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Beautiful Day at SaskParty BBQ.

BradWallBoltFmThe Bolt FM crew with Premier Brad Wall.

It was a beautiful day out at Civic Park as residents and dignitaries gathered for the Sask Party BBQ.


Burgers and waters were handed out as folks gathered during the lunch break.


The highlight of the event for myself was shaking hands with Brad Wall and discovering that he too was once a radio guy.

Who knows, maybe one day we'll see Andy Cohen directing our province in matters of global importance.

...Hopefully in the very far away future.

Staffkata Demonstration


Most people go to the gym or go for a run for exercise. I do something a little different, I do what is called Kata. It is a type of movement used in many martial arts  such as Aikido, Judo, Kendo and several others.

It is very flashy and has a dance-like look to it.  It is very complex and take a lot of practice, like decades. I personally use a staff, because I like the feel of it, but you can do Kata with just about anything, batons, nunchaku, knives, even swinging a sword or twirling it is Kata in a sense.

You know in Kung Fu and Martial Arts movies when they twirl the staffs or do fancy stuff with their weapons, that is Kata, spinning the staff, swinging it and doing any tricks is considered  Kata. The Kata I base mine off of originated in Ancient Japan, however alot of other parts of the world have their own forms of Kata. In Japan Kata was used by the Monks in who used it as a method of both exercise, but also as a way of opening their mind and freeing their bodies for praying, they prayed as everyone else does of course but they used Kata as a method of prayer. the Kata back then wasn't as flashy or eccentric as it is now.

The monks normally had many valuable objects, such as pottery or gold, so they were often attacked by bandits, they started using the Kata to defend their temples, and their lives. And from that point on it was no longer use for their prayers. After only a short time of using their Kata to defend themselves, some of the bandits went back, but not to steal to learn, the monks said they couldn't teach the people who wanted to learn, mostly in due to the fact it was a holy practise to them. it's hard to say why the monks choose to teach it, but they did and soon a method that once was used to pray was altered and made more fancy was commonly used in Kabuki theatre and tea ceremonies.

Kata takes years, and years of practise, I have been doing it for twelve years and I am still below average, the reason the monks were so good at it was because they had the time to do it.

The interesting thing about Kata is it can't be directly taught, you can have a teacher but for them to show you how to do specific spins or twirls defeats the point of it, Kata is your movement and how you interact with your staff. it is an expression of your very being. I do alot of spins and tosses in the air, that's my style, i use parts of things i see but i teach myself how to do them all.

True Kata is something you have to teach yourself or observe someone doing it, anything else is really just considered learning a martial art.

I originally was interested in Kata by watching an old Kung Fu movie with my dad when I was six years old. The two main characters were practicing and one of them had a staff and the way she was spinning it hypnotized me. I  looked up at my father and said "I want to do that". I found straight stick in our backyard  and  I started to spin it, and immediately hit myself in the face, but I didn't stop and have never stopped.

In Kata you will hit yourself and possibly your surroundings, but like some many other things, you have to keep practicing and never give up on it. The whole idea of Kata has changed so much over time, it was originally about freeing the soul to be able to do some form of a prayer, now it is more a theatrical performance or used in martial arts. I try to use my Kata in partly what the Monks used theirs for, I don't use it to pray, but it is fairly good exercise and a way to free the mind and body.

Kayak Fishing

MitchKayakDoing it right on the May Long Weekend.

May Long we had some good weather days and some not so good weather days.

Monday afternoon was one of those perfect days to get out on the water.

A friend of mine drove up from Saskatoon and we took our Kayaks out to Eagle Lake, a small lake South of Melfort.

After two hours of attempting to catch some fish, my friend and I resigned ourselves to the fact that no fish would be caught that day.

Even though we didn't catch anything being out on the water with a good friend with beautiful weather the day turned out to be a pretty awesome none the less.

Things to keep in mind when your out in the water on a recreation craft.

  • Always wear a Life Jacket or PFD.
  • Pay attention to weather forecasts.
  • Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water
  • Bring a buddy.
  • Let someone know where you are going and what time you will be back.

RonKayakCasting but not catching.


Permit to Burn it


There is nothing better in the summer than a big ol' hot fire with family and freinds in your own back yard under the stars! It's one of many ways to enjoy the summer at home! The City of Humboldt wants to remind their residents that a permit is required to install and use a fire pit within municipal limits. It's only a $10 application fee.

Some things to know!

  • Fire pits must be contained in a manufactured, non-combustible receptacle that is designed for use as a fire pit;
  • The receptacle must be covered with a heavy-gauge metal screen;
  • The receptacle must be located on private property at a distance of at least 10 feet/3 meters from buildings, decks, fences, trees, etc.; and
  • The base of the fire pit should be of non-combustible material such as gravel, sand or stone.
    - City of Humboldt


For more information or to complete an application, please contact the Humboldt Fire Department at (306) 682-2917

Feel free to CLICK HERE to print off your own Fire Pit Application for the summer and enjoy your backyard!