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Gorgeous Grandma Day


Today is a very special day, today is national gorgeous grandma day!

So let's thank our grandma's for having such a positive influence on our lives.

Grandma's teach us so much as we grow up, of course our parents do too, but grandma's always see both sides of the problem. Grandma's are problem solvers.

She tells wonderful stories of her past, her childhood, mistakes and achievements. Which help us to grow into the strong people we are.

Grandma's always have the best treats ever! and on occasion she spoils us.

When we're sick and our parents are working, she looks after us, reads us stories and feeds us delicious soup.

Grandma's want their children and grand children to follow their dreams, she's supportive and if things don't work out the first time, she'll help you see another way.

Grandma's are wonderful and deserve all the riches in the world. Show your gorgeous grandma you care today and so something special. Clean her house, weed her garden or just simply sit down and have a cup of coffee and listen to her stories.

Just an ordinary morning...

Andy Mouse


This is what Bolt FM Listeners woke up to this morning.

Andy Gormley

Mud Bogging...What?

MudbogWhoa, I underestimated how much mud was involved...

This weekend is Lake Lenore's Annual Heatwave! All the event's going on throughout the day seem pretty normal to me. Flower competition, antique roadshow, slow pitch tournament and old timer baseball. Fairly straight forward fun stuff!

But, there is one event which I had no idea what it was, mud bogging. So I thought I would do a little bit of research.

Thanks to Wikipedia I found "Mud bogging (also known as mud racing, mud running, mud drags, or mudding) is a form of off-road motor sport popular in Canada and the United States in which the goal is to drive a vehicle through a pit of mud or a track of a set length".

Now how long does this go on for? I mean, driving through a pit of mud may take a while....

So If I had to sum up "Mud Bogging" to my Brit friends, I would probably say "Big powerful trucks or ATV's racing in a heck of a lot of mud, and a whale of a time!"

It sounds like a total blast! I heard to snorkels are even put on the vehicle to prevent mud from clogging up the engine, which is genius! I can't wait to check it out.

I also googled the "Benefits of mud" just in case a roommate, husband, wife etc tell you you're staying outside tonight!

Mud has anti-inflammatory properties - soaking in mud and its minerals can help alleviate aches and muscle pains.

Another mud bath advantage is the soothing effect mud and its minerals -- including sodium, magnesium and potassium -- can have on the skin. Soaking in mud baths can even help relieve the symptoms of many conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea Studies show that mud baths can even improve spinal symptoms. 




Things to Appreciate this Summer!


Saskatchewan summer is a gorgeous time of the year, and even with all the flooding we can still find beauty in our wonderful province!

Here are just a few things to appreciate when feeling down!

It may have rained a heck of a lot but, the fields, trees and gardens are a luscious green.

Thunder storms are amazing here, i love the way the sky lights up!

There are plenty of regional parks and lakes to visit. The heat can get unbearable but a trip to the lake is great to visit with friends and family.

When I drive home I find it really peaceful, the roads are huge here!

Walking/driving by a group of deer in the field, jumping around.

Spending time outside, hanging out in the barn with the horses, reading or anything to get some warm air!



Driving with your windows down and playing your favorite radio station!

A relaxing round of golf.

Getting a sun tan.

Putting your kids artwork on the fridge thanks to some awesome summer programs.


Watching a riders game.

iced coffee and ice cream!


My gosh there's just so much to write down, you get the idea though. We live in a beautiful province and there's so much to do and appreciate. Make the most of the summer and Have a wonderful day!!




Camping Hacks!

alt(Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.com)

Since everyone is going to be out and about this summer, I've decided to show you all a nice little link that gives you a few helpful hints when it comes to your camping trip. I know that I'm definitely going to be trying the chocolate chip filled crescent rolls on my next trip! Enjoy!




The Majestic Gersh

On a full moon in the month of April, a majestic creature was born....



maj gershPhoto courtesy "The Nantwo"

The Gershicorn walks the earth, smashing popcorn onto the floor and copying accents.




When the Gershicorn laughs the room lights up. Smiles widen and the day is just that much better. Yes even Mondays'. The Gershicorn has a big heart, and values her friends. She also LOVES golf, she can play with her hooves.

Every full moon the Gershicorn walks the streets of Humboldt, adding colour to flowers, stocking candy shelves and creating happy dreams for children and puppies.


Do You Appreciate Cows?

This blog is dedicated to all the cows out there. Happy Cow Appreciation Day!



Oh moo cows, you provide us with so much. From your delicious milk, cheese, and yogurt. And of course your scrumptious meat, thank you cows for being awesome!

Oh cows, you hang out in your field with your buddies, eating 8 hours a day and providing us with methane gas.

And especially thank you to the pink cows, for giving us delicious strawberry milk.



So cows, today is your day to sit back and relax. What your favorite Netflix show, and hang out with your friends.











Is it a Bird, is it a Plane, NO it's Tyler Bieber

There are more than 8.74 million species of animals on the planet. (whoa) but ya'know what the most rare species of all is?

You may be thinking the Dodo..you are wrong.

The most rare species of all is in fact the Bieber-Lemur, standing at around 6ft tall, glaring into windows with a blank expression, the Bieber-Lemur stands proudly with his long legs and coffee cup.

tylercoffeeThe Bieber-Lemur sips his coffee

Here are some interesting facts:

He is most comfortable looking at his office friends through windows.

His form of transport around his habitat is his beloved office chair.

Micheal Buble calms the Bieber-Lemur.

Never touch the Bieber-Lemur's hair

tyler4Sitting in his natural position, the Bieber-Lemur helps the lost rookie


tyler3The Biber-Lemur stretches after reading the news.


The Bieber-Lemur is a friendly and helpful fellow. When you see the Bieber-Lemur walking around the streets of Humboldt or driving his car make sure you wave!


I'm Not Australian


Jess here, I heard that many people think I am Australian! Unfortunately (accent wise) I am not.

I moved to Saskatchewan 3 years ago, from Brauncewell, England. Brauncwell is a teenie village of 10 houses, There was nothing to do there, no shop, school, post office, nothing. In my spare time I would take my horse, Storm galloping across a RAF (royal air force) field and the park. (highly not recommend) we were chased off several times.

ridingStorm, he was terrified of turkeys and umbrellas. What a guy.


Brauncewell is located in the county of Lincolnshire, it's pretty much the Saskatchewan of England, farming wise. Flat fields, tractors everywhere and the aroma of cow poop from time to time. My parents and I moved here to a sheep farm. We have about 500 sheep, 1 cow, 9 horses, 9 dogs, 10 cats and a guinea pig known as Mr Pig. We like to call it our funny farm.

My first year here was an interesting learning experience;


  • We had no furniture for the first 6 weeks due to shipping issues, this  happened during lambing time and in -45 conditions.
  • We had no idea where the edge of driveway was. The truck was ditched several times, which created an outline of the driveway. So I guess it ended well.
  • Juice is in the freezer section of the store, in a can. That's just weird.
  • Way to many perogies were consumed in a week.
  • You can wear what you want to school, causing extra useless stress.
  • Hockey, men with sticks beating each other up. I love it.
  • Driving on the opposite side of the road. Had to tell mum many times "there's a semi coming towards us" we're OK driving now.....



cowSitting on my friends 4H Cow. Totally ready for rodeo now.

And of course there was getting used to the accent. Slang words, different names for different things. Getting over the shock of some one saying "I didn't wear pants today" meaning they wore shorts instead and did in fact wear underwear.

Three years have past and I wouldn't move for all the money in the world. I do miss things such as fish "n" chips, pickled onion flavoured chips and the smell of rain. Although right now maybe not so much.

Canadians are great people and Saskatchewan is my home, I yell at the T.V during hockey games, love poutine and I can fluently translate Canadian words to my parents!

My few weeks at Bolt have been awesome. Everyone is super nice, especially when they all talk in my accent.... ha ha ha.


Well thanks for reading, cheerio!  


meRocking out in the studio.


World Cup Talk

On the weekend got a chance to talk to Kulani Zwane a humboldtonian about the final four teams in the world cup.