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Ties That You Never Wear...


If your a guy who owns any assortment of ties you have ones that have barely left your closet.

So exclusive are these ties that some of them have the original price tags on them.

But every once and a while, an occasion, celebration, or holiday happens along up that makes that tie the perfect fit.

So today in honour of all the ties that are shoved into the back of the closet and forgotten about, I sported (quite fashionably I might add) my NHL tie.

Until next year my friend.

Beat the Box Office for Motley Crue!

Farted rainbows

Congrats to Lorrie Bunko of Humboldt! She was one of many in the area to qualify in our Cue 2 Call opportunity to win tickets to see two of the biggest names in 80's Rock  Roll; Motley Crue and Alice Cooper!

Was lorries excited? Yah she was pretty pumped I guess....

The show takes place at Sasktel Center at 7:00pm Doors open at 6pm. Tickets will be Available as of 10 am Friday April 24th at all Ticketmaster outlets or livenation.com

Charge by Phone 306-938-7800

Tickets also available at all Ticketmaster Outlets

Tickets (incl. GST) $25.00, $49.50, $79.50, $125.00

(Plus FMF & Service charges)

Local Music: Why?

Local Blog photoKelvington's No Fixed Address Performes a CD Release Party at Bolt FM


Here at Bolt FM we strive to support the local arts; specifically speaking on local music. Listen to Bolt FM at 10:40, 2:40, 7:40 & 11:40 for local music that's been written and recorded by people of our own community! Some are close to home and some that are from our neighbour hood and have moved away doing what they love. 

107-5 Bolt is also working on a new page to hub local music for you to explore online in the near future; you will soon see this be available.

Some people may ask "Why support local music?" to answer that question comes us as most obvious. Beacuse we are your LOCAL radio station! Also, we wanna be able to say we played them first before they made the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25 years down the road.  

Thats what happened to Green Day! They wern't always a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Band! Infact back in 1990 when they were only high school trouble makers.


This should give hope to every musician out there.

Green Day 1990



Washed Out Roads

roadwashapr2015Water just beginning to crest a road near St. Brieux.

Seems like an annual rite of passage for rural dwellers, to cautiously drive over annual road wash out.

Wash outs are usually a result of large amounts melting snow, or large amounts of rain fall.

Wash outs have varying degrees of severity, all the way from a slight disturbance of the road surface to the possibility of losing your vehicle in a destructive flow of water.

Water's a powerful force and especially during Saskatchewan Springs its always a good idea to keep a sharp eye out.

For up to date information on washed out roads, visit the Road Reports page on DiscoverHumboldt.com.


Ten years of "Related Videos"


Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the first video ever posted to YouTube.

Social media has developed immensely over the past few years, from how the news is covered, to how the average person spends their down time.

On YouTube, for example, there is an unwritten rule. Once you watch one video, you get lost in some sort of mind-warping vortex where you begin watching a fight in the stands at a baseball game and 20 minutes later find yourself laughing hysterically at a chimpanzee attempting to knock down a camera buzzing over it's head.

The latter of which happened to myself and Ron Burgundy last week.

How has social media changed the way you spend your time on a daily basis? Tell us! 

Me at the zoo - YouTube's First Video