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The Mustang Turns 50!

Fifty years ago; April 17, 1964, Ford introduced it's iconic Mustang at the World’s Fair in New York. The first retail purchase ever recorded was by a Canadian on April 15, 1964!

FACT: The Mustang unveiled in 1964 is widely regarded as the model year 1964½. The first full year of production began in 1965.

FACT: 1,964 2015 limited editions will be produced to celebrate the 50th year of the Pony Car. (Notice the production number)

Check out what stunt Ford is pulling off on top of the Empire State Building to commemorate the big celebration!

It's rare and unique for a name plate of a vehicle that was introduced 50 years go to be still around. It's just one of many reasons why today is a significant day for Ford Motor Company. The Ford Mustang been around five decades infecting generations with it's speed and style and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon.

Every Thursday is Flashback Photo Thursday here on the Bolt Blog and today I selected today's Flashback Photo to be Scott Kirch's
1983 GT Mustang!
Scott Kirsch3

See if you recognize some of these beauts. Here are a variety of Mustangs that are burning rubber or at some point have burnt rubber around the Humboldt area. 

Do you recongize some of these beauts?

If you have a Mustang that you can add to the list please Email me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

Facebook Posts: The Not So Good; Really bad and Totally Ugly

There are alot of crazy Facebook posts out there. You might even have a friend or tww that makes posts on Facebook or twitter that just kind of make you shake your head. Social Media isnt for everyone though.

Here are a few examples of people who should take a step back from there key board reevaluate there thoughts before clicking that post or share button.

Humboldt Broncos Awards Banquet

Well, the Broncos held the Year End Awards Banquet this past weekend at the Legion Hall.  If you were one of the 175 people there to say their Thank you's and Goodbye's then this is is just a review for you.

Congratulations to all the winners and Thank you for treating Humboldt and area to some fantastic hockey once again this year!

On behalf of the 2013/2014 Humboldt Broncos. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the Humboldt Broncos organization this year.  Your help to make it the season that it was will always be remembered and appreciated.

Have a great off season everyone and see you in September!!

2013/14 Award Winners

Elgar Petersen Award
(Contribution On/Off Ice)
David StumborgDavid Stumborg

Roger Nielsen Award
(Hockey Ministries Award)
Jarett Fontaine

Colony Motors Award
(Top Scorer)
Jarett Fontainer, Logan Sproule, David Stumborg

107.5 Bolt FM 3 Star Award
(Road Games)
Rylan Pashovitz

Parobec Fitness & Performance Award
(Fitness Award)
Anthony Kapelke

Quality Tire 3 Start Award
(Home Games)
Logan Sproule

Universal Sports Award
Gray Marr

Humboldt Home Hardware Award
(Fan Favorite Award)
Justin Lund

Alphonse Krakowka Memorial Trophy
(Defensive Defenseman)
Logan Sproule

Pioneer Hotel & Motel Award
(Offensive Defenseman)
David Stumborg

RONA Award
(Most Dedicated Player)
Cade Spencer

Humboldt CO-OP Award
(Hardest Worker)
Jarrett Fontaine

Hergott Farm Equipment Award
(Rookie of the Year)
Ryland Pashovitz & Gray Marr

5-West Car & Truck Wash Award
(Unsung Hero)
Matthew Audette

Dr. Gerry Rooney Award
(Playoff MVP)
Cody Pongracz

Dr. Terry Henning Award
(Most Improved Player)
Ryley McNeil

John Loose
(Memorial Scholarship)
David Stumborg

Conexus Credit Union Award
(Most Valuable Player)
Ryland Pashovitz

Coach's Award
(Best Team Player)
Gray Marr

SCMA's & Snow in Nipawin

Whether you are a lover of rock music, country or pop. Music in Saskatchewan is a must to support. Every one needs a place to start. It's weekends liks the SCMA's that really highlight exactly how talanted this province is. To be completly honest; the SCMA's just showcase the tip of the iceburg. As an award presenter on behalf of goldenwest radio, last night was alot of fun to be part of such a big weekend in music. The only complaint I had from the weekend was the sudden apprance of snow and LOTS of it.


MTV Movie Awards

Seems that everyone wants to weigh in on movies, and MTV (Which I THOUGHT meant MUSIC Television) held their awards this weekend. Below are the not-so-surprising results!

Movie of the year, Best Male and Best Female - Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Fight of the year - Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly Vs. Orcs - Desolation of Smaug

Best Kiss - We're the Millers

Best Shirtless Actor - Zac Efron, That Awkward Moment

Best Villain - Mila Kunis - Oz, the Great and Powerful

Best Comedic Role Jonah Hill, Wall of Wall Street

Best on-Screen Duo -Paul Walker, Vin Diesel  Fast and Furious 6

Best "Whaaat?" Moment - Leonardo Diaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Hero - Henry Cavill - Clark Kent, Man of Steel

Best Scared Performance - Brad Pitt - World War Z

Lefty Awareness Week!

It's a chronic condition that affects almost half of Canadians.

It can lead to large messes and a shorter life expectancy.

This week has been dedicated to raising awareness for...


To start off the week, here are 18 things that all left handed people have to deal with, and hate dearly!

1. Spiral notebooks.
2. Writing in a three-ring binder.
3. Only one gross lefty glove in gym class.
4. Only two pairs of the green lefty scissors in class, three lefty kids.
5. Ballpoint pens don’t work as well because you’re pushing, not pulling the ball.
6. Ink all over the side of your hand.
7. Bonking elbows with a righty at the dinner table.
8. On the iPad Kindle app, the left side is back page.
9. Driver’s cup holder is for the right hand.
10. Number pad is on the right-hand side of keyboard.
11. Dying sooner, so becoming a zombie sooner. - Studies Suggest that Lefties die 9 years sooner
12  Uni Desks
13. Measuring cups show you the stupid metric side.
14. Can Openers
15. Video Game controllers are not made for Lefties
16. Credit card machine cords not long enough.
17. INK HAND!!!
18. Apparently, there is a sleeve for the right side of your hand.


Harlequin to Win!

Congratulations to all of our winners for Harlequin to win! Tickets are still available for pickup at all the retailers listed below!


LeRoy Wildlife Banquet Scheduled for Saturday


Ever year the LeRoy Wildlife Federation puts on its Banquet and Awards night. There ia great Pork Cutlet supper with raffles and silent auctions. Many trophies are awarded for the years best catches and animals taken. Tickets are $25 which includes not only the supper but a midnight lunch as well as entertainment by 40 0z Philosophy. All this fun is happening Saturday April 12th at the LeRoy Wildlife Hall. For more information please contact Rod Burnhour @ 306 286-3804 or Ben Dyck @ 306 286-3344.

Throwback Thursday of the Day


It's day four of the Equip to Care Radio-a-thon! We have been broadcasting 12 hours straight each day right from the hospital! 

So I found it fitting to make this weeks Throwback Thursday Image of the Day a look back to 1955 when the St Elizabeth's Hospital was brand new to Humboldt. Since then health care has come along way in Humboldt. It's thanks to your donations like what we have received since this passed Monday we have been able to take great strides in improving health care here in our area!

photo 5

Bruno Rocks All Night Long With Longshot


The music was loud the drinks were cold and everyone was having a great time. The Bruno Lions Club put on another successful Spring Dance last night. About 300 people took in the new country sounds of Longshot. All the songs were great and so easy to dance to.