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Let it Snow, Make it Stop!


More snow and wind for reduced visibility

Let it snow, let it snow, make it stop.

Usually I don't whine when it starts to snow.  I don't mind shovelling a bit, even tooling around with the snow blower can be fun for a bit.

But seriously, enough already.  I don't think even I want the whole winter's worth of snow by the end of November.

Our current storm is looking like it may be blowing over now, but that still leaves us with another dump of the white stuff to shovel.

Another storm cell looks to be coming our way, and could be hitting our area this evening into tomorrow morning.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed that this next one might miss us, just so we can catch up.

Snow plows within the city are already hard at work clearing the major streets.


Heavy snow can gather on branches and damage trees as well.

If you have trees with branches overhanging any buildings or vehicles, do your best to knock snow off of those branches.  We had a branch snap a few years ago due to the weight of the snow.  Put a decent dent in our car when it fell.


A Very Merry White Black Friday

The weather outside is frightful so hopefully you don't have to travel too far this weekend.

It's Black Friday so temptations to go out and do some shopping will be ultimately high.

Snow is forecasted for the weekend, and tons of it! Highways could be dreadful so it could end up being a snuggle up inside, watch movies, maybe get the Christmas decorations out full force, but most importantly staying warm and safe should be number one on the agenda.

Remember if you do need to head out check out the road report.

It's a white Black Friday weekend, things won't be clearing up until at least late tomorrow and possibly not until Sunday.

On weekends such as the one that is forecasted I like to do some baking and I'm also known for experimenting with making my own fancy coffee's and hot chocolate.

I've basically mastered the pumpkin spice latte, and vanilla frapuccino's. I'm on a tea kick right now so maybe I can conjure up something delicious and new.


What is your favourite thing to do on a 'stay in' weekend?


hoodwinkedGranny, Red, Wolf, and Twitchy on 'Hoodwinked'

"And I'm talking hot coffee, hot coffee, all over my neck. Very, very painful. People think a health board examiner doesn't lead a dangerous life, but I will tell you, my furry friend, food is dangerous.

That's why Kenny told me to come and take a look." - Wolf

 "Who?" - Guy in Raccoon Suit

"Your boss, Kenny!" - Wolf

"You mean Earl?" - Raccoon

"That's what Earl said. He said, uh, "Kenny, come down here," and so, here I am." - Wolf.

My dog is a hoarder

charis hoarder

Please note the pile of toys in the corner

My dog is a hoarder.

Everyone at some point in time must have seen part of an episode, or even a preview of the TV show hoarders.  The amount of stuff that is kept, even broken stuff, is sad.  I always feel sorry for them, that they ended up in such a place.

Now, I wouldn't say that my dog is as bad as that.  We shouldn't have to get her on the show, but you can tell by the background in the above picture, my dog has a hoarding problem.

Part of the problem is me, I'm sure.  I can't seem to stop and pick up food for her without getting her a new toy.  But we have a rule in our house that if she gets one new toy, an old one has to go.

But somehow, she seems to know when we throw a toy out.  She will dig through the toy box, and you just know that she is looking for the toy we just threw out.  Then she picks one toy, gives you a dirty look, then sits on the floor and sighs at you.  She is such a suck.

charis frog


He's all about that Baste

all abou that baste

We Can Be Budsies

Well we can but what I mean is your child's drawing can be turned into a budsie for your child.

This is honestly too cool!! It could end up being the most genius gift you've ever given your child.

Your child's artwork can be turned into toys.

Basically you send in a picture your child has drawn and it gets turned into something called a budsie.

With Christmas approaching this would be such a unique gift.

Here is one example. It blows my mind a little bit.



"My name is Michael and I like to do drawings" - Mike Myers



But What Will I Wear?

As we inch closer and closer to December I feel the Christmas spirit rising inside of me as more decorations go up around the city.

There are some great Christmas decorations up already, it really makes me want to start wearing Christmas sweaters.

Here's me and my bestie sporting our Christmas sweaters that we like to bust out at any given time during the holiday season... If you have a beauty of a Christmas sweater I'm sure you do too.

Christmas party"If I can't find anything to wear I'm not going!" - The Grinch

It's almost time to put my creative works into high gear and make a new sweater for the upcoming holiday season.

Christmas sweaters are a must for any Christmas get together.

My hopes for you is that getting ready for family and friend gatherings this year is easier than it was for this guy on his way to whobilation.


Do you have a Christmas sweater that you love?

Will you be rocking it anytime this year?

Moneh, Moneh; Early Bird Deadline Approaches!


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But I'm not talking about that now. If you wanna find out more just click here 

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SANTA! I Know Him

Santa's helpers will be popping up around the mall, Christmas parties and at Christmas concerts in the area very soon.

Santa Clause will be at St. Augustine church on Saturday Dec 6 at 2pm.

As we know Santa has many helpers who go out dressed as him to get toy requests from children everywhere as he is busy up at the North Pole making sure everything is set for the big day.

It is officially one month away... woah, I didn't even realize it until I put it into words how close it really is, one month until the big day.

A Santa sighting has already been made over the weekend.... Can you guess who this is dressed up like old Saint Nick?

SantaAndy"Your not the real Santa, you smell like beef and cheese." - Buddy the Elf

2014 Toy Hall of Fame Inductees

More and more I feel toys played with by you or I, even toys before us would be eventually be lost and forgotten. Which is kind of sad since they don't make things like they use to.  For a lack of a better term "A sense of classic joy to them." Our toys developed imagination, expressed creativity and fantasy and every now and then there were toys that were just totally cool. You thought you were the luckiest kid around to have one.

Thankfully we are not the only ones that feel this way about our toys of the past. toyhalloffame.org is just the place for people who want to keep their childhood memories alive and it's on the Internet, so its not going anywhere soon! People can nominate toys that have not been yet been inducted in to the Hall of Fame and look up facts and other things you might find relatable 

Congrats to 2014 Toy Hall of Fame Inductees! 

The Rubik's Cube

photo 2

Little Green Army Men

photo 1


photo 3

To see pervously inducteed toys in to the Hall of Fame click here!!!


Toasty Buns


bunsWarming up my buns for lunch...


With the weather getting cooler, ok, down right cold, this weekend, it's time to break down and use the smallest, yet possibly the most powerful, feature in my car.  The seat warmer.

Now, when I first got a vehicle with this feature, I thought it was so cool, I tried it out even though I bought the vehicle in the summer.  I didn't have it on for very long, but hey, why not?

Now, the last three vehicles I have owned have had this feature.  So to me, it's old hat already, and I very rarely use it.  Not so my husband.  His current vehicle is the first he has had with this feature, and he uses his all the time.

For me the big drawback is, once my seat is warm, I turn it off.  Then suddenly my seat feels cold again.  It's a constant back and forth, on, off, on, off and repeat throughout the entire drive.  So, usually, I just leave it off, and warm the seat myself the old fashioned way, by sitting on it.

I have found myself turning the warmer on this week though, and I don't really know why.  Maybe I'm just getting soft, and don't want to wait for the seat to warm up.  I turn it off halfway to work, so the seat still has some heat in it when I get here, and I am still comfortable.

Until I get out of the car at work.  Then I no longer have toasty buns, we're back to chilly ones.