in the back yard.  How does this happen you ask?  Quite easily...it was early morning, so the light was still a bit dim, and there wasn't a whole lot of detail to be seen.  (And alright, I hadn't had any coffee yet.)  She happened to be walking around with the side of her that doesn't have brown spots facing me.  And, oh yeah, the wind was blowing the snow around like mad.  

Blowing the snow around well enough that I couldn't quite make out the detail at the back of the yard.  Keep in mind that the yard isn't that big.

It gave me a moment of panic, thinking a gate had been left open, and she was out for a tour.  

So I am going to blame the weather for me losing the dog in the back yard.  

Now, looking at the forecast, I have a few moments of concern, as we are in for more snow this weekend.  So far the wind doesn't seem to be a factor for the next few days, but let's face it, we live in Saskatchewan.  There is always wind.

So, I have decided that the dog is going to have to wear a sweater or jacket when she goes out in the blowing snow.  We usually reserve her outerwear for walks in the winter, but I'm going to have her wear it for the next little while, strictly for visibility purposes.

Tell me, which do you prefer?  Her cute little hearts sweater, or the bright pink winter jacket?

Charis Sweater

An Un-Charlie Brown Christmas

Rockin' around the Christmas tree
At the Christmas party hop,
Mistletoe hung where you can see,
Every couple tries to stop,
Rockin' around the Christmas tree,
Let the Christmas spirit ring,
Later we'll have some pumpkin pie,
And we'll do some caroling.....

Set up the Christmas tree two nights ago, some might say it's too early and usually I would too but we just got a new one so it was much too exciting not to put it up right away.
Of course along with the setting up of the tree you need some kind of background, whether it's a Christmas movie or music.
We went with watching 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas,' the Jim Carrey movie and then we popped in the cartoon classic afterwards. 
"And they'll sing and they'll sing and they'll sing, sing, sing."
I have to admit I'm really excited that we set it up so early. We usually wait til at least December but the tree just adds that coziness to your home and if it's gonna be cold and snowy outside, I say why not?
We called our old tree a Charlie Brown Tree, we will still set it up in the basement though, we love it too much to get rid of it...we've had it so long its not Christmas without it.
TreeJPGIt's just so nice to meet another human who shares my affiinity for elf culture." - Buddy the Elf
What are your traditions when it comes to the Christmas tree? Wait to set it up or set it up as early as possible?
Do you ever do anything extravagant with the tree?
Movies or music in the back?
Eggnog to accompany the decorating maybe?

To Infinity and Beyond


This is a phrase I get stuck in my head a lot, along with many other quotes from Toy Story, the movie is basically on repeat in my house.

My daughter Paisley absolutely loves this movie and really can't get enough it.

Her eyes light up when it starts and she hardly moves while its on.

You could say the line "To Infinity and Beyond" suits her.

Here she is watching it and she honestly will sit in that same spot for the entire movie.

ToyStory1"Son of a building block, it's Woody!" - Mr. Potato Head.

I can't say that I mind her loving the movie so much, I also think this is a great movie and if it keeps her occupied then it allows me to mark things off my to do list.

With the recent announcement of the making of Toy Story 4, if Toy Story is the only movie she will stay glued to, I can rotate the four movies, right?


What is the one movie you can sit and watch over and over and you never get tired of it?

What are some movies your kids enjoy and you let them watch it over and over so you can actually get things accomplished around the house?

When Toy Story 4 hits theatres will you be going to see it?

Any predictions as to what the story line might be?


Dude, Where's My Car? Under a Snowbank!

Holy Santa Claus!!

Seriously he wouldn't even be impressed with the snow that hit Buffalo.

If you have caught yourself complaining about the snow here in Saskatchewan this year or even previous years, now is probably the time to take a second glance.

Check out these pictures taken in Buffalo.

Buffalosnow1Everyday I'm shoveling.

buffalosnow2We're not going anywhere, Gilbert!

Buffalo3Imagine if you opened the door to this?

This takes the term 'snow day' to a whole new level.

Some of the snow banks are over 10 feet high.

What do you love about snow and what do you dislike about snow?


Photos taken from Twitter

A principal, duct tape, and a wall


If there is a time that I encourage you to hand over your wallets to the kids, it would be on Friday.

HCI students will have the opportunity to duct tape Principal, and noted One Direction/Justin Bieber fanatic Cory Popoff to the wall.

One source, requesting anonymity stated* "Quite frankly, I hope they tape him to the wall and leave him there."

One dollar is all it takes. All proceeds go towards HCI's SADD Chapter.




*quote may be out of context, and altered at the discretion of the blogger.


My brother works at Sears

No, not my brother. Mike Myers' brother. Check out this new Sears ad featuring the Canadian actor and his brother Peter, who has worked for Sears Canada for 32 years.

Does you know anyone who works for Sears Canada? Use the hashtag #mybrotherworksatsears or whoever it may be on Twitter.

Better yet, if you could star in any commercial with a friend or relative, which company would you represent?