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Where's the Weather?

caribbean sunsetCaribbean sunrise

We like to talk about the weather.  It always gives us something, whether it be wind, or snow, or rain, or an interesting mix of all together.

Many of us like to get away somewhere warmer at some point in our winter, and really, generally speaking, ANYwhere is warmer than our winter.  At least, that's what I thought as we were getting ready to head out for our holiday.

The day we flew out of Saskatoon, it was -10 at 6 am.  It looked to be a pretty decent day.  We landed in Toronto, and it was -22...WHAT?  When did Ontario decide to have colder weather than Saskatchewan?  Judging by those we saw working at the airport, it was not a popular weather change.

But the funniest story I have about the weather while we were gone was listening to the Miami news last Thursday.  We were getting ready to go into San Juan in the morning, and caught the weather forecast for Miami.  The weatherperson was talking about the "Cold front" that was coming into the area.  "It's going to go down to 30 degrees tonight, so bring in your pets, and cover any sensitive plants.  It looks to be the same tomorrow, so if you don't have to go outside, don't, it's just not worth it."  Keep in mind that this is 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it -1.1 degrees Celsius.  If we had minus 1 degree in February, we all walk around with our jackets open, in Miami they tell you to stay inside.

I think some of those people should have followed us home from our vacation.  While we were gone at least 6 inches of snow fell, and it was darn cold.  And of course, the highway conditions the day after we got home made driving an adventure.  I'm just not sure what any transplanted Floridians would do if faced with our winter.  I guess that's why we go south to see them.

slush roadAnd three days later, the roads home...sigh

Shootout Auction


Following Saturday night's showdown between the Hawks and our boys in green and gold. Fans, Billets and parents all made their way to the Jubilee Hall for the Humboldt Broncos Shootout Auction. The bids were high and the fun had was plenty in the room. THANK YOU on behalf of the Broncos Board of Directors for you support. The actual shoot out will occur the night of the Sunday March 1st when the broncos host the Wyburn Red Wings.

Final Day!


Today is the day! This is it! If you haven't yet you have waited to long!...and any other cliche' you can think of. In all seriousness though you NEED to call today for your chance to win the LeRoy Leisure lotto!!


Growth and Change within Humboldt



Google has changed the game for people who love to explore, by providing services such as Google Earth or Google Maps with Street View, that allows the basic computer goer to view the entire world right at their fingertips without even having to go outside.

I was browsing Google Maps and happened to stumble upon parts of Humboldt that have not been updated for anywhere from two to five or six years. In July 2013, the Google car tracked along Highway 5 in the city, but hasn't gone down other roads since May 2009.

With that, you notice plenty of change, such as the above pictures of the Quill Centre, located on the West side of Humboldt. Six years ago it was an open area with gravel and dirt, with construction crews moving in soon after to provide the buildings that we see in the snow covered picture below. (PS. Click the thumbnails below to view the images in full size!)

Of course the growing doesn't stop for Humboldt, with new families moving, and more amenities popping up over the next five years.

Which new business or landmark from the past 3-5 years are you most happy to have, and what do you look forward to the most in the future? Let us know on the Facebook page for your chance to win some prizes from a couple of these new businesses!