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coffee at the office

107-5 Bolt FM is wants to deliver free coffee to work offices all next week for a chance to win a Flavourville of K-cup coffee's and a K-cup Brewer from Office Experts Office Pro on Oct 24th!

Just email us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to enter!

From Monday Oct 20th till Oct the 24th we will draw daily to find out who's office we will visit with free K Cup Coffee with Office Experts office Pro! If we stop at your office your whole office is qualified to win at the end of the week! A K Cup Home Brewer and a Flavorville of K cups!

Did you know? A recent Korean study reveals that just inhaling aromatic substances in coffee beans actually alters the activity of the genes that reduce the stress and irritability that comes from feeling groggy. (It’s also much cheaper than Starbucks.)


It's Education Week in Saskatchewan! Supporting and Celebrating Success, which will provide an opportunity to recognize the great work happening in schools across Saskatchewan. So what is your school doing?

Here is what the Minister of Education Don Morgan has to say on behalf of the Gonverment of Saskatchewan

Here is what St Augustine Elementary up to this week to celebrate the week!

education week

Raise The Woof

Screen Shot copy copySteve Mazan is one of three comdians that will make you laugh Saturday Night.

In support of the Humboldt & District SPCA. Comedy Night with 3 comics. Seen on Just for Laughs, HBO and Comedy Now. Lunch served. Silent auction and 50/50 draw. Cocktails at 7 p.m. Show starts at 8p.m. Lunch and intermission at 9 p.m. Second half of show to follow. Tickets are $30 available at the Humboldt SPCA: 10464 - Highway 5



Seeing pictures of cute animals may boost workers’ performance in jobs that require concentration, a team at Japan’s Hiroshima University has shown. The study, which involved 130 university students, showed that looking at pictures such as baby animals can improve concentration by as much as 10%. Researchers also found that people who look at pictures of baby animals perform better than those who look at pics of adult animals.


Just in time for Thanksgiving, a few odd things about the big bird you likely didn’t know …


  • Male turkeys gobble. Hens do not. They make a clicking noise.

  • A 15-lb turkey usually has about 70% white meat and 30% dark meat.

  • Turkeys have been bred to have white feathers as they leave no spots under the skin when plucked.

  • Israelis eat the most turkey … 28 lbs per person annually.

  • Eating turkey doesn’t cause you to feel sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. It’s likely the carbohydrates (potatoes, buns, stuffing, etc) that are the cause.

  • The 5 most popular ways to serve leftover turkey are: Sandwich, stew or soup, salad, casserole, and stir-fry.

The 107-5 Bolt fm Food Drive

food drive copy


 Thanks again to all who donated food for the Bolt FM Thanksgiving Food Drive! We counted over 1200 non perishable food items in the studio! As for the draw of a 1000 dollar gift certificate congrats to Humboldt Sobey's in groceries?


Congratualtions to Canyon Stoodley of the Humboldt Public School who donated food with the Grade 4 class of the H.P.S!!

If you want to learn more about your Humboldt Food bank. Listen to my conversation with Humboldt Fook Bank board memember Darline Cash!

The Humboldt Food bank is located at 901 5th Ave
Contact: (306) 231-9970

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food driveDay Three

foodbank2Day Five

 food drive copy copyOne Week

 food drive copy copy copyDay Eight

 food drive copy copy copy copyDay Ten

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Fire Prevention Week

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Some Fire Prevention Tips...

Never leave your cooking unattended

Check the drier's lint trap

December is the most popular month for candle fires and usually start in the bedroom.

Now that the colder months are coming up, keep in mind that half of heating fires are reported between December to February
         make sure that all family members are aware of carbondixoid alarms and what natural gas smells like.

Cigarettes; the risk of dying in a home structure fire caused by smoking rises with age and every one out of four fatal victims of smoking-material fires is not the smoker whose cigarette started the fire.

Call a qualified electrician or your landlord if you have:

  • Frequent problems with blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers
  • A tingling feeling when you touch an electrical appliance
  • Discolored or warm wall outlets A burning or rubbery smell coming from an appliance
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Sparks from an outlet

For more fire safety tips check out this link! http://www.nfpa.org/safety-information/safety-tip-sheets

Make Your Own Morning Mix

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For those who miss the ritual of making and delivering a physical, personalized mixtape, this is the website for you!

It’s not really the same but it adds a little nostalgia to your day! Stayed Up All Night can fill a bit of that hole in your heart, if you’ll let it. This website offers a playful, interactive way to send your love with your favourite songs. You can pick your own unique tape, decorate it with doodles and stickers, name it, and share it with your squeeze. (And let’s face it – it takes considerably less time than making a real tape.) Slap your heart on your sleeve and make that special someone a mixtape at suan.fm!

I made our own mixtape for you as an example of what you can do! – check it out right here.  ---> http://suan.fm/tape/hp

Mad Hatter Day

mad hatter 

Mad Hatter Day is a great day to be silly and celebrate silliness.

You most likly know The Mad Hatter as a fictional cartoon character depicted in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Always acting silly. So, on Mad Hatter Day, it is only fair and fitting to act a little silly yourself.  

Despite being a silly day, the selection of the date was actually quite logical. The Mad Hatter wears a top hat. On the front of the hat is a slip of paper with "10/6" written on it. The paper is believed to be an order to make the hat, and that it costs ten shillings sixpence.


Animal Awarness Week Sept 28th - Oct 4th

animal awarness week

✓ 80% brag about their pets.
✓ 79% allow pets to sleep with them.
✓ 50% talk baby-talk to pets.
✓ 37% carry around pet photos.
✓ 31% take time off work to be with sick pets.

Why do we spay or neuter our pets? Firstly beacuse it is Our Role and, our responsibility as pet owners; but there are many reasons why beside reducing the pet population. It's also for the health and wellness of your beloved furry friend. Spay and Neutering pets will help reduce the risk of cancer and prostate problems and even reduce the tendency to fight with other animals due to testosterone.

It's a known fact that neutered cats will be less territorial and won't roam abroad increasing any chances of getting hit by a car or getting in to fights with other cats. If you have a neutered male cat you also reduce the terrible urine smell and stains that are difficult to remove.

For more information on Animal Awarness Week click on the link!